fuck mart?

i walk through walmart usually once a month to restock on my apartment because me and my dorm mates usually kill the food very quickly. as i walked in the store i seen this blonde mom with huge busty tits that are just asking to be popped out of her shirt. i peeped and continued walking. as i got to the dairy isle i noticed her again but with her tits out looking at products. my stomach dropped and i couldnt stop staring. so she looked over and continued shopping. so i followed into the next isle. soon as i round the corner i notice her completely bent over and her hanging out of her shorts. she peeped around and told me to follow. so i did. we round a few bends as i follow 10 feet behind and i see the restroom sign. my cok is getting pretty damn hard at this point. we walk right past everyone and both go into the f****y bathroom and lock the door. she hopped up on the sink and tells me to come over so i do. she starts rubbing her pussy and i rip her shirt off. she grabs my cock with her soft hands and starts jerking me off. she drops my pants down and i step out of them as i slide her shorts right from underneth her ass. she hopped down and bent over the counter in front of me, grabs my cock and slides it into her tight shaved pussy. we fuck as she starts to moan oh baby harder harder. as i start fuckin her harder she turns grabs my dick as she shoves it into her ass. she winks and said go ahead. as i fucked her ass she moaned loudly and told me to cum in her ass. i finally cum and she squirts over the counter. she didnt say a word as we both breathed very deep. she leaves a card on the counter and its a business card with name and number. next time we meet up story soon
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3 years ago
mmmmmm i love doing that'easest place to tease n get cock
3 years ago
Quickies are good from time to time
3 years ago
Love the story and cant wait for number 2
3 years ago
Good read thanks
3 years ago
Well written, needs more detail though.