A night at work

Many years back I worked security in a night club and during the week they always did little things to get peole in during the week. It was a Tuesday night nothing really goes on in this small town durning the weekend. So the owners decided with a radio station to do a karaoke competition and just my luck I was stuck working. So the night went well and around 11 pm the competition was over. A large group of peolpe stayed as I was talking with a regular from the bar this cute little chubby girl come up to me and asked if she could by me a drink. She had to be 5'4" sand blonde hair maybe 190 pounds nice sized breast. I told her ill buy her a drink and we went to play a little pool by now the was only about 15 people left. We talked about nothing really and she was flirting with me like mad. Its was time to shut the bar down and she waitied for me and i walked her to her car we made out a little and she said it was to early to call it a night and wanted to go down by the lake so I agreed and she jumped in her car and i jumped on my harley and off we went. When you got there the was some kissing anf feeling going on. She dropped to her knees pulled my cock out and stated sucking it taking more and more down here throat. After a few minutes she jumped up and pulled here shirt off and i attacted those tits kissing them bitting the nipples as i slide my hand in her pants to her wet pussy. As i sk** my hand lower she had trimmed soft blonde pussy hair and shaved lips.Her pussy was so wet and tight as i slide a finger deep in her after teasing her clit for a little while she beged to fuck. She stripped naked pushed me to a near by bench and climped on my lap grinding her pussy on my cock getting it wet with her pussy as we made out. Finally she reached down grabbed my cock and slide it into her tight pussy we fucked like that for 45 minutes under the moon and stars till i couldnt take it and I cummed deep in her pussy by this time she was like a rag doll in my hands covered in sweat and panting. She fell on my chest and drifted to sl**p for about 20 minutes. I woke her up bent her over the bench and fucked her from behind after my second nut her pussy ate up she said she had to go she took my number and left in a hurry.she called me the next morning and asked if she could come over for alittle while I said sure door will be on locked ill be in the shower as i was finishing up she opened the shower door butt naked and climbed in with me. I washed her beautiful body kissing her all over we finished the shower and right to the bed we went. I started kissing her body till my face was where I wanted to be as I licked her clit with to fingers in her pussy I had her cummimg in no time but the best had to be when she grabbed my head in her hands started shaking and squirted all over me and the bed. After she got off she she pulled me up on her and asked if I would fill her pussy with my cock and feel her pussy full of cum. I grabbed the base of my cock slide it up and down her slit afew times than slide it home. We fucked for about forty five minutes. She looked at the clock and said she has a half hour before she had to leave she said fuck me doggy so i jumped off her she got on her hands and kneesas i started to slide into her pussy she pulled forward and said the other hole baby i grabbed some lube and rubbed it in her ass pointed my cock to it grabbed her hip with one hand and she pushed back I thought her pussy was tight. I was sure I would get in her ass but with one shove back from her I was all the way in. I slowly started to fuck her as as she rubbed her clit she looked over her shoulder and said man up and own that ass that was enough for me a grabbed a hand full of hair and pounded her ass as fast and as hard as I could in no time flat she was cummimng for me. I told her i was about to cum she said slam it in her pussy and fill her pussy full of my baby making juice as i slammed her pussy and fired load after load in her she started squirting again it felt like a fire hose was let loose on me. She looked at me said she needs to grab a quick shower and she has to go. After her shower she came gave me a kiss asked if i worked that night i said yes ans she said than she you later stud and walked out the door. That night at the bar i was in the office and seen here on the security system with a four grils and three guys. After I finished up in the office I headed to the back door to talk to one of my security guys she walked by and ran her hand over my chest and said hi stud jerry just shook his head. She came out of the restroom and said I have something for you and put her panties in my hand she leand up kissed me and grabbed my hand and said you have to meet my friends she she told me their name and mine to them she came to the last guy and said this is my hubby. He said thanks for looking out for her last night she told me she had to much to drink and couldnt drive so you tooker to the dinner for coffee and to eat me and the k**s are glad we have someone to keep or wife and mom safe.

this was my first story so have a little mercy
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1 year ago
great story waitin on next
2 years ago
Nice story