school dance? taking home a teacher

well i was at my school dance with my very attractive date ya know dancing planning to get hammered after with friends but there was a change of plaans. i went to the bathoom around halfway through to go to the bathroom and wipe the sweat off me lol it was getting hot out there. as i was in the my 10th grade english teacher walked in ms lewis. she is smoking. short blonde hair long legs huge tits nice ass. i always got boners in her class, all the guys did. but she cornered me and i was speechless. she said what are u doing after the dane and i was still speechless but i got out going to saras for an afterparty. she said no your not me and you are going to a park and having a lesson then she left. after the dance i told my friends ill meet them there bc i had to get some things at my house. so i seen her and she said first car on left side its unlocked. so i walked outside and she has a damn escalade! i climbed in and waited for about 10 mins. i opened her glove compartment and seen condoms, lube, and a dildo. immediately made me hard. so she walked out and i closed it. she climbed in and said she always seen me checking her out and flipping my boners in my waistband in class and i need to be taught a lesson. so we parked at a local park and she went to the backseat and flipped them down so there was alot of room back there. she said get back here mister, so i went back. she stripped and ripped my shirt off. i was shocked! she started yanking my cock and said your gonna learn the hard way of looking at me in class. she was butt naked so i took everything off. she bent into doggy and said if u dont fuck me in the ass your gonna fail. she grabbed my cock and pulled me into her ass. so fucking tight. i proceeded to fuck her ass as she said cum inside her. so i did as i told. then she told me to suck the cum out of her asshole so i did. it was tasty as hell. she quickly opened the back hatch and threw me out and said dont say shit about this or she will blackmail me for ****....fuckin bitch
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3 years ago
3 years ago
haha great story!
3 years ago
da fuckin damb fine ass bitch