Best Night Ever

About a month ago I stayed over at my friend Rachel's house. I hadn't seen her in a while and she'd been my friend since middle school (I'm 18 now). She invited over her friends from the apartment room across the hall, Josh and Ben. I think they were 26 and 30. Anyway, We watched a few movies and mucked around for a bit, then Josh said "Why don't you two girls give each other something to remember before Ella goes back to NY" So before I knew it Rachel my friend since Middle School had her hand down my panties rubbing my pussy, I was getting wet and dripping. I felt my face going red as Josh and Ben pulled out there cock's telling us to give each other some more. So I undone Rachel’s bra and started sucking her nipples till they'd gone hard, I slid my hand down her pants and started rubbing her clit, I could feel her pussy getting wet. I wasn't a lesbian but this was really starting to turn me on, and I wanted it more and more... I pulled off Rachel's pants and massaged my tongue on her clit, she gave out moans. I could feel my pussy dripping wet, I put two fingers deep into her tight pussy, her body started to shake a little as she moaned louder. By now I was really into it and wanted some myself, so I yelled at Ben to come over. He came up behind me and slid his rock hard cock deep in my pussy and started fucking me, while I was still giving it to my friend. Josh decided he wanted some too, so he started fucking Rachel As we made out with each other. A few days later when I landed back in NY Rachel called me and told me while we were all fucking each other that her parents had come over to visit us before I went back home, walked in seen what we were up to then walked back out in shock.... I felt so embarrassed as her parents were like my second Mom and Dad. Now I never want to go back, but I really want to fuck Rachel again.
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