Boe was feeling very unsettled today. He had been watching the girl next door and was so attracted to her. He missed having a young girl since his wife left him and took his daughter. He really needed a young pussy to lick. The girl was always alone as her parents paid little attention to her. He decided to invite her over. He looked over the fence and she was there drinking juice in a bikini. His cock got hard as he looked at her. He called to her "Cara, would you like to see how many kitties my mommy cat had? They are so cute." She jumped up and came running and he let her thru the gate. "They are in the garage. Let's go there."

In the garage the baby kittens were in the box with the mom nursing. Cara watched the kitten nurse the mom. She asked "What are they doing to the mom?" Boe told her "That is how they get their milk. They suck the nipples." She asked "Does it hurt?" Boe told her "No. It feels real good. All mommies nurse and like it. Would you like to see how it feels?" Cara said "Yes, I think so." Boe then told her "Let me help you take this top off and uncover your nipples." When he had her top off he began to run his hands over her flat tits. He told her "I will teach you how to be nursed but it will be just our secret. Ok?" Cara shook her head. He then put his mouth to her little tits and licked them. As he licked the nipples they got hard. He took one nipple and began to suck on it as he rubbed the other nipple. As he sucked his cock got hard. He went back and forth between each nipple as she sat so innocent.

He then rubbed his hand down to her belly. He kept it above her bikini bottom but began rubbing to the top of her briefs. He was now licking her nipples and his cock needed more. He then spread her legs and put his hand inside her bottoms. His finger went between her pussy lips and he ran it down her slit. His cock was throbbing. "Cara, let Boe take these bikini panties off of you. I will show you what nursing mommies really like." He pulled the panties off and looked at her spread legs. She had just a sprinkle of soft fur on her pussy. He said "Let's lay down on this bed here. I used to lay here with my daughter a lot till she moved away." As they lay side by side he kept rubbing her pussy. He spread her legs far apart and kissed her nipples then down further. He kissed her belly and put his tongue in her belly button. Then he moved to her pussy.

His mouth went to her pussy and he began to lick her. She did not stop him. He licked her clit and sucked it. Then he licked to her hole. He looked at her "Do you like me licking you?" She nodded that she did. He then licked her hole and loved how good she felt on his tongue. He sucked the hole and then put his tongue in just a little ways. She tasted so good. He then licked to her ass. Once as her ass he licked her bud and kissed it. Then he licked back to her fuck hole. He licked the hole and put his tongue in just a little. As his tongue entered her hole he undid his pants and let his cock free. It was so hard and so throbbing. She looked at his big hard cock.

She then said to him "Boe. Do you want to put your love stick in my hole like my daddy does? It is also a secret but I thought you might like to do that too." Boe almost came when she said that to him. He said "Do you like the love stick in you?" She replied "Not at first but now I am used to it. So you may too if you want to." Boe first put a finger in her hole and pushed it in far. Her cunt was tight but wet. It felt very good and his cock jerked as he fingered her. He then but his cock to her opening and began to push in. Nothing felt any better than this little cunt on his big cock. He got six inches in her and kept looking at her to see if she was doing ok. He then put another inch in her and began to fuck her. He went in and out of her hole loving how good she felt. Her tight cunt was like a vise on his hard cock. He could not fuck long this first time before he filled her with cum. He kept his cock in her and licked her nipples.

He then looked at her and said "Cara, I love sticking my love stick in your hole. Will you come over and let me do that all the time? I really need to do that." She smiled and told him "Sure Boe. I will come over. My daddy does it at night and you can do it during the day. I like the love sticks in my secret spot." Boe kissed each tit then went down and again licked her pussy. She was covered in cum and he licked her and cleaned her up before she had to go home. As he licked her pussy his cock got hard again and he put his cock back in her cunt and began to fuck her again. This time he did not cum so fast and could enjoy her nice tight cunt. He did fill her once again with his cum. He rubbed her nipple between his two fingers then went up and sucked on the little nubs. He licked her pussy clean once again. Every time he lickd her pussy his cock got hard so he would fuck her once more. He ended up fucking her several times before she had to leave. When she got redy to leave she looked at him and told him "You have a longer stick than my daddy. I like yours the best." Then she went thru the gate and home till she would return tomorrow.
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I love little girls's secrets!
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Very good nicly told mmm any more?
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Pretty good tale. More details would have been better.