finding the naughty side of parents 3

the very next time i was over my friends house he fell asl**p real early because we had football conditioning earlier that day but somehow i had life in me. i heard his mother in her room down the hall flipping the shower curtain. she only was turning on the water so it was perfect timing. i crept down the hallway. she had a bathroom inside the room and i guess she figured we were passed out from earlier so she left the door wide open. i slowly entered the room and there is no door to the bathroom and were i was standing i had a view from the mirrors and seen her luscious tits once again and her amazing ass. i walked behind her bed and seen her bending over and saw her tight shaved ass and pussy. she got in and closed the black curtain. i didnt know what to do so i looked to see if anything was new with her toys. the big glass one was gone? then i heard a moan coming from the bathroom and i looked over into the bathroom and she was on the toilet soaking wet with the glass dildo! pounding her pussy with it! then she stood up and put her leg up right on her sink and tried squeezing the glass piece into her ass. i had a straight view right at her. i was hiding right behind the side of her bed. i pulled my dick out and went in rhythm with her and the dildo going in her ass thinking it was my cock instead of it. she orgasmed and i came right onto her bed sheets. she tossed her dildo on her bed and i ducted immediately so i wasnt caught. she hopped into the shower and actually showered this time so i walked out and tried going to sl**p but i could NOT stop thinking about how freaky she was. i dreamed about everything i found and seeing her in the shower and using her dildo and woke up to her making breakfast. i looked down and i had a HUGE throbbing boner.
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4 years ago
this could be posted as one story with chapters