The bus

Today I took a trip on the bus to visit a friend. It was a bout a 3 hour ride. I sat in the back as I had a book to read and I could relax. The bus was not crowded at all. After the third stop a young man got on and came to the back and sat beside me. I kept reading but noticed he was very handsome. As we rode he kept staring at me and I smiled at him. Twenty minutes later he put his hand on my leg. I ignored him to see what he was up to. He then began to rub my leg. It felt good so I let him. He rubbed up and down my leg till his hand went under my skirt. He let his hand brush lightly against my pussy. Now I was getting horny.

He then took his hand and put it under my top. He went for my tits and smiled when he found out I was not wearing a bra. He rubbed each tit and played with my nipples. He whispered in my ear "You have fantastic tits." "Thank you" I told him as I was wondering what his next move would be. He then lifted my top to see my tits as his hands groped and felt them. He played with the nipples seeing them get hard and swell. Next he told me "I bet those tits taste good." He then leaned across me and began to suck my left one. He sucked the left nipple as he tweaked the right one. He then kissed down the side of my tit and licked and kissed my complete tit. He was very good at what he was doing.

Next he switched tits and sucked and kissed my other tit. He lifted my tit and kissed and licked the underside. He really seemed to love tits. And I loved what he was doing to my pair. He then sucked the side of my tit and left a bruise. "I have marked your tit so you will remember how I worshipped each big globe later when you are alone." he said in his sexy voice. "Now I will mark the other as you enjoy my mouth." He then sucked and gave my other tit a big bruise. Both tits had nice round bruises on them. "My mark looks good on your big titties." He continued to lick and kiss and suck each tit enjoying them for quite a while.

Then his hand pulled my skirt up and rubbed my leg close to my pussy. He began to rub my pussy on the outside of my panties. Now I was getting very hot and horny. As he rubbed me he also took a tit in his mouth and kissed and sucked it. "Spread your legs for me." he whispered. I was out of control and did as he said. He took my leg and put it over his lap spreading me wide. He then pulled my panty aside and rubbed my pussy. He took his other hand and spread my pussy lips. He took a finger and ran it up and down between my lips. He then told me "You feel wonderful. I love a shaved cunt." He rubbed his finger for a long time between my lips before he found my fuck hole. He then pushed a finger in my hole. He surprised me as he stopped and said "take off your panties. I want to see my fingers in that cunt of yours." I do not know why but I quietly took off my panties. He then placed a hand under my ass around to my cunt and his other hand over the front of my cunt. My leg was now back over his leg and i was spread wide again.

"Now lay your head back as I finger fuck your cunt with one hand as I play with your clit with the other. Do not make a sound." He then pressed two fingers in my cunt as the other hand fingered my clit. It did not take long to make me cum. "Yes, baby, just enjoy my hands on your pussy." He fingered me and kept me cumming for a long time. He watched his hands fuck my cunt and finger my clit. Then he told me "turn on your hip with your ass to me. I am going to slip my cock in your cunt and fuck your tight hole. I know you want a cock in there." I turned my ass to him and he unzipped his pants and pushed his cock in me right there and nobody seemed to notice. His cock was thick and hard and felt so good shoved deep in my cunt. He whispered "you are warm and tight. My cock will love fucking your wet hole." Then he pulled me tight and fucked me hard. I wanted to scream but had to remain quiet but I loved him fucking me. Then he grabbed my clit and rubbed it as he pushed that long cock deep in me. I could not stop cumming. He moaned "you do like to fuck don't you?" I answered "don't stop. Fuck me more,"

We fucked for over an hour before he pulled out. He told me "My house is at the next town if you want to spend the night and I promise you that i will fuck you and eat your pussy while you suck my cock. I can fuck all night." He put my panties in his pocket and we got off the bus at his town. As soon as we got to his house he undressed me then got naked and we did fuck all night. He ate my pussy and I sucked his cock several times. I loved his big long thick cock and he loved my pussy. That one night turned into three more. The only time we even siopped to eat was when we smeared food between our legs and licked it off. We were like two nymphos and could not fuck enough. Now I come back every week end and fuck him all three days. His cock stay hard for me and I love the erotic sex.
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3 years ago
That was one of the best bus rides I have heard of.. Very nice
3 years ago
mmm baby... very nice...
3 years ago
3 years ago
awesome bus ride! gonna have to start bussing it!! :-)
3 years ago
my cock got really hard reading this story. i love the public sex.
3 years ago
3 years ago
That was a hot and very lucky long ride in the back.
Glad you found a great friend for every weekend.