My Bavarian Holiday Ch. 01

I decided to have my summer vacation in the Bavarian Lake District. It was early June, before the f****y herds take their vacations. Searching the Web, I finally made a reservation for a single room in a f****y pension in a small town on Tegernsee Lake south of Munich. What caught my attention was the relatively modest room price, while having a free use of the sauna space, warm water pool and a gym room.

The room wasn't big but had a comfortable double bed and a TV set, so a single man like me won't get too lonely in the evenings. After settling in the room I entered the toilettes and was surprised to see there was no shower enclosed. I was confused and frankly even irritated. When I reserved the room on the internet, I was sure my room had an enclosed shower. I went down to the small reception to ask Mrs. Braun about how on earth should I shower. She told me empathically that all the single rooms in her pension do not have a shower enclosed and that is clearly stated in the online reservation form. She also added that this is very common in f****y pensions all over Germany and I should remember that for my future visits. I apologized for not paying attention to the little details. Nodding her head in sympathy she said that all her single guests use the shower next to the swimming pool, which is accessible 24 hours a day, and none of them have ever expressed any inconvenience.

"Most of my guests, men and women, find it a refreshing experience to shower by the pool", she added with a wink. "Besides, the sauna is mixed for man and women and. There are no c***dren staying in the pension at this time of the year, so you can have more freedom while you shower and use the pool. If you need anything else, I'll be very glad to help. I truly believe you'll enjoy your stay with us. You'll find it a very friendly place," she added with a mischievous smile.

Thinking about it, I came to the conclusion that this mishap should not ruin my vacation. I would probably use the sauna every day after my cycling anyhow, so having a shower in my room was not an absolute must for me.

Full of optimism I rode my bicycle around the lake, which looked like it was taken out of a beautiful postcard. I stopped for a pot of coffee and a cheese cake at a lakeside cafe in the village. At a nearby table I spotted a good looking woman, that for some reason, I kept staring at. She caught me staring, but instead of showing signs of being offended, she gave me a little smile as if telling me I was caught off guard, but that it was OK with her.

Coming back from the ride, I decided to take a sauna instead of just having a shower. I disrobed my sweaty cycling cloths, put on my bathrobe, took a large sauna towel and went downstairs to the sauna. The sauna and pool where in a separate wing and you had to walk along the pool to enter the sauna complex. The sauna complex had enclosed

showers, one dry heat sauna, one steam room and a relaxation area with reclining sun beds; the small gym could be entered through the relaxation area. There were two couples in the sauna relaxation space and a few more by the pool. They all greeted me "Good Evening" when I entered as is the norm in Germany. I politely returned the courtesy.

I went to the communal showers. I took my robe off, hanged it on the outside wall hanger and stepped into the shower room to wash myself as a preparation for the sauna session. There was a naked woman already showering and I joined her in a nearby shower head. We greeted each other good evening and I tried to steal some glances at her

nakedness without being too obvious. She seemed in her early forties, her height about cm165, short brown hair, green eyes, smooth skin, an all over tan and nice medium sized perky breasts with long hard nipples, each of them having a piercing of a gold ring. Her belly was flat with tight muscles. She had absolutely no body hair, so her clitoral hood ring had no place to hide, exposing a swollen clit and puffy pussy lips.

Her body was well toned with absolutely no excess fat. She had nice muscular body like she was practicing a lot of gymnastics or athletics. Just the way I prefer my women.

When I lifted my eyes so as not to be caught staring too obviously at her naked body, I met her smiling look. My first feeling was of misbehaving myself by staring too long, but there

was no irritation in her eyes, only warm and welcoming smiling look that searched my eyes. Her gaze travelled down my body not trying to hide her interest in my nakedness.

That smile rang a bell. Could she be the lady I saw at the cafe by the lake?

"I'm sorry if I embarrassed you by staring at your naked body, but you are such an attractive lady. Besides, I like the way your jewels are hanging, so I was carried away." I complemented her. "By the way, were you having coffee by the lake this afternoon?" I asked.

"Ah-Haa, so you are the cyclist who was staring at me. I'm sorry I didn't recognize you without your clothes on. Speaking about jewels, is there any use in decorating myself with body jewelry, if nobody can see them? My name is Hanna, nice to meet you and thank you for the complements." She said, looking into my eyes.

"My name is Dan, nice to meet you too. I also didn't recognize you without your clothes on." I said.

"You are very attractive to watch and I do like your jewelry as well." Hanna said.

"Thank you for the complement." I said.

I should have described myself earlier. I am 45 years old, cm 178 tall, short smooth brown hair graying at the temples, green eyes, nicely toned body due to swimming, cycling and bodywork that I do six days a week. I certainly don't look like a Greek god, but women of wide age range tend to show interest in me. I am a smoothy (I took the laser treatment several years ago and love the feeling of no body hair). I permanently wear a titanium cock ring at the base of my cock, which keeps it a bit engorged and makes my cock look nicer and bigger. On top of the cock ring there's a small snake head that stimulates my lover's clit when in contact; that is when I have one of course. I am tanned all over, having absolutely no tan lines, due to many hours of nude swimming and tanning under the Mediterranean sunny skies. Not too bad for an ageing guy like me.

We entered the dimly lit sauna and the heat welcomed us. There was nobody inside. We spread our towels and settled on the top bench, sitting with our legs lying straight on the bench and our backs leaning against the sauna walls, facing each other. We stared at each other bodies for a moment. Hanna's gaze focused on my genitals and my cock reacted to her gaze and rose to half mast. She lowered her left leg to the lower bench, and bent her right leg at the knee, leaning it against the sauna wall, exposing her pink pussy to my view. I could see she was already glistening down there. She started opening and closing her thighs. After a short while she dipped two fingers in her cunt, pulled

them out to start massaging her clit slowly, stretching her hood by pulling the ring upwards once in a while. Her right hand cupped her left tit raising it to meet her tongue which started slow wet circles on the areola, stopping once in a while to bite gently on the nipple. Her eyes were focused on my cock, which by now stiffened into full erection. I was massaging my balls and fondled my cock, following the same slow pace she took in caressing her labia, dipping a finger now and then to lubricate her way up and down her slit. Hanna made her fingers travel a longer way stopping to massage her anal orofice at one end, dipping a finger inside, then sliding her finger all the way back to circle her clit and pull on the ring. The heat made us sweat uncontrollably and hastened our pulse. I moved my right hand to massage my prostate behind my balls, leaving my left hand to work on my red hot erection, up and down, and then circling my cock head to get extra stimulation. The atmosphere was electrified. I would soon be approaching my point of no return and Hanna was panting hard as well getting close to her own blissful release. Breathing got harder and harder also because of the heat and for sure we could not stay inside for long. We had to climax soon.

Then I heard the noise. There were people talking out of the sauna.

"Stop!" I ordered Hanna.

She pulled her hands off her pussy and tit at once and raised her left leg back to the upper bench trying to look innocent. I put both my legs on the upper bench bent at the knees holding them together with both my hands, hoping to hide my raging hard on from being spotted by the entering people.

An elderly nude couple entered the sauna and took their seats across us, submitting their naked bodies to the heat. They didn't seem to be aware of our sexy show they just brought to an end so suddenly.

I tried to plan my way out without exposing my erection. Nudity is accepted in a sauna, overt sexuality is a totally different issue even in a nude tolerant society like the German society is. I looked at Hanna, searching for a solution. She gave me a little knowing, supporting smile shrugging her shoulders, still breathing hard, which I hoped could be attributed to the heat by the new comers. There was no way my erection would subside with my cock ring blocking the bl**d flow out of my cock.

After a while, when I couldn't bear the heat anymore, I asked Hannah: "Shall we go out?" Hoping she understood my fully erect and pulsing problem. She nodded affirmatively.

I tried to cover myself with my towel before stepping down, but I couldn't get the towel to wrap fully around my waist without sitting straight first. Hanna already stepped down and let her towel hang on her shoulder. She came and stood facing me with her back to the other couple. I was relieved she understood my problem and came to save me from a big embarrassment. She outreached both her hands to help me get off the bench, while hiding me from the other couple's view. I held her hands and stepped down. When I

stood on the floor Hanna moved suddenly sideways to grab my towel from the bench, exposing me and my raging hard on, which was pointing upwards and towards the other couple. I saw the elderly woman instinctively droping her jaw wide open in disbelief and her husband staring at me as well in a shocked surprise. Hanna handed me the towel

in a most innocent and casual move, like nothing had happened that was out of the norm. I quickly covered myself with the towel, but owning a long fat cock, fully erect, needed a better cover than just a towel to hide behind it.

I went out quickly followed by Hanna, but to my horror the situation had just worsened. In the shower space was another nude couple, taking a shower prior to entering the sauna. My face was already hot red from the sauna and the sexual excitement, but was turning beet purple now. There was no escape. I had to hang my towel out of the shower and step totally naked into the cold jet. I stepped, more accurately, jumped, into the freezing water jet, hoping the freezing water will shrink my erection. The couple, couldn't stop staring at my cock, till I turned my back to them and faced the freezing water jet. It all took no more than a couple of seconds, but it felt like eternity to me. I wished the ground would open and swallow me. I had never been so embarrassed and helpless in public. My cock started to twitch as if I was going to ejaculate right then in front of this couple, whom I'll probably have to face tomorrow morning in the breakfast room.

There was no refuge. The embarrassment didn't cure me of my erection. On the contrary, it sent an electrifying wave of new sexual excitement through my body, something that was a new experience to me. I knew till then that I like to expose my nude body and that it thrilled me, but I didn't know that the excitement and sexual thrill could be that strong.

The couple, perplexed as well, not knowing how to react, had cut short their shower and went quickly into the sauna, saying nothing but their eyes full of awe and amazement of what they have just witnessed.

As the couple was stepping out of the shower, Hanna came in, but instead of using another cold jet, she joined me in my shower to chill her steaming body. She hugged me from behind under the water. Finally we were alone again.

"I thought there is an international pact against using unconventional weapons. This monster of yours indeed got out of hand and scared the old lady inside." She said with semi serious tone. While she was speaking, I felt her hand slipping down and under the crack of my ass to cup my balls, while her other got hold of my erect cock, which was literally getting out of her hand.

"I guess you exposed me on purpose didn't you? I need to cool down soon, or they'll throw me out of this hotel." I said.

"A pity, I just got to like the feel of your cock in my hand. Isn't it exciting that we might get caught any moment; playing forbidden games in public. I felt that exposing your hard cock would excite you tremendously. Now, don't tell me you haven't enjoyed it. Your cock just got stiffer." She said softly in my ear.

"I think we should go swimming in the pool, so I'll get a chance to shrink my cock at least part way. I cannot lie down in my condition in the relaxation area. It's just too risky." I told Hanna.

"I did not bring my bikini with me down here." She answered.

"So did I, but the owner, Mrs. Braun, had told me earlier, that since there are no c***dren in the pension, I can use the pool and the shower by the pool more freely, as she had put it. She didn't explain what exactly freely means, but since, all the people in the sauna are nude anyway, we'll have a reasonable explanation, if one of the guests complains on our nude swimming." I reasoned.

"We, Germans, have many unwritten rules that we follow obediently. One is expected to take a sauna being nude even in a "gemischt" (mixed sexes) sauna, as you know by now. Once you get out of the sauna and go to the swimming pool, with the same people you were nude with just a moment ago; you are expected to wear a swimwear. But I would give it a try, especially if we can claim this is what we undersrood from Mrs. Braun." Hanna said.

I made sure there was nobody on my way to my bathrobe, put it on and walked with Hanna to the pool space. It was empty. We stripped our robes off and jumped naked into the water. Hanna was a very good swimmer and I enjoyed doing some laps with her, hoping I'll be able to reduce my erection to a non provocative state. Hanna seemed to cooperate with me. Though swimming naked, especially while having an erection, can be highly erotic by itself, it did help this time. Though my cock was still quite engorged, it wasn't rock hard, so it could pass as non provocative, should I get exposed again to the guests' view.

We stopped swimming laps and stood chatting in the water. I couldn't resist the temptation and lightly played with Hanna's left nipple and piercing. Her nipple was already hard, but got harder when I touched it. I lowered my other hand caressing her belly till I got hold of her clit ring, which I started to play with, causing a change in the mimics of Hanna's face. I pushed her to a corner of the pool that would give us a little shelter and time to react, should people come in for a swim or just pass by the pool on their way out. I continued playing with her clit ring for a while and then slowly introduced my ring finger to massage her internally while still playing with her clit. Despite the diluting effect of the water, she was sleek inside and I continued my gentle caress of her G spot which got harder the more I massaged it.

Hannah was not passive either and helped herself to my cock. She wrapped her palms around it, as if measuring my girth, then explored my cock ring, especially the tiny snake head casted and soldered to the ring. She used her finger tips to explore the texture of my cock, savoring every vein and every skin fold encountered on their passage. Her fingers took special care to study very thoroughly the margins of my glans, giving even more special attention to the sensitive recess at the bottom side of my cock's head. She

slid her fingers to my cock's eye, being very gentle not to over stimulate me. She then sent one hand to explore my balls that tightened at her touch.

"I never had a circumcised lover before," she said. "I like the way it feels in my hands. I would love to feel your cock inside me." She said with obvious signs of her building excitement.

Hanna held herself with her hands on the pool scuppers and wrapped her thighs around my waist.

"Please fuck me." She said.

I cupped her muscular ass with my hands and started to search for her cunt with my cock head. Once I slid in just the head, she ordered me not to move any more.

"If people come in, they may notice we are naked, but it won't be obvious we are having sex." She explained.

I nodded in approval. Hanna started to work on my cock head with her cunt muscles. She began by massaging only the glans, which sent waves right to my brain. Her control of her cunt muscles was impressive. It felt like a gentle hand squeezing only my cock head in different directions, alternating the strength of her squeeze. Her cunt established a kinetic dialogue with my cock head. At that point my cock stiffened to full hardness and without moving my body, I started to inflate its head synchronically in response to her muscle movements.

Then there was a change in her muscle work. I started to feel my cock being driven into her love box by peristaltic, milking like, movements of her inner muscles on my cock, which was being sucked slowly deep into her. Once she engulfed my whole shaft inside, I came in touch with her womb opening and my snake head pressed on her clit, she started to work her cunt muscles in her wonderful milking movements alternating directions. I was actually fucking her passively without controlling my penetration. I was breathing hard by now, trying to answer each of her squeezes with one jerk of my cock. I watched the effect it did have on Hanna. Her eyes were widening during each jerk and she moaned loudly each time I jerked my cock deep inside her.

We could continue this way for a long time, but the risk of being disclosed by the two couples we met in the sauna had a double effect on me; There was this fear of what shall we do if they catch us fucking in the pool, but on the other hand It created an enormous excitement that was building me faster towards my climax.

I introduced my right ring finger into her ass hole slowly and started finger fucking her ass slowly in a steady pace. My left thumb and index fingers were meanwhile taking good care of her clit, wanking it by pulling on her clit ring and touching her now stiffened clit. Hannah was biting her lower lip to remain silent and in no time I felt her strong thighs locking me like a vise grip. Her cunt muscles started a chaotic spasm of its own and her face contorted in her sweet agonizing ecstasy. Once she partly relaxed I started slamming my cock hard into her quickening my pace till I felt my cock getting its extra stiffening, telling me it's my turn now. I came hard inside her, flooding her cunt with my semen spurt after spurt.

Still hard inside her; her thighs still around my waist, I drew myself nearer and hugged and kissed each other for the first time. I liked the feel of her body wrapped around me.

Her kiss and embrace were demanding and promising and we savored each other quiettly.

We heard people talking; the glass door to the pool opened and the two couples, who we met at the sauna, were passing by the pool wearing their bathrobes on their way to their rooms. Still embracing each other we wished them a pleasant evening. They returned the courtesy smiling when they saw our nudity, not showing any signs of their former shocked reaction.

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good story. maybe the next day a couple joins you 2.