White Mischief

(A repost - but we thought you all might like to read).

White Mischief


Based closely on the real happenings of the wild and
wealthy British in 1940's Africa involving d**gs, alcohol, sex
and adultry.

(couples, intr, swing)


This is based on a true story. A number of the events have
been changed very slightly to protect the identities of
those still living, as have the names; otherwise all is as

Once upon a time, in a place far, far away … there was
an idyllic location in the early nineteen-forties where
wealthy British could go to escape the ravishes of war.
It was away from the nightly air raid sirens and
horrific bombings being made by the German Luftwaffe on
the city of London. To avoid the terror, fear and
horror of pre-World War II, many Brits packed up all of
their belongings and moved from their war-torn homeland
to a beautiful peaceful valley on the outskirts of
Nairobi, Kenya called 'Happy Valley' by the local

The privileged English gentry and aristocrats owned
spacious mansions in the lovely hills of Happy Valley
complete with cooks, servants, gardeners and
chauffeurs. Of course, the wealthier one was, the more
servants one had. Keep in mind that all of the locals
were Africans and very proud Africans at that. How
would you feel if these imperialist foreigners came
into your country with an indiscriminate amount of
money, buying up everything and demanding immediate
service of every kind?

For the most part, it was good for the local economy
because of the positive influx of cash flow, however
most of the really expensive items that the British ex-
pats had were either brought with them from England or
purchased from elsewhere such as Australia or the
United States. As such, the Kenyan economy didn't
thrive as much as it should have. It all boils down to
greed and money, wanting what another man has.
Sometimes that greed and jealousy extends to those
other man's 'possessions' as well.

Most of the Brits who moved to Happy Valley tended to
be older, wealthier and not have the gaggle of little
c***dren with them that the younger couples had.
Because of that, they were more into the sophisticated
things such as throwing elaborate dinner parties and
ballroom dancing.

After dinner at the Lake Naivasha Country Club, the men
would sit in the clubs den with a****l trophies lining
the walls and smoke their cigars and drink expensive
brandy while playing snooker. The ladies, dressed in
their finest clothes, gloves and fancy hats, would chit
chat in the saloon until the after-dinner dancing
began. It wasn't much different from when they were in
stodgy ole England except here they were safe from the
terrors of war. Or were they?

This was twenty to twenty-five years before the
infamous 'Peyton Place' in the United States but The
Happy Valley Set, as they were called, had their own
special kind of Peyton Place with all of its own
adultery, jealousy and wickedness. While many of the
Brits were still very loyal subjects and attended the
Church of England services on Sunday mornings, Saturday
nights were a completely different story of excess and
decadence. Saturday morning was the usual round of golf
or even polo at Lake Naivasha Country Club which was
located in a spectacular setting. Saturday evenings
started the beginning of not only the night's darkness
but also its decadence.


Some of the products that the British actually liked to
buy in Nairobi were the locally made ivory trinkets
that are now banned. But a little known item which was
very popular with the English gentlewoman back then
were the items made from the now extinct black ivory
obtained from the tusks of ebony African black bull
elephants. This ebony ivory was made into phallic
symbols said to be patterned after the huge black
African cocks of the Mandingo or Massai warriors.

These ancient dildos were reputed to have aphrodisiac
properties so the Englishmen could use them on their
own wives to make them aroused as proper Englishwomen
weren't known at that time for their sexual liberation.
It was also rumored from an old African legend that in
attaining her passion, these dildos would turn into
either the giant cock of the proud African warrior or
the trunk of the rutting African bull elephant that was
so long, thick and had those exciting ridges along the
thick skin of the snout.

These had the same powers as French ticklers. Oh, those
naughty, naughty French. One difference between the two
dildos was the one single 'eye' on the African cock or
the twin holes for the nostrils from the African black
bull elephant. Either way, it was said that the use of
these dildos turned the normally dispassionate timid
English wife into a raging wildcat in bed. It was also
reported that a readily-available potent aphrodisiac
was made in the region that was sure to turn any dowdy
housewife into a raging nymphomaniac.


Douglas and Greta Stanford where invited to live in
Happy Valley by their sponsors, Sir Jock Delves
Broughton and his lovely wife, Lady Diana Broughton.
Sir Jock, as he was called, was one of the senior
British Colonial officials. He was in his sixties while
his lovely 'trophy' wife was just barely thirty-five.
Did they have trophy wives in the nineteen forties? The
wealthy men surely did.

If the King of England had known what was happening in
Happy Valley, he would have looked upon her upper-
class British subjects with disdain and embarrassment.
Fortunately, either he never found out or he turned a
deaf ear to the reports of extreme decadence and heavy
d**g use in Happy Valley.

Douglas Stanford was a barrister and Greta had never
really needed to work in England, though she had
qualified as a teacher and worked part-time in a private
girls school for a short while when in London. Because
of the few English c***dren in Happy Valley, Greta was
complacent as well as content to just be the bored
housewife. She had all the comforts of home except
BBC radio. But alas, she had to make do.

Their African cook's name was Thika Njorowa and her
husband, Gorge, was also the gardener. 'Thika' was an
appropriate name for the cook in that she cooked very
well and was thick in the waist from eating her own
excellent cooking. Thika and Gorge lived together in
one of the small huts behind the Stanford place along
with their young, pretty f******n year old daughter,
Seremai, who also worked as the house servant.

Their chauffeur, Joseph Maaisai, lived by himself in
the Stanford's old carriage house. It no longer housed
a 'carriage' or a horse and buggy for that matter but
instead was the garage for an old Jaguar that was in
constant state of disrepair.

Fortunately, Joseph was pretty good at fixing up the
Jag when it broke every so often and was able to get
one of the local mechanics in Nairobi to come out to
the Stanford mansion from time to time to do the more
intricate repairs.

As was the custom, the chauffeur was armed not only
with a pistol but also with a high-powered rifle for
protection of the f****y from any wild a****ls. Joseph
also carried a 'kibokos,' which is a rhino hide whip,
and a 'pangas,' a type of machete. There were many
pangas available to most of the Kenyan men as it was a
common agricultural tool but it was also very lethal in

Joseph served as the Stanford's security. His last name
was a nickname given to him by his enemies. 'Maaisai'
in the Kenyan language means, 'rough,' and his
terrifying demeanor could certainly be that. One didn't
want to be on the bad side of this bad boy.


Due to the hot African weather, Greta had succumbed to
not wearing the hot and constricting brassiere that she
would have normally worn in England. Because of this,
many men were attracted to her full, untethered white
breasts. Her husband noticed that many of the African
men also enjoyed staring at his lovely blonde wife. She
must have looked like an unattainable goddess to the
black men. It gave Douglas an odd feeling in the pit of
his stomach and even made his own dick hard when
thinking about his lovely blonde wife with those local


There was a beautiful little pond on the Stanford
property. Greta liked to swim and she would slip off
her proper clothing in the heat of the afternoon sun
and go for a nude swim under the watchful eye of their
guard, Joseph Maaisai. He knew that there were many
wild things in Kenya that would take away the lovely
mistress of the house and do ungodly things. Some of
these creatures were even two-legged.

Joseph enjoyed these times watching the pretty blonde
wife. It was as if she were intentionally teasing him
with her nakedness. He would lean against one of the
nearby trees while smoking a cigarette with his fully-
loaded rifle securely tucked in his strong arms. The
African chauffeur and security guard pretended that he
didn't see her smooth pale skin but he did. He could
also see her full, ripe, milky-white breasts and the
darker shade of blonde pussy hair between her long
legs. She had a body made for sex. Joseph knew that
Mrs. Stanford was a natural blonde without even knowing
that some women colored their hair. It made him hard
with lust for the beautiful, blonde wife.


One evening after dinner, Greta went for a stroll on
the mansion's spacious yard. She heard some strange,
unnatural grunting sounds coming from the carriage
house and thought that Joseph might be ill. She went to
investigate. By the light of a candle, Greta could see
through the open bedroom window. There on the bed,
Joseph was plowing into some helpless young black girl.
Greta was amazed at the huge black weapon that Joseph
wielded between his powerful legs as he thrust into the
a very young, certainly p*****n girl's plundered maidenhood.

An African bull elephant couldn't have been more proud
of the size equipment that was sported by the black
chauffeur. She then had to gasp in horror when she saw
the girl's eyes in the throes of passion and recognized
that it was Seremai, the cook's pretty young daughter,
underneath the rutting African chauffeur. Greta's
gasping noise made Joseph and Seremai turn their heads
towards the gasp that Greta had just made.

Seremai smiled at her white mistress as Joseph just
grinned at Greta. The spying white mistress ducked her
head quickly away from the window but she couldn't tear
herself away from coming back to continue viewing the
highly erotic sight. Her own panties became damp while
watching the African chauffeur make Seremai into a
woman. Seremai was made a woman many times over that
night. Greta wondered what that enormous black manhood
would feel like inside her own pussy. Her own husband
was away on business way to often.


It was after one of the Saturday morning golf outings
at the Lake Naivasha Country Club that Sir Jock
informed Douglas about the legendary black ivory dildo
that his own Lady Diana loved so dearly.

"Here," Jock Broughton said to Douglas. "I have a
couple extra of these things, ole chap. Maybe your
lovely wife might like to use one?"

Douglas was handed one of the huge black dildos. He
could only blush at what Sir Jock was proposing. Sir
Jock just laughed as he liked to see others

"Surely, these things aren't this big in real life, are
they?" he asked.

"My boy, that's one thing these African chappies have
going for 'em and that's big black cocks. Women love
'em that big and black. I've seen 'em up close and
personal," he boasted. "Not that I'm a nancy, mind you but
I can't service my lovely Lady Diana like I used to.
You know what I mean, old chap? I use this big boy on
her to get her all worked up. Sometimes, I even let the
real thing work its black magic on her. One of those
big buck local boys can really make her scream."

It made Douglas hard thinking about an African's big,
black manhood rutting between Lady Diana's willingly
spread legs.


Greta looked beautiful that Saturday night as always.
She was the 'Belle of the Ball' and Douglas was so
proud that she was his pretty wife. The other husbands
took their designated turn dancing with his charming
wife, but of course, she went home with him. There was
rumored to be another wild party over at the
Broughton's later that night but Douglas had only one
thing on his mind and that was to get his lovely blonde
wife into his own bed.

While Greta was getting ready for bed, she took her
husband's breath away when her evening gown slipped off
her bare shoulders. Not only had she not worn a bra
that evening but she also hadn't worn any panties

They quickly slipped into bed together. Greta was
definitely in the mood for lovemaking as her husband
had slipped some of the aphrodisiac into her wine
earlier that evening. Her warm, naked body felt good
next to his. They kissed passionately. His hand went
down to between her spreading thighs. She was already
wet for him.

"Darling," he said to his wife. "I have a surprise for
you tonight."

"Oh, Douglas," she breathed. "What is it?"

Her husband reached under his pillow for the dildo. By
the light of the bedside candle, Greta could see the
massive black dildo. When she first saw it, she thought
of Joseph, their big-cocked African chauffeur and the
other night when he made eleven year old young Seremai
into a woman.

Greta gasped as her husband touched the giant black
phallic symbol to her throbbing, erect clitoris. She
imagined it was Joseph taking her for the first of many
times. Her thighs opened to allow easier access to her
own wanton womanhood. Greta orgasmed as her husband
thrust the giant cock-like dildo deep inside her lust-
slickened pussy. Douglas knew that his wife was tight.
Even though he was no match for the size of this black
bull elephant-sized cock, his lovely wife was tight for
even him. He could only imagine what a real-life
African cock would feel like thrusting into his sweet
wife's near virginal pussy.

They made love twice that night which was a record for
them. Usually, he could only perform once a night.
Douglas didn't know it but because of the powerful
aphrodisiac, his wife was ready for more. He was spent
as he tenderly held his loving wife in his arms.

"Have you ever thought about taking an African lover,
especially when I'm away for extended periods of time?"

Her husband's question caught her off guard.

"Why, no Dear," she lied. "I love only you."

"That's good," he replied and fell fast asl**p.


Greta was still aroused from the giant black dildo, the
previous lovemaking with her husband, and the remaining
effects of the powerful aphrodisiac. She slipped out of
bed, put on a sheer robe and padded barefoot to the
bathroom. After she finished, she slipped on a pair of
fluffy slippers and headed out the back door to the
carriage house. Her mind told her not to but the
lusting in her heart and in her loins told her to do
so. Her mind was out-voted, two to one.

Joseph had been recently looking at the beautiful Mrs.
Stanford with renewed interest lately especially after
knowing that she had stayed to watch his sterling
performance with Seremai. The young African girl was
delightful to fuck but the black chauffeur lusted after
only one woman; the beautiful, blonde Mrs. Greta
Stanfordn a proper woman, not a c***d like Seremai.

Just that evening when he held the car door open for
her, Joseph could see the swell of her full twin orbs
peeking at him from over the top of her dress. The
side-slit on her elegant evening gown was scandalously
up to her mid-thigh. When she had sliped into the car,
he got a very good glimpse of her shapely bare legs
hidden normally beneath her dress. His large cock
became rock hard in an instant.

Mrs. Stanford made him harder and harder these days as
he was always thinking about the beautiful blonde wife.
When they were leaving the party, he already knew that
she had been given the powerful aphrodisiac by her own
husband because he had requested the potent d**g from
his trusted chauffeur and bodyguard earlier that same
day. Little did the gullible Mr. Sanford know that the
effect would last as long as it did, especially in the dose
that she had been given.

Joseph was feigning sl**p when the beautiful Mrs. Greta
Sanford entered his tiny bedroom. He had thoughtfully
left a candle lit to make it easier for her to commit
adultery with him tonight. The proud African chauffeur
and bodyguard didn't hear her but smelled her enter his
room. Not only could his keen sense of smell pick up
the scent of her expensive perfume but he could also
smell the heady aroma of the recent sex wafting from
between her legs.

The candle was now behind her. Through his partially
closed eyes, the candle lit up her pale smooth skin
through her sheer nightgown. She looked like an angel
in the night. She would be his angel tonight!

Joseph got up out of bed and was quickly at the blonde
beauty's side before she had a chance to reconsider. He
took the lovely wife in his strong black arms and they
passionately kissed like Greta had never been kissed
before. She melted in his powerful embrace as if it
were black magic.

The black bodyguard slipped the sheer robe off of her
smooth white shoulders. The beautiful Mrs. Stanford was
now wearing only her pearl necklace, earrings and
matching bracelet and was standing completely naked in
front of the highly aroused, proud African warrior. He
was about to collect some of his just reward.

Joseph slept in the nude so he was already naked. His
huge manhood was swollen and throbbing between his
powerful thighs. His black hands went to her bare
shoulders and pushed her down in front of him. At
first, Greta didn't know what he wanted but when his
giant cock was at her eye-level she inherently knew to
open her ruby red lips and take him inside her sweet
mouth. Her own husband, Douglas, had wanted her to do
this for him on several occasions but she had always
refused him. Now she was sucking on a giant black cock
like the white whores did in the slums of London.

At first, the smell of his manhood rocked her senses
but then she began to suck his big black cock in
earnest. Greta lovingly cradled his huge, swollen,
potent sperm-filled balls as she lavished his thick
black cock with her tongue. Her tongue swirled around
the huge, plump head and she nibbled at the throbbing
vein running up his cock.

After a while, Joseph pulled the blonde beauty to her
feet as he didn't want to waste his dark seed
needlessly. He placed the lovely blonde wife on the
edge of his bed and spread her legs apart. His head
went between her thighs to her excited loins as she had
an orgasm. Joseph sucked all of her husband's
worthless, white puny sperm out of her aroused pussy.

Greta was still breathless when her new African lover
crawled up between her womanly charms.

Joseph feasted on her wonderful tits like a newborn
piglet feasted on the mother sow. The African moved
upwards and Greta offered her slim neck to his delight
and ravishment. She would have many love marks to show
for her passionate night of lovemaking. Maybe her
husband might think that he made those marks himself on
his beautiful, loving wife. Nahhh, the cuckolded
husband would know that some other man had enjoyed his
wife's womanly charms!

It was fortunate that her husband had used the dildo on
his wife that night as it would have been much, much
harder for Joseph's huge African cock to enter her
previously unstretched vagina.

Greta was breathing very hard now and her heart was
racing. She had never before been unfaithful to her
loving husband. Now, here she was about to commit one
of the sins of the Ten Commandments with a lusting
African, no less.

"Please, please fuck me," she breathed into the black
chauffeur's ear.

"How badly do you want it?" he asked.

"Please, Joseph. Please don't make me beg for it," she
was desperate for his big black cock. That was the
first time that she had ever used his first name.

Joseph smiled at his latest conquest.

"Then put it in for me, Honey, and I'll guide you to
the Stairway to Heaven."

Greta reached between her wide spread thighs and
grasped the throbbing black monster of proud African
bl**d, muscle and sperm. The flickering candlelight
made it look like Satan's thick Negro cock was poised
to take her very soul. It did, and then some.

The beautiful blonde wife arched her back and let out a
banshee-like scream as Joseph's black cock tore into
her unprotected womb. He was buried completely to the
hilt in her tight womanly sheath. Fortunately, her
feminine juices had kicked in for Greta to make taking
this huge black member a little easier and provided the
taboo dark pleasure that she so craved. His proud
African cock seemed much larger than when she saw
Joseph making a woman out of Seremai.

Greta struggled to take all of him but take him she
did. Joseph pounded into the beautiful blonde wife with
all of the pent up emotions of a frustrated black man
in a white man's world. This was just retribution for
all those many years that his people were enslaved and
chained up as slave laborers while being treated worse
than a****ls.

The proud African warrior pounded into her aristocratic
English cunt like she had never been fucked before. Her
legs came up around his thrusting muscular black hips
and her slim ankles locked behind the small of his
powerful back urging him to greater heights as well as
deeper depths. His middle finger was slickened with
some of her own passionate love juices before finding
its way to her tiny nether region.

Greta gasped and squealed an orgasm as his finger
wormed its way into the deepest, darkest recesses of
her libido. The powerful African's tongue was in her
sweet mouth, his thick black cock was buried deeply
into her stretched pussy and his finger was snaking its
way deeper into her bowels. She felt so wicked. The
mighty African warrior would introduce this beautiful
little lamb to the pleasures of anal sex a little later
that night. Her screams of agony and passion could
almost wake the dead. Greta would never forget this


Douglas awoke the next morning, fresh from a wonderful
night of sl**p and lovemaking with his own beautiful
wife. Between the aphrodisiac and the new African
dildo, Greta had been a real tiger in bed last night.
He looked over at the wet spot that his own sperm had
made on the sheets as it leaked out of his wife's tight
little pussy and wondered where she was. Douglas went
on to the bathroom and figured that his wife must be in
the kitchen making his coffee before church.

A little later, Douglas strolled into the kitchen and
the wonderful smell of brewing coffee. Kenyan coffee
had a great aroma and an even better taste. It was the
dark roast kind that he and Greta really liked. He
would soon find out that his wife really, really liked
the 'dark' roast even more than he did. Thika, their
cook, not his wife, had ground and brewed the coffee
that he smelled.

"Have you seen Mrs. Stanford," he quizzically asked the

"No, Sah," she replied. "Maybe she went for an early
mornin' walk," the cook said in half-English, half-

After coffee and a delicious full English breakfast,
Douglas returned to his bedroom to dress for church
thinking that his wife would show up at any minute now
and quickly get ready to go to church with him.

Douglas was more than just a little annoyed at his
wife. She wasn't here and neither was his car. Joseph
knew to have the car ready to go at precisely ten-
thirty for the thirty minute drive to the church.
Douglas strolled over to the carriage house in back and
saw that the Jaguar was still there in the shed.

"That's strange," he thought to himself. Joseph was
seldom late. Douglas ought to have him whipped for this
untimely indiscretion. Now they would certainly be late
for church.

Douglas heard some noises coming from around the
corner. He stepped closer to the little hut's bedroom
window. The sounds were those distinctive to
lovemaking. Douglas laughed. "The ole boy must have
caught himself some pretty good pussy last night," he
said to himself as he peered into the open window. He
saw Joseph really putting it to an energetic white
woman who was clearly fucking him back. It still amazed
Douglas how large these African cocks could be. The
shape of the white woman beneath the thrusting African
looked strangely familiar. A sense of realization
flooded over him.

"Surely not," he hoped against hope. "That's not my
Greta beneath that rutting black bastard, is it?"

Out loud, he wailed, "Oh my Gawwwd. It is!"

Joseph turned at the sound of his white master's voice
but continued to fuck into the hungry pussy of his
white mistress. With those sparkling white teeth of
his, he grinned at his white boss. The white man's wife
was too far gone with lust to be able to recognize
anyone or anything. She just had to have that
unfulfilled itch of lust between her legs scratched
with Joseph's huge black prick.

Douglas watched in horror as his beautiful blonde wife
was being taken by the big-cocked African. He then
realized that Greta wasn't being ****d by this black
African b**st; she was a more than willing participant.
He had noticed earlier that the white woman was eagerly
fucking the well-hung African. Greta was craving his
big, black cock!

It didn't surprise him when his own dick got hard in
his trousers as he watched this highly erotic coupling
of black with white. He had imagined his wife with
Joseph on numerous occasions. Now it was really
happening and the image of wicked interracial sex was
burned into his mind and forever etched in his brain.
Douglas even slipped his hand in his pants to relieve
himself of the pressure from his own inflated dick.

Needless to say, Douglas skipped church that day as his
wife was already worshipping the 'God of the big
African Cock.'

That was the beginning of the end for the Happy Valley


It was later that afternoon, when a dazed Greta came
stumbling into the house from that den of inequity
called the carriage house. Her sheer robe was hanging
open exposing her mess of her pussy and her bruised
tits. Joseph's thick semen was running in gobs down her
bare thigh. It looked like his timid wife had been
fucked by thirty lusting sailors who had been at sea
for the last six months. Even as it was, Greta still
looked beautiful to him. She was still wearing the
expensive triple-strand pearl necklace he had given her
on their tenth wedding anniversary.

Douglas scooped up his spent and tired wife into his
arms and carried her into the bathroom. He ran a hot,
soapy bath for her in the tub as he lovingly cleansed
her sullied body. She was still sensitized from her
all-night African lovemaking episode and she orgasmed
when Douglas gently rubbed the sponge between her
still-aroused thighs.


When Douglas went on one of his next business trips, it
was now customary for Joseph to move into the house to
protect Greta. In the evenings after the cook and
servant had gone on to bed, the African guardian did
more than just guard the beautiful, blonde wife. Greta
could hardly walk the next day but she was getting more
use to Joseph's huge size.

Now, whenever Douglas and Greta met the Happy Valley
Set at Lake Naivasha Country Club for dinner and a
night of dancing, Douglas wondered how many of the
other aristocratic English wives had taken black lovers
on the side. It was Greta who even helped initiate some
of the prettier 'uninitiated' aristocratic white wives
get initiated.

At first Lady Diana had cuckolded her elderly husband
with many of the other good-looking Englishmen. She had
even seduced Douglas but that wasn't too hard to do. He
had been a pretty good fuck. There was a lot of wife
swapping and d**gs going in within the Happy Valley

Alice de Janze was an attractive American woman married
to an Englishman when they moved to Happy Valley. Along
with Greta and Lady Diana, she was also one of the
'darlings' of the Happy Valley Set as Alice had
probably fucked all of the men would could manage to
get his thing up. Remember, now, this was before the
dawning age of the little blue pill called, 'Viagra.'
There were a lot of love triangles involved with the
Happy Valley set and a tremendous amount of jealousy
existed amongst themselves. There were even a number of
secret parties where several of the well-endowed
African studs came to 'service' the wives while the
husbands watched and jerked off. Douglas and Greta had
even participated in a number of those parties. There
were plenty of d**gs and aphrodisiac to go around.

One too many jealousies must have occurred as the
dashing Josslyn Hay, the late twenty-second Earl of
Erroll, was found murdered one day. It was suspected
that Sir Jock Delves Broughton had gotten tired of the
Earl of Erroll taking Lady Diana for granted as his bed
partner. There was a lot of confusion surrounding the
police investigation but it was determined that Sir
Jock's pistol had been used in the murder of the
famously now not so lucky Earl.

It was the jealous husband theory but in effect,
everyone knew that Lady Diana was trying her damnest to
keep up with Alice de Janze and the number of different
men that she bedded. Both Lady Diana and Alice de Janze
had many African lovers as well and it was rumored that
one of the local African chieftains didn't like the
pompous twenty-second Earl of Erroll interfering with
his bedding of Lady Diana and Alice de Janze.

It was also rumored that the highly jealous and
possessive African Chieftain, Waruhui Itote, shot the
bastard Earl with Sir Jock's stolen pistol.
Fortunately, Sir Jock was acquitted of the Earl's
murder and the African chieftain continued to get his
fill of lovely white aristocratic ladies to include, on
occasion, the ever so lovely Mrs. Greta Stanford.
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