My first threesome

This is 100% true and you can find pictures of the girlfriend in question (now ex) on my profile!

I had made a move about 10 miles away from where my gf was so we were living separately at the time. With living separately came the dirty texts/pics and talk of our fantasies. The threesome was obviously one of them. We both agreed we should have two - 1 with a guy and 1 with a girl. Keep it fair ;-)

Anyway, me and my best mate had been out on the town and he had shared a bed with me. I woke up feeling still d***k and horny, and he was still passed out. I started messaging my gf and it got real dirty when she asked to come round. I had to say no because my best mate was there.... 5 minutes after that I realised I had missed an opportunity.

I text her and said "What do you think to me and Jack coming to yours?"

She just put "No". I questioned her as to why and she answered "I can't see three of us fitting on my single bed ;-)". I invited her to mine and she said yes. Jack woke up and as he was my mate, it was easy to approach it with him. I let him know the score and he was up for it. We were both nervous so we agreed it would be easier to not have any chit chat and just get straight to it. He got down to his boxers in bed and I text her telling her that when I came met her, we were to go straight into the bedroom, undress and just do it. She was also happy to hear this as she thought the chatting could be awkward.

So she entered the room with me following after letting her in. We get down to our underwear, she is wearing the sexiest red underwear, and she gets in the middle of me and Oli and starts kissing Oli are rubbing his cock. Safe to say it didn't take long to get hard. She pulled off his boxers and took his cock in his mouth and did what she did best. She always looks at you like a pornstar too so her BJ's are just the best. I have got myself hard and am wanking off whilst watching this; she gestures for me to come closer and we know what's happening then so me and Oli both get on our knees and offer her both cocks. She accepts and starts moving from one cock to the other, getting more and more excited. She then starts putting both in her mouth and rubbing both our cocks together!! Hot as hell!

I move round the back of her and started fucking her doggy whilst she feasts on my best friends cock. I do what I always do when I fuck her doggy and start playing with her asshole as I fuck her. How could I resist!? I have a finger in and she is loving it. Then she pushes Jack down and goes and sit on his cock - I stand over them and get my suck job from her, i've never seen her looking so sexy. She was made for two cocks (or more). The first night I ever met her I fucked her in a busy club against a speaker!! She was a whore and I loved it!

With my cock wet from her mouth, I moved to put it in her ass while she still fucked Oli. We had talked about DP and she had never said yes or no but there was no way she had a choice now - she was getting it. I moved behind her and started fingering her ass again. At this point she knows whats going to happen so she moves her body closer to Jacks so as to make room for me. I slam my cock inside her and I can feel my best friends cock in her pussy. I loved that feeling and so too must he as only 5 minutes later and he's cum in her pussy (unable to do it anywhere else as there was no way she was getting off). I let myself go soon after and pump her ass full of cum! We all collapse and she goes to sl**p on Jack.

I wake up to her sucking him off again.....
90% (20/2)
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Got me so hard reading that !
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awesome cock hardening story.
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