The hottii in the restaurant

The other day I went out to eat at a local fast food restaurant with my wife and two sons. We were having a good dinner when I looked up and say this amazing girl filling her drink. She had on a pair of tight jeans that showed her perfect bubble butt. She had her brunette hair all done up with some curls. And had a very nicely tailored sleeveless white shirt that accented her small breasts nicely.

I was simply stairing at her when I realized that my son was talking to me. I had to pull myself away, but knew I couldn't snap my head away too quickly or else it would draw attention from her or from my wife. So I simply looked away from the table more and then came back to looking at my son. I have no idea what he was saying because my mind was focused on the girl across the room.

Once my sons were done eating they asked for ice cream so I immediately asked my wife to take them up and get them some. Once they were around the corner I tried to pull my phone out to get a good picture of the girl across the room, but it was too risky. She was sitting with what appeared to be her mother and her mother had a perfect shot to look right at me. Above all else, I did not want to get caught with my wife and sons with me. So I had to give up on the picture.

When my wife came back to the table she asked me what I thought of the girls outfit at the table by the window. I was shocked for a moment. I could not tell if she was testing me or if she was serious. So I just simply stated, "I don't know. I wasn't paying attention to anyone. I keep drifting off thinking about work."

We started talking about what is going on at work. I quickly realized that she was truly curious what I thought about the girls outfit. So after talking work for a while, I decided to bring the conversation back to the hottii across the room.

"You asked what I thought of her outfit?" I asked

"Yeah, do you think that is a good look?"

"Why do you ask?" I wondered.

"It seems like an outfit that you would like me to wear." My wife stated.

I wanted to scream, "HELL YES!!!!" Instead I took the oportunity to stair at the girl with my wifes permission. After I got a real good look at her, I told my wife, "If you were to wear that outfit for me, you would not be staying in it for very long."

She got an embarrassed smile on her face and said, "That's what I thought."

It was getting to be time for my sons to be dropped off at my parents house, they were going to watch them for the night because my wife an I were going to catch a movie just the two of us. So I asked my wife if she could take them over and come back and pick me up.

"Is everything okay?" She asked.

"Everything is fine. I just want to make a few phone calls and I thought that if I stayed here I could focus on those calls and get them done before we head to the theater."

She thought tha sounded like a good idea so I said good-bye to my sons and off they went.

I now turned my attention to the girl across the room. This time when I looked up at her, I could have sworn I caught her stairing at me. This made me nervous, I didn't know if she caught me earlier or not. Right when I was debating if I should get up and walk outside or not, she got up and started walking towards me. I just sat there, frozen to my seat. She walked like she was on a mission and she was coming straight towards me. The bad thing was that I couldn't watch her amazing body as she walked because I was scared out of my mind that she was going to tell me off in middle of the restaurant.

She walked straight over to my table and then....kept on walking. She was headed towards the restrooms which were located behind my table. It must have been the adrenaline from my freight, but I decided I had to take a chance. I stood up and followed her to the restroom. I went into the mens room and made sure no one was in there. I got my phone out and got it ready to get a good video tape of her ass as she walked back to her table. I figured I could follow her all the way to her table and then just walk outside.

The restrooms were in a little alcove all to themselves so I could see her door facing the mens room door, while also seeing if anyone was walking towards the restroom. I heard her flush and wash her hands. I was ready to go with my phone and as she walked out I walked out. Only she did not turn and go back to her seet, she just stood there and staired at me. As I slowly started to move past her and give up on my adventure she simply stated, "I saw you checking me out."

I froze. I could not move. I simply stated, "I am sorry. I have a habit of wanting to admire beautiful things."

She smiled at me and said, "So I am a thing?"

I smiled back, "You know that is not what I meant. You are very beautiful and I apologize if I made you uncomfortable."

"Oh, you didn't make me uncomfortable. Unless by making me squirm in my seat is what you meant."

I gave her a quizzical look. "What are you getting at?"

"I am not sure. All I have been thinking this entire time is that I just want to pull your cock out and suck it dry."

My jaw hit the floor. "Really!?!?"

Her responce was to simply grab my hand and say, "Follow me."

With that she lead me into the womens bathroom.

We went to the last stall that had a solid wall partitioning it off from the rest of the bathroom. It was also a double wide for wheelchairs to get in. She pushed me up against the wall and got down on her knees.

As she unzipped my pants my cock must have known what was about to happen because it jumped out of my pants and hit her on the nose. She giggled and grabbed it with her right hand. She slowly started stroking my cock. Then her left hand came up and started caressing my balls.

She stuck her tongue out and licked from the base of my dick to the tip. At that point she just started flicking the end with her tongue. I couldn't resist. Here she was, this amazing girl that I had been drooling over, kneeling in front of me playing with my dick. I just grabbed the back of her head and pushed it down on my dick. I was not sure how much she could take so I did not push too far down.

She started bobbing her head up and down. With each bob, she went a little farther down until she had my entire dick in her mouth. I could feel the back of her throat against my dick. "I don't think I will last very long." I warned her.

With that, she started sucking harder and stroking my balls more. I was just about to explode when I heard someone come in and say, "Jenny. You in here?"

With that she took my dick out of her mouth and yelled back, "Yeah! Sorry, I must not be feeling too well. I must have been coughing too much because it feels like I keep getting something stuck in my throat."

"Okay, I just wanted to make sure you were okay."

"I am. I should be out in a minute. I think I am just about done in here."

As the door closed, she looked up at me and shoved my dick back in her mouth. Between stokes, she asked me what it was about her that caught my eye.

Without hesitation I said, "Your ass!"

She looked at me squarely in the eye for about two full minutes. Then she finally spoke and said, "If you want it, it is yours."

I did not lose a moment. I lifter her off the floor and started undoing her pants. I slid her pants off and turned her around. She leaned forward and put her head agains the wall. I knelted down and started licking her ass to get it nice an wet. I could tell she had a virgin ass so I had to ask her, "Are you sure you want to do this?"

"Yes! Fuck my ass!"

With that, I stood up and slowly started to slide my dick in her tight ass. She started to breath deeply. I told her, "Just relax. This will not hurt at all. Trust me!"

Silently she said, "Okay."

"You got me so close, I will not last long." I told her.

With that, I slid my dick all the way in her ass. I could tell she was in some pain, so I did not hold back. I fucked her ass for about thirty seconds and then I felt myself about to explode. I told her, "Here it comes."

That is when I let loose deep in her ass. I could feel myself shoot load after load in her tight ass. It just kept coming. Once I was finally finished, I slowly slid my dick out of her ass. I pulled my pants up as she took a deep breath.

"You okay?"

She paused, "Yeah, that was actually better than I thought it would be." As she gave me a grin. "Not too bad for a young girl like me, wouldn't you say?"

With that I paused, "You are eighteen, right?"

She gave me a big grin and said, "I can say I am....if that makes you feel better."

She pulled her pants back up and we headed out of the bathroom. She went first and motioned for me that the coast was clear. I went straight into the mens room for about thirty seconds. Then I came out and started heading out of the restaurant. I walked right past her table.

As I walked outside, my wife was just pulling in to pick me up. To my surprise, she had gone out and got an outfit just like the Jenny's. I had a wonderful night with my wife. When we got home, I had my wife suck me just like Jenny had before. I then followed it up with fucking her ass also. It was amazing. Every time my wife wears that outfit, she ends up blowing me and I fuck her ass!

Jenny, were ever you are. Thank you!
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1 year ago
amazing!! perfect ! have more story?
1 year ago
Great story. A fantasy I've had many times
1 year ago
hot! I live in a college town so I know what you mean about young, tight bodies.
1 year ago
Very nice!
1 year ago
Great story!
1 year ago
Great first time story mate. Very well written & rather erotic to imagine too. 5 out of 5. Look forward to another great story mate.
1 year ago
Well, I hope this is simply a fantasy of yours. It's certainly a fairly well written story and it got me kinda hard. Nice first story.