The Boss

"Hey Sally, can you work late and help me entertain a client? I need to take him to dinner." She replied "Sure, I would love to." The boss then said "Great, wear something sexy. He does like women." She laughed and left to change her clothes.

When her boss picked her up she was wearing a tight short red dress. It was low cut showing off her huge tits. The boss stared and said "Wow baby, you will thrill our client tonight. He can't say no to our contract with tits like that for him to see." She told the boss, "looks like you are getting your eyes full too. I even left my panties home in case I need to flash him a little glimpse of pussy." "Yes, baby, show me that pussy." "Later boss. Then I will entertain you."

As they drove to the restaurant, he reached over and put his hand under her dress and felt her pussy. "You aren't wearing panties. I like that. I love your bald pussy." She then leaned over and unzipped his pants. She found his cock and pulled it out. "Looks like the boss needs some special attention. Pull over and let me give you what you need." He pulled the car over to a side street and she bent over him and licked his cock. She usually sucked his cock daily for him in the office, but in the car was a special thrill. "Sally you suck cock the best. Now take all of it down your throat. Suck my cum from my big cock." Sally licked and sucked her boss till he shot a wad of cum down her throat. She kissed the slit on the top of his cock and tucked him back in his pants.

"Now do Sally a favor and lean over here and lick Sally's pussy. Give me a nice tongue fuck while I cover your tongue with my sweet juice." She layed back and spread her legs as the boss put his head between her legs and began to lick her pussy. He spread her lips and sucked her clit. "Tongue fuck me now." she yelled. He then pushed his tongue in and out of her hot cunt. Soon he felt her cum as she screamed "deeper and harder. Pinch my clit. Fuck my cunt." His fingers grabbed her clit as his tongue fucked her cunt and he wasted no time making her cum and licking her juices.

They straightened their clothes and began to drive. "You know I will be thinking about that bare pussy under your dress all night." She laughed "is that why you are staring at my tits like a starving c***d? Do you need a nipple to suck?" He said "I so need one of those nipples. I want to bury my face in your tits." "Well boss man, if you suck me I will suck you. That is fair trade." he replied "Sally, you are the best cocksucker. I can't wait to fuck you tonight."

During the dinner the client could not take his eyes off Sally's tits which were almost hanging out of the sexy dress. They had him signing the contract without even flashing her pussy. But she did promise to have lunch with him the next day. He would pick her up in his limo and she thought about fucking him there while the driver could watch in his mirror. She would wear a sexy low cut dress and no panties and let this rich client fuck her as much as he wanted. Just wait till she sucked his cock. She would show him her cock sucking skills. She was the best at deep throating and making the cocks cum hard and more than once.

After dinner Sally and her boss started back to her house. Two blocks from the restaurant her boss asked if she was going to fuck the client tomorrow. She told him she was but she was going to suck her boss's cock before she went. She sucked her boss every day in his office. Then Sally removed her dress and said "You have been wanting to see my tits all night. Now play with my tits and pussy as you drive me home." He grabbed a tit and told her "You make it hard to not want those huge globes. I love sucking them feeling the hard nipples in my mouth." He then pulled the car over one more time. "I am going to suck those tits then lick your cunt before I fuck you right here in my car. Tonight you are my dirty whore. Lay back and spread your legs. Show me how nasty you are."

He took a nipple in his mouth and sucked it as his hand pinched the other one. He sucked and chewed till she was ready to cum. Her huge tits were such a turn on to him. "Spread your legs and show me that cunt. I am going to make you cum so many times as i lick and suck that horny pussy. I am going to eat you till you scream." He went to work on her pussy licking and sucking till she was screaming. "Yes, eat me. Eat my cunt." Then he told her "Get on your hands and knees. I am going to fuck your ass and ram my huge cock in you deep." He got behind her not caring if any one even saw them as he needed to fuck her so bad. He rammed his cock into her ass and pushed it deep not caring of the pain. He then fucked her fast and hard as she screamed in pain and in pleasure. He now put three fingers in her cunt and began to finger fuck her as his cock fucked her ass. "Yes, you like this don't you? You like both holes fucked at the same time. You are such a nasty slut." He kept fucking her hard in both holes. He knew she liked it rough and he loved to fuck and torture her. He then put all four fingers in her cunt and fucked it hard and deep. "Does that hurt baby? But you like it don't you? You like my monster cock in that ass too don't you? You like to be treated like a whore. I am going to fuck you till you can't walk."

He fucked her over and over till he knew she had to be sore from his fingers and cock. Just before he came in her ass he rammed his fist all the way in her cunt. He fucked her with his fist for several minutes not caring how bad it hurt her. He opened and closed his fast making her cum fast even tho it was painful. He knew she liked it as she was cumming and flooding his hand with cum. Then he filled her ass. It felt so good to cum deep in her warm sore ass. As he filled her he removed his fist from her cunt and wiped the cum over her tits. He then pulled out his cock and told her to lick it clean. She wasted no time licking and sucking his cock till she had cleaned his cock and his balls.

He then pulled her to him and kissed her. "Did you like that fuck baby?" She replied "Yes, are you staying all night? I want to suck your cock as my cunt and ass crave more of your macho fucking." He sneered "yes baby. I am going to stay and fuck you many more times. Is your cunt sore?" "Yes i am so sore but i want to be fucked even more and harder." She heard him laugh "you are such a nasty fucking whore."
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3 years ago
Nice and naughty.. Loved it
3 years ago
Loved it.. :D
3 years ago
3 years ago
She would make a great gang bang fuck slut.
3 years ago
next time, sally, get drunk! for the client.
3 years ago
Sally likes it often and she likes it rough!
Silly, her boss even doesn´t need to spank
her to help her keep up good discipline ,-)
3 years ago
Hot story. You are so naughty. Love it