Condom Compromise - (An alternative to cream-pie s

Condom Compromise.
John Kavanagh

My wife and I had been swinging with other couples, groups and selected singles for some time and very much enjoying the experience. Being nudists our main criteria was to have all naked and just let it all happen as we all felt comfortable. Bernice, my wife is lightly bi as am I, though her preference was for cock and lots of it in all holes so we often entertained an extra guy at our “gatherings” to keep the women happy and the only thing that I liked more than watching a guy fuck her, enjoying the contrast in skin tones (she is black) while busily engaged in fucking one of the other guys wives was to watch a guy cumming in her and then sliding my cock into her spunk filled cunt to feel his hot semen on my cock – that took great effort not to send me into an immediate and immense orgasm! It was a combination of the thought of another man’s seed in my wife and the physical sensation of that hot, cloying liquid, so different from her own natural juices as my cock pushed into her, the excess seeping out around my shaft and soon emerging as a foamy residue coating my shaft to then move across to push into one of the other wives, a scenario that would never fail to excitedly haunt my wanking and lovemaking sessions until the next time. Then all over again……
That was until Bernice came home from the Doctors one day and announced that he was recommending that she give the pill a rest and we would have to fall back on condoms. Now condoms had not been a part of our lives ever and apart from a minor fetish as a youth not something I had ever used. Well, we would give it a try but it failed miserably to the point where as soon as I rolled it on I would start to lose my erection. She being an attractive woman, we still had no problems in arranging threesomes with single guys (most of our couples contacts mysteriously became “busy” when condoms were mentioned) but it was noticeable that several of the single guys shared my problem and to a greater or lesser degree lost their erections as well, one guy even unknowingly doing so to such an extent that it slipped off inside her and he proceeded to fuck away to orgasm apparently unaware to shoot his load up Bernice regardless, causing a minor panic and recourse the next day to the morning after pill. At least on that occasion I was able to indulge in my spunk fetish and inter-mingle my own sperm with our friends!
Things got so bad that when we met people I would either just wank and play a non-penetrative role or it would be the unequal situation with couples where the other husband or husbands would have to wear a condom while I fucked away bare-back, but deprived of the pleasure of enjoying Bernice in a well spunked state. Nice enough in its way but lacking something, I did so like saving my cum for my wife and intermingling it with the emissions of the guys who had emptied their balls into her previously.
It was while having a threesome with Colin, a long established male contact who both had no problems with condoms and was a prodigious spunker, that a solution in part occurred to me. As a curious, sex-mad (even more so than now) youth I had enjoyed masturbating into fresh used condoms discarded at the local “lovers lanes”, fantasising about the strangers cunts and cocks that had been in such intimate contact and using the sperm deposited within as a lube to wank with – quite possibly in part the origin of my current enjoyment of cream-pies and sloppy seconds as I later discovered were the terms for my minor fetish. So here in part was a possible option and I started to enjoy our three-some with some anticipation, much to Bernice’s obvious delight, she always relishing such attentions.
As Colin got well into his rhythm I moved back to better observe his thrusting buttocks as he fucked my wife, his body flexing as he delved deep into her cunt, prompting cries of delight that I knew from previous times only served to hasten his orgasm, my sense of anticipation rising with every thrust as I knew that he was approaching his moment of extreme pleasure. It came as Bernice grunted and groaned into her fourth or fifth orgasm and this clearly proved too much for Colin and he too started to tip over the edge and his thrusts became deeper and more urgent and soon there were all the signs that he was emptying himself into her – or into the condom.
Now it was time to put my plan into action and as Bernice was lying sprawled, her thighs wide apart and her cunt still gaping pink and red from Colin’s attentions. He also fell back clearly as sated as was she and peeled the condom from his softening cock I noticed with some satisfaction that as usual Colin had excelled himself and the end was well filled with his sperm.
Colin was about to neatly knot the dangling condom when I reached over and took it from his hand. He glanced at me in some puzzlement but then a knowing smile flitted across his face, he remembering my delight in fresh cum, a smile that broadened as I stretched open the elasticated open end and slipped it over my purple bell-end. Holding it open I slid it down my shaft remembering with delight my youthful adventures with the discarded “johnnies” of my teen years. Colin’s spunk felt delightfully warm as I slid into it and pulled the tube down to nestle onto the bottom of my shaft.
Them clearly to Bernice’s surprise I was between her thighs and delving into her gaping vagina feeling Colin’s hot sperm slithering around my cock – not as good as feeling it in my wife’s cunt but a good substitute – unfortunately I was so excited that I wasn’t able to last long and was soon racing to the brink of my orgasm that I knew would not be easy to delay. My balls went into spasm and in a crescendo of pleasure I spurted several times mingling my seed with our friends.

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3 months ago
such a hot story! i couldn't help wanking thinking about drinking the contents after you finished!
10 months ago
Great story keep them coming
11 months ago
nice...I know what you mean about felling a well-spermed pussy around your lube in the world and too erotic