becoming a woman

I was 15 when my first time happened...I remember he was 20 short light skin with a gorgeous smile.He was so smoothe the way he talked to me when we first met.The day after we met,I called him to come over to keep me company at my aunts house while she was at work and I was home alone .He came over bought us breakfast,we watched videos for about 30 mins .At one point I begin to feel a hand on my left leg that slowly made its way up to my thigh...and in no time had become very much one with my tight young wet pussy.I had been touched by a guy before but it was never like this...never so sensual but aggressive .I loved it.I was so scared for him to see my young hairy pussy...I had no clue any of this was going to happen so of course I was not prepared.He begin to rub his finger tips on my young fat pussy lips,and I begin to squeeze my legs tight capturing his hands between my legs.He then opened my legs and begin to insert his middle finger in and out my now moist young pussy.I begin to moan slow and soft. He started to get extremely comfortable as he took off his shoes and pulled down his dark denim jeans.I remember my eyes begun to wander down to his boxers anticipating the debut of his Dick.But instead of exposing his Dick to my young eyes he instead inserted an extra finger in my tight young now wet pussy...I let out a loud moan because to my newly exposed pussy I had never experienced anything like that...after finger fucking me for some time,he finally exposed me to his 8inch penis that I immediately fell in love with.I reached out to touch his his mushroom head,I adored how big he was .He begin to finger me hard and fast as I kept discovering his Dick with my finger tips.I had had enough of his fingers.I now wanted something big and thick to to touch my pussy.I WANTED HIS DICK.I begin to pull him by his Dick closer to my pussy lips.I rubbed his Dick head on every part of my pussy lips be continued
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3 years ago
Thanks guys
3 years ago
thats hot getting me so excited
3 years ago
Very nice, waiting for more
3 years ago
Very nice intro, keep it coming!
3 years ago
Nice story. I love the details.