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Something about spending time on a hot, secluded beach made Jack wonder if there would be enough time for both he and Jen to get in one last romantic memory before he had to return to San Francisco. Leafing through the color brochure he’d found at the hotel, one page caught his attention.

“Afternoon in Paradise” was how it began. “Imagine you and your sweetheart being whisked away to a private tropical paradise. Enjoy your privacy on a special hidden beach with a basket of delicacies and vintage champagne.” Jack didn’t have to read any further. This was the memory he’d been waiting to make with Jen. The mere thought of her fabulous legs glistening with oil under a hot, tropical sun was already beginning to get him hard.

He flipped open his cell phone and speed dialed her number. In an instant, he heard her voice. “Hey, baby,” Jack asked, “where are you right now?” Jen answered in a hurried voice, “I’m just grabbing some souvenirs to take back to Houston. I know we only have a day or two left and I wanted to make sure I didn’t forget anyone.”

Jack smiled to himself. It was so like Jen to be in the middle of an island paradise and still be thinking of everyone but herself. He brought the phone closer to his mouth. “Hmmm, can you make it back here right away? I have a special surprise for you, but you have to be back here in thirty minutes.”

“Is everything alright?” Jen asked. “Everything’s fine,” assured Jack. “But if you don’t get back here in time, you’re going to miss the high point of our trip. I’ll see you here in a half hour.”

It was less than twenty minutes before Jen came floating through the hotel lobby. Wearing a lacy white sun dress, she looked especially sexy. Jack watched her from afar, her beautiful red hair set against her luscious, firm breasts. Her waist tightly wrapped and just begging for his arms to wrap themselves around it. Traffic seemed to stop when she crossed the room to greet him. She looked at him with her adoring hazel eyes and asked, “I’m here. What’s the rush?”

Jack grabbed her hand and led her to the concierge’s desk. “Two for the Hideaway Fantasy, please.” The concierge smiled knowingly and began writing up the paperwork, “You two are lucky,” he laughed. “We just had a cancellation. Our limousine will take you to the pier where you can board immediately.”

Jen was beginning to get a little nervous. “Jack,” she began, “I can’t just go like this without my bag. Let me at least get to the room.” “No time,” he answered.

“I’m afraid he’s right, mum,” piped in the limousine driver. “If we don’t move now, you’ll miss the excursion completely.”

“Come on,” Jack grinned. “Where’s your sense of adventure?” With that, they jumped into the limousine and header to the harbor. The driver was right. They arrived just as the gangplank to the yacht was being readied for departure. The driver honked the horn, waving at the crewman, who held the gangplank in place.

Jack tossed the driver a twenty dollar bill and thanked him for getting them there on time. It was just past noon. They climbed aboard the yacht, helped along by the friendly crewman, who ushered them in to the main cabin. As Jack followed her in, he couldn’t help thinking to himself, “In just a few hours, I’ll take her to a place she’s never even dreamed of!”

The main cabin was paneled in shiny, fine oak, furnished with lush green carpet and heavy leather chairs. In the middle stood a round oak table, laid out with a sumptuous buffet of fruits, caviar, sweets and champagne. “Enjoy yourself,” winked the crewman, “We should be there in thirty minutes or less.” Then he shut the door, leaving the two of them alone.

“You know,” started Jen as she sipped her champagne, “I have a very funny feeling that you’re up to something very, very naughty.” As she felt the champagne lighten her head, she bit her lower lip in that sexy way she had whenever she was feeling horny. Maybe it was the suddenness of the trip, or the caviar, or the champagne, but for some reason she couldn’t stop thinking about Jack’s wonderful abs. She began to tingle all over.

Jack could see the champagne was having an effect and began to chuckle. “Me?” he teased, “What could I possibly be up to? I’m such a warm-hearted, sincere person! I just thought you’d want to enjoy a little side trip before we headed home, that’s all. Someplace we’ve never been before.”

Jen sensually rolled a fat strawberry along her lower lip and stared directly into Jack’s sparkling blue eyes. “And just where are we going on this little side trip?” she purred. Jack looked down at the front of her sun dress. Her round, full breasts were practically bursting out; her nipples were clearly hardening. She wiggled over to him put her warm, soft hand between his legs. She could feel him getting hard.

“Well,” he slowly began, “let’s just say we’re going to a place we’ve talked about going, but have never been to.” “And where might that be?” she whispered, wrapping her smooth, slender arm around his neck and licking his lips with the tip of her tongue. Jack began kissing her, and then pulled away slightly. He whispered into her ear, “That’s for me to know and you to find out!”

A knock on the door interrupted them. “Jack? Jen? We’re just about ready to dock. You two may want to gather your things.” The yacht’s engines quieted to a murmur. Within a few minutes, the slight bump signaled that they had arrived. “We’re here,” smiled Jack with a lascivious grin.

Strolling down the gangplank, Jen couldn’t believe her eyes. They had docked on a tiny, isolated island. Before her was a white stretch of beach, entirely surrounded by lush, green bushes and tall, leafy trees. Bright red and pink flowers danced in the breeze. A strong fragrance of raspberry hung in the thick, tropical air as it blew through her wild red hair. The first mate handed Jack a large wicker basket, then made his way back up the gangplank. Turning to them, he saluted and smiled, “It’s one o-clock now. We’ll be back at five to pick you up. Enjoy yourselves!”

As the yacht cruised out of view, it occurred to Jen that being alone on a deserted tropical island with Jack had been one of her long time wishes. She watched him as he opened the large basket, his muscular, bronzed arms rippling as he pulled out two oversized beach towels. Each was one inch thick, soft white terrycloth. Spread out on the hot sand before them, the towels provided them ample room to lie down and have lunch.

“Wow,” marveled Jen as she watched him unload the basket. “They’ve thought of everything!” “Oh, yeah,” laughed Jack as he pulled out more packages and laid them out before her. “Check this out: Fish Tacos and Tequila for you….and Sushi and Sparkling Water for me!”

Jumping up with excitement, Jen peered into the basket, only to quietly comment, “They’ve thought of everything….except….” “Except what?” grinned Jack. “Except for swim suits!” she exclaimed. Reaching around her from behind, he whispered in her ear once more: “Baby, there’s nobody else around for miles. Nobody else on this whole island. Just wear the suit you were born with!”

She turned to face him. “You think of everything, don’t you?” “Well, I thought of one thing, for sure,” he assured her, “I brought plenty of tanning oil.” He put his arms around her waist, let his hands drop and began rubbing her firm, round buttocks. As he kissed her neck, his hands unfastened the buttons on the back of her sun dress, allowing it to drop to the sand.

Jen was wearing nothing but her thong, which showcased her magnificently strong, shapely legs. She stepped back from Jack, shimmied out of her thong and lay back on the soft beach towel. She uncapped the tanning oil and began rubbing it all over her, taking special care to give her legs a sexy, slippery shine. “Aren’t you going to do my back?” she teased.

Jack slipped off his clothes, too, peeling off his Pink button down and kneeling on the towel beside her. He felt like a true islander, totally naked in paradise. As he took the bottle of tanning oil from her, he began to pour some oil on her back. Suddenly he felt himself grow harder. The vision of Jen lying on the towel all shiny and oiled might have been enough to engorge his cock, but now he could feel Jen’s tongue running along his shaft. Caught by surprise, Jack remained frozen on his knees, as Jen’s soft, ruby lips devoured him. Up and down, back and forth, she moved even closer to him, grabbing his ass and pulling his rod deeply down into her throat.

The site of Jen’s gleaming ass cheeks, coupled with her moaning and sucking caused Jack to roll his eyes backward. Oddly, it seemed that the more she sucked him, the more excited she became. Drawing him inward once more, Jack could not only feel the tip of his cock on the back of her throat, but her tongue extending forward to swathe each of his balls, wetting them even more.

Jack pulled out of her mouth to find himself bigger and harder than he’d ever been. He stood up to re-position himself behind her, kneeling betweenJen’s legs, which were now spread wide apart. From his vantage point, he could see each firm, flawless thigh leading to her beautifully-shaven pussy, which was already soaked and swollen. Above that, he spied her deliciously tight little asshole and licked his lips.

“Let me get your back,” Jack offered, as he poured the tanning oil into the palm of his hand. Spreading a sheen of oil across her lower back, he slowly made his way down to her two round buttocks. Kneading them like two soft, slippery orbs, he felt his fingers slip between them, Jen moaning softly as she felt the oil tickling her, dripping down into the crack of her ass.

With one hand he put down the bottle of tanning oil on the beach towel. With the other, he reached between her ass cheeks and inserted his long, massive fingers into Jen’s pussy, taking care to place his oily thumb directly on to her asshole. His fingers glided into her pussy with graceful ease, as if it were a warm, wet, well-fitting glove. Moving them in and out, Jack could feel her tensing up, then relaxing, again and again. He looked up at Jen’s face to find her biting on the terrycloth towel. She was ready.

Still kneeling behind her, Jack moved closer toward her gleaming, waiting pussy and placed a massive hand under each of her thighs. Pulling her up and backward, he watched as her pussy lips parted in front of him, inviting his cock to probe its welcoming warmth. Jack’s cock needed no guidance. He placed the tip of it on to her oil-covered clitoris and lightly began rubbing against it. Jen let out a low whimper of delight.

Very slowly, very deliberately, Jack pushed his cock into her pussy. The gushing of her juices was barely audible over the whispering of the tropical breeze. Only halfway in, Jen could feel his immense, hardened cock driving a wedge within her. Moving deeper, she could feel herself straining to envelope Jack’s massive, rock-hard manhood. She began to relax, enjoying the friction of his movement against the engorged walls of her love hole. With each grind of her hips, Jack moved in a little deeper, grunting with pleasure, sighing with delight.

His hands now firmly clenching each ass cheek, Jack began pulling Jen’s ass toward him with increasing rhythm. Plunging deeply with each stroke, she was taking all of him in every time, her rump bumping up against his abdomen as if she were wishing she could consume even more of him. She was moving faster, too. The harder she pushed, the more friction she desired.

The two of them were moving in perfect unison, slamming into each other with loving frenzy and divine passion that increased with successive thrust. Jack pounded her harder. Faster. Deeper than ever before. Jen tossed back her wild red hair and shot a glance over her shoulder directly into Jack’s wild blue eyes. “It’s now,” she seemed to be telling him. “I’m going to come right now!”

Still on all fours, she bucked her hips furiously. As Jack pumped her, he could feel her pussy tightening around his thick, concrete cock. She was out of control now, screaming to the wind for anyone to hear, although nobody but Jack actually could.

Then she came. And came again. And came one more time. But surprisingly, Jack did not.

As Jen lay on the towel panting to catch her breath, she attempted to stretch her legs out straight. Jack was having none of it. “Was that good, baby?” he asked her tenderly. “Mmmm,” she purred. “Well,” he started, “I promised you we’d go someplace we’d never been to before. I think now’s the time.”

Jen sl**pily felt Jack lift her buttocks once more. Grabbing the bottle of tanning oil, he poured some directly on to her asshole and began massaging it. At first touch, Jen was startled a bit. But being so relaxed made his massage that much more pleasurable. If he were going to fuck her in the ass, he was right. This was the perfect time to try it.

Jen said nothing as she pressed her breasts against the beach towel and thrust her asshole as high into the air as she could. She wanted Jack to see it. She wanted him, and only him, to have it. Jack was silent, too, adding more oil and probing her sweet, tight asshole more deeply, each time slightly widening it until his two fingers slid comfortably and easily to the hilt.

Almost without thinking, Jen reached between her legs, massaging her already swollen clitoris. Jack’s oiled up erection moved closer to her ass. He knew he would have to move slowly and gently, easing his way in. He squeezed more oil into her ass and then pushed forward. Jen let out a gasp. Nothing had ever felt like this before. He pushed in a bit farther. She closed her eyes, experiencing a whole new feeling of fullness in a whole new place. It was both fabulous and forbidden at the same time!

Jack pulled back, allowing some more of the oil to seep in. Then he pushed in a little more. A little deeper. He pulled back, then deeper in. Within minutes, he was all the way inside her, moving back and forth with a slow, slippery glide that sent both their heads spinning.

Jen’s oil-covered fingers were grinding against her clit, sending her into fits of physical frenzy. The faster she moved, the harder Jack stroked, the smooth gliding rhythm erupting into a harder hammering. She rocked back and forth, ass spread wide open, engulfing his cock with every stroke. He rammed her again and again.

Far inside her ass, he felt a sudden surge of energy in his pelvis. This was it for him, he thought. He was thinking it. But it was Jen who shouted it:

“I want you to come in my ass!” she cried.

One more thrust and Jack exploded, flooding her with a torrent of hot steamy love that filled her beyond her capacity, overflowing and spilling down each of her legs. Jack struggled to control the intense spasms that overtook him. As they eventually subsided, both rolled on to their sides, recovering from their escapade, desperately trying to catch their breaths.

After a few minutes, Jen rolled over to face Jack. She looked deeply and thoughtfully at him. “You know,” she said, “when you told me you’d take me to a place we’d never been, I knew you weren’t talking about this island.”

Jack shot back a sl**py grin. “Well, I wanted to give you something to remember our time together here.” Then he kissed her smack on the nose and added, “and a shot glass with a hula girl on it just didn’t seem to cut it.”

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nice, i got horny
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that was so romantic, sensual and erotic too