Mums Best friend.(Made up but hopefully you like i

I look at her as if she were a godess, she has long black hair you no down to the top of here butt, deep blue eyes and a great pair of lips that say kiss me soft or kiss me hard I just wont to be kissed But its my mums best friend what was i gonna do?
One morning as I woke I heard laughter from downstairs I know one was my mum but was not sure of the other laughter so i got dressed and went down to see who else was there as i went into the livingroom there she was the women i always seem to think about when im alone in my bedroom ;-). I could not belive it i'm stud there looking all tired and she's there in front of me. i just got to nip out and Susan is going to stop here and wait for me if that's ok? yea sure I quickly say. when my mum leave for 10 mins or so I carn't help but stear at Susan the way see looks is amazing. You enjoying the view? er er what view? well you have been strearing at my chest for some time now and i've seen you do it before. I'm sorry dont mean to. aww have u got a little crush on me? NO NO have I hell I say. that's a shame cos I was going to say would you like a trip back to your room. I didn't know what to say I was shocked all this time she's felt the same about me. before I could speak I was being dragged upstears it seem the it didn't matter how I answered before she still wonted me as we got to me bed she pushed me on to it and pulled down my jeans and boxes at the same time and went in for the kill. her mouth was so wet as she sucked me slowly sucking and moving her tonge tip back and forth over my cock head god it was amazing I carn't belive I didnt cum at the moment but I'm glad I didnt cos there was more to come.

(Second Part Soon)
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very nice a good start cant wait to hear the rest