Cock Ring Conundrum.

“Cock Ring Conundrum”

My Cock-Ring Attracts Attention.

Being a nudist in the UK is not always easy: we have few places where we can enjoy our chosen lifestyle and the weather is not as conducive to indulging in outdoor nudity as that for our French and Spanish friends. However one makes the best of it and so I found myself on my local, long established beach used by nudies (no longer “official” and only tolerated by virtue of its sixty odd years of being so used) and sheltering away from the brisk North Sea breeze in a quite a large hollow flattened in the long vegetation inland from the cliff and the coastal path. I chose this over the smaller “nests” as the weeds were higher around it and it provided better shelter.
Lying in the sun, out of the wind I really relished the feeling of warmth on my naked body, a feeling barely experienced this year – which we are later told has been the wettest for a hundred years – and inevitably as I surrendered to the sensuality of the feeling my penis started to awaken and swell nicely, prompting lascivious thoughts of encounters at this very spot and in the areas – dunes, bushes and woods - behind other nude beaches. I should say that I have been a nudist for many years and wear a stainless steel cock ring. Also, pertinent to this account I am circumcised.
That floating state of reminiscence and erotic indulgence in the sun was suddenly interrupted by a clamour and chatter of young voices as several people scrambled through the undergrowth. This secluded part of the beach area was not normally intruded upon by many passers-by but being adjacent to the naturist beach I was untroubled and continued to muse.
“Hello, sorry to intrude but can we join you in your sheltered patch”, the voice was male and I started up to see a middle aged naked man clutching various items of beach impedimenta in an certain disarray as if gathered up in a hurry.
“The wind has got up suddenly and the beach is pretty chilly down there and your patch is the only one offering any decent shelter”. He smiled ingratiatingly. “I hope that you don’t’ mind us joining you?”
From a solitary reverie it looked as if now I was going to be thrust into a social interchange but being never one to forgo social engagement, especially with fellow nudists I mumbled something about “being my guest”, a meaningless comment as it was after all a public beach and before I could say anything further, his entourage of a slightly younger and quite comely looking woman followed by two c***dren, all similarly naked, swept into my erstwhile domain. Oh well, it was just as well that I enjoyed nude company and obligingly I moved my towel over to the side of the clearing, ensuring selfishly perhaps that I retained a place benefitting from the full effect of the sun and settled back to better observe my new companions.
Dad, or Trevor as I later learned was in his early forties I guessed and Mum (Rosie) was about ten years his junior; what could be described as a comely couple, having reasonably well kept bodies, with full body hair, in contrast to me, I meticulously having all hair absent from my whole torso and I was also a good twenty years Dad’s senior. I also happened to notice that both Trevor and the boy, who I presumed was his son, were uncircumcised. The c***dren (Harry at twelve and Sammy aged nine) were the usual squabbling, mischievous, close siblings and took some settling.
Eventually order was resumed and the c***dren were wrapped in towels and warming up. Having stood up during the re-ordering of the domestic arrangements in my shelter I felt the keenness of the breeze and sympathised in their urgent evacuation of the beach.
“We should get a couple of wind shelters really” Trevor said when he saw my own quick ducking down out of the chill breeze “but with this lot,” he gestured to their breach paraphernalia, “it is a problem carrying everything as it is”.
Rosie rose to an obvious regular theme of theirs and started to complain about the fact that naturist beaches were so remote from car parks and how unfair it was, a sentiment that I wholeheartedly endorsed.
During this interchange none of had noticed the whispering and giggling between the c***dren, something their mother commented upon.
“Come on Harry and you Sammy, you know that it is rude to whisper” she chided, “out with it, what’s so funny”?
“Weellll” wheedled Harry, it’s that thingy on the man’s willy” and all eyes turned to gaze at my steel cock ring, circling both the stem of my penis and my scrotum.
“And” piped up Sammy, “he is all smooth, not like Daddy” she giggled, “…. But smooth like you Harry!”
“I am not smooth, I have hairs too”, Harry proudly showed off the small wisp of hair at the base of his penis.
“His willy is a different shape to both Harry and Daddy” she went on, her voice taking a perplexed tone of interest.
Both parents looked slightly nonplussed and after catching their eyes and receiving a nod, I moved to defuse the situation by explaining that I just liked being smooth, their Dad liking his hair as it is. All people are different I explained and that the ring was just a decoration like their mothers ear-rings and that my “willy” had once had skin on like her b*****r and her Daddy’s but I had an operation as a baby to have it taken off because it had got sore. Both parents looked relieved but from the look on Harry’s face I realised that the matter was far from closed.
“Can I have a look” was the next announcement and without waiting for any permission I had the disconcerting experience of a twelve year old boy closely scrutinising my cock. Now, I am only human and my cock, already somewhat infused from the ministrations of the warm sun responded in its usual way and I dreaded the inevitable as the swelling continued, beyond any control of mine and became sturdily erect.
“Ooohhh, mine goes like that but not as big!” Harry was clearly intrigued and continued to look closely at my now throbbing penis. I must have shown my discomfiture as both parents rushed to my aid and hastily ordered their son away.
“We are so sorry” Rosie was clearly almost as mortified as was I, “you know how c***dren are at that age, curious about everything new and you are the first man he has seen wearing a ring and …..” she stammered, “well, fully hard like that”.
Again she repeated the apology but I couldn’t help but notice a slight grin of sympathy flickering across Trevor’s face, he struggling to look as contrite as his wife. His amusement as another man seeing my situation was palpable.
“Well no harm done, seeing a hard willy is pretty common on nudist beaches so he might as well have seen yours today as when off exploring on his own, so long as you are OK about it?” Trevor smiled at me obviously attempting to put me at my ease.
“Anyway” he went on, “erections are a natural thing, so why worry!
For the second time in a short while I was obligingly saying something to the effect of “being my guest” and the tension dissipated, which was more than could be said for my erection!
“Oh goody, so can I have a proper look” chimed in Harry, clearly taking in the implication of the conversation. Again I felt the awkwardness returning, a feeling not reciprocated by my cock which gave an involuntary twitch – as usual it had a mind of its own…..
The boy’s parents exchanged glances and then Rosie looked quizzically at me.
“Would you mind? I know it is a dreadful imposition but he has seen all there is to see now really so it can’t do any harm”.
So, in the spirit of assisting Harry’s education I again found myself again in the situation of having this naked twelve year old boy closely scrutinising my erect penis, the hair from his fringe drifting down onto my knob end and tickling it in a fashion which despite the unconventional nature of the encounter I found somewhat and most disconcertingly pleasing. Glancing down to his small naked body crouched beside me I could see that his own small penis, almost devoid of any hair, except for that slight wisp of which he was so proud, was now also rigid and had clearly responded to the erotic experience indulged him by his parents and indeed by me. Where was this going to lead I thought to myself and groaned partly in delight but in equal measures in trepidation at the unconventional nature of the contact.
Looking up I was relieved to note that both parents were smiling indulgently and that Trevor too was now sporting the beginnings of an aroused penis, the stem of a respectable sized cock swelling from the tangle of his dark pubic hair, the presence of which in contrast to my smooth pubis was in part responsible for the present situation. I did however take a degree of comfort from his reaction and was able to relax slightly as the inspection continued to even greater intimacy.
A small finger tentatively inched forward and touched the cock ring, pressed into the metal and then traced its way up the hard stem, stroking the bell end and then I felt the unmistakable sensation of his small hand cupped around my stiff cock and he grasped it gently and then with growing firmness and obvious confidence. Looking down I noticed with some amusement that his own small prick, already hard had stiffened even more, with his shiny knob-end now emerging from the protective sheath of his foreskin as he shuffled round to place his body between my legs to get a better view. As if under the guidance of some primitive instinct his grasping hand commenced a wanking motion, something that I both enjoyed and was horrified at in equal measure. This was proving more than I had anticipated for when setting out for a quiet day on the beach this morning! Lying back on my towel I concentrated on not enjoying the ministrations of the small hand as it methodically wanked my cock and did all that I knew how to avoid ejaculating, while shaking my head towards his parents – this had gone just a stage too far.
Coming to my rescue and realising that an actual physical contact had crossed a boundary into the unacceptable Trevor intervened much to my relief.
“That’s enough Harry, look but not touch! OK?”
Little did I know that I had experienced nothing yet…….
Suddenly from over my shoulder there came a shrill voice of protest.
“What about me”, it was Sammy, indignant and righteous in her expressing her resentment at being excluded from this exhibition. “I want to look too” and without further ado jumping up and straddling my chest she bent forward to scrutinise the object of her b*****r’s previous manipulation and get a close-up view of my penis. That in itself was only a relatively minor addition to my predicament but a greater component was that by sitting astride my chest and facing away from me I had thrust into my face, her juvenile buttocks, spread wide apart as she straddled my body and revealing the tight, pinkish brown of the entry hole of her anal sphincter and below that the clean gash of her pre-pubescent c***d’s vulva, gaping slightly to reveal the subtle dark pink of her vaginal opening. She wriggled to obtain a better view and the sweet musky scent of her bodies intimate openings wafted to my nostrils, a combination of mushrooms, c***dish female secretions and a faint whiff of fresh urine that in its freshness, I had to admit was utterly enchanting.
Another wriggle and the gash came closer to my face, so close that had I been so inclined I could have stretched out my tongue and licked her charming holes. I refrained but the combination of this scent, the clear close-up of her smooth, hairless cleft, the combination of Harry’s previous wanking of my cock and Sammy’s proximity finally proved too much for me and shuddering, I came in a series of explosive bouts, orgasming as I had not done in years. As I ejaculated my semen must have splattered over the faces of my juvenile audience and with a squeal of “Earrhhh!” Sammy jumped back and her vaginal jammed into my face, a sudden wet slit enveloping my mouth and my nose buried in her anus. Instead of climbing off me Sammy paused and distinctly rubbed her vagina over my mouth and ground down on my face several times making a small grunt of clear pleasure before relinquishing her perch and clambering off me, leaving a smear of her cunt juices over my lips.
She gave me a direct look and the barest hint of a smile and I realised that she had done this deliberately and had obtained real pleasure from the action.
My penis gave another involuntary jolt.
“Oooh, John has weed on me” cried Sammy.
There followed a total silence as all involved realised that something momentous had occurred, a silence only broken by Trevor’s reassuring voice saying: “Well that’s enough for now, let poor John have some space!”
It was Rosie who broke the tension with a laugh: “Well that has advanced their education further than we intended – are you all right John? I am afraid that went a bit further than we meant!”
Realising that no harm had been done and that the c***dren’s parents were at ease with what had happened and recognising that I had not actually contributed to the events other than being compliant, I relaxed and continued to break the tension of the incident by helping wipe the trails of semen from Sammy’s face and hair. Some explanation followed as to how men produce white stuff when they enjoy having their cock touched and could have led to yet more questions had not Harry turned the subject back to the original topic as it seemed that Harry’s curiosity as my cock ring had not been assuaged and further questions followed: “Did it hurt?” “Was it nice to wear?” “How did I get it on?” and so on, with the subject clearly fascinating him; as I guess anything in relation to a penis for a boy edging onto puberty was fascinating. Sammy just watched and listened in that inscrutable way of small girls.
“To be honest John, I was wondering that myself”. It was Trevor now as curious as his son. “I have often seen guys wearing them but must say I am as curious as Harry”!
In a moment of inspiration it occurred to me that I had a smaller steel ring of the same pattern on the one that I was wearing but designed to encircle the stem of my cock when hard and mentioning this to Trevor and Rosie I was encouraged to dig around in my ruck-sack and duly handed it across to Harry. Looking at his now more flaccid penis I judged that it would be a good fit
“Yes but how do I put it on?” he asked querulously. Trevor looked nonplussed and looked across to me. By now, post climactically, my own cock was in a much less aroused state and I said “can I show him?” A nod from both parents who now were clearly fascinated themselves, as often people are when unfamiliar with such rings.
Deftly but slowly I grasped my now flaccid cock and gently eased first one testicle and then the other through the ring and then off the soft stem of my cock.
“Gently now, do as I say. Which hand do you write with?” Harry and his parents looked puzzled. “If you are right handed your right ball is bigger than the other” I explained. “That makes it easier to get both through the hole”.
Sammy then made her contribution. “Harry is right handed”.
“OK then just do as I do” and reversing my previous action I slid the ring down my shaft and eased my right ball through the ring. Harry duly followed fumbling a bit with the unfamiliar action and getting increasingly frustrated as he did so, the technique eluding him.
“Oh it’s no good I just can’t get it on” Harry exploded in juvenile exasperation.
It was Rosie, concerned for her son who made the suggestion of something that I would not have dreamed of making myself.
“Could you be a dear, John and help him, after all you know exactly how it should go on and it will help Harry learn”.
I was looking obviously dubious and Trevor silently nodded his agreement to this considerable intimacy with their young son, a clear demonstration of trust and anyway, with them present with no risk of any crossing of an inappropriate boundary with this stranger, namely myself.
Beckoning Harry to me and allowing him to stand he stood the towel d****d round his shoulders now with the situation of a short while earlier reversed and his young cock in front of my face. I reached out and cupped his smooth tight scrotum in my hand, surprisingly warm and felt a small tremor pass through his slight frame.
“Now watch Harry, as I put it on” and kept up a running commentary his parents and s****r listening with an apt concentration and watching as I gently handled the boys penis.
The steel ring slid easily down the now quite soft shaft and I realised that natural instincts were again taking over and I had to waste no time or I would be handling an erect cock with no chance of completing the demonstration. I eased first Harry’s right testicle through, enjoying, I must confess the silky soft smoothness of the boy’s scrotal skin and gently pushed his small ball and some skin from his delightful ball sack into the space.
“It’s in, look Mummy, look Daddy” Harry squealed.
“Hold on a minute, we have to get your other ball through yet so no wriggling”! I admonished.
Looking up I realised that I had a rapt audience from both parents as this male stranger was effectively fondling their young son’s cock, also noticing that Trevor’s cock had hardened considerably to almost a full erection, something not unnoticed by his daughter who giggled and announced: “Oooh look at Daddy’s willy – it’s growing really big!”
I decided to ignore the obvious implications of Trevor’s arousal and continued with the task in hand conscious that Harry’s penis could soon be following his father’s example. So I then very carefully did the same with his left so last both had slipped through and I eased them and his now hardening cock stem further up.
A squeal of triumph from both c***dren as the small ring fitted snugly on his juvenile penis and under his neat ball-sack. Harry lay back beaming as he proudly showed off his cock and balls, snugly encased in stainless steel and I confess an engaging sight as it swelled again to his full, if still immature erection.
Looking around I had the gratifying image of father and son both hard and proud and of course by this time my own cock was equally recovered and standing up as well, made all the more so by the sight of Harry with all the same instincts that had caused him to do so a while back with my cock, starting to stroke his hard stem with obvious pleasure.
It was Sammy who broke the spell that had descended upon us at the sight of the three hard cocks. “It’s just not fair” she whined, “why is it that boy’s have something down there like their willies and girls have nothing? Look at Harry; he is really having a nice time rubbing himself.”
Her observation as to her b*****r’s “rubbing himself” was indeed correct, his small hand being clasped around the stem of his prick, delicately, deliberately and with clear enjoyment undertaking that age old rhythm of male masturbation, unabashed by the curious eyes upon him. At least this young man would be enabled to grow up without many of the hang-ups that bedevil so many males! I started to understand the liberal approach taken by these enlightened parents, an impression confirmed by the c***dren’s mother in her next comment.
“Don’t worry Sammy” her mother reassured smiling, “you will find out in good time, just what you have got down there; it’s just as good and nice as boys have, if not better”.
Sammy looked thoughtful and then half to her-self said softly “you mean good and nice like when I bumped back onto John’s face and it made me feel all funny nice in my Minnie?” Her hand sneaked between her legs and explored her cleft and a look of wonder came over her face.
“Oh dear, John,” her mother’s hand went to her mouth in some apprehension, “I did wonder about that, I am so sorry, I am afraid that she really took advantage of you”.
Having just spent some time closely engaged with her son’s cock and caused it to get erect I felt that the small matter of having been the unwitting cause of her daughter’s pleasure was of minimal consequence but all three of us adults were now confronted by the sight of two c***dren pleasuring themselves. Harry’s hand clenched over his hard cock was now rubbing up and down with great intensity and his s****r was similarly engaged rubbing her clitoral area, having clearly found the point of the greatest pleasure.
We exchanged looks of some concern realising that what had started as a minor educational quest had developed into a very real sexual situation that couldn’t easily be diverted from the inevitable outcome.
That outcome was not long in coming and Harry’s movements became somewhat ragged and urgent and with a series of grunting groans his small cock spurted its first crop of semen, shooting in a series of gobbets high above him and onto both his hair as well as my face. Again some spattered onto his s****r, her second helping of semen of the day but this time she was so absorbed in her own manipulations that she paid no regard and soon too was grunting and squealing to her first orgasm.
The atmosphere was electric and reaching across the c***dren’s mother grasped Trevor’s cock and with a few deft movements he too emptied his balls, he being so aroused by the scene that it took barely a few pulls to bring him off.
What an afternoon it had been!

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5 months ago
Wow. I really enjoyed this.
7 months ago
A very hot story.... Well done.
8 months ago
So hot
8 months ago
Very hot. Is there a part two?