Daddy John and Me Part 2

John continues to rub my leg and every time getting closer to my pussy lips. Softly feeling his finger tips touching my bikini bottoms between my legs. I am getting so wet I love how he is teasing me. This is very exciting and new for all of us to be exploring.
Daddy is so hard in his pants. I can feel him shifting his hips. I look up at him and say, "wow daddy are you turned on?"
"Yes baby, Can you pull out what's in my pants and suck on it like a popsicle?"
Thinking to myself oh fuck yea I really want to.
I undo his pants and with timid hands pull out his hard, smooth cock. About 7 inches and thick. I didn't know he would be this big.
His body is overwhelmed with pleasure as I begin touching and stroking him.
He keeps thinking he shouldn’t be doing this. And looks at John stroking his cock and now rubbing my pussy as I lay on my stomach. Which turns him on even more.
He could cum in a second but wants to see how far we will all go.
“Is this what you do at college sweetie?” He asks.
“No daddy I’m a good girl you know I only had the one boyfriend.”
John feels how wet my bottoms are and slowly pushes his finger tips under them feeling my smooth flesh and finds my wet slit.
Teasing my clit and moves to my tight, slippery hole.
It’s been a while since me and my boyfriend were together so I’m very tight and can’t wait for him to start fingering me.
Wiggling my hips and finally his finger pushes inside my little pussy. John moans at the warm inviting feeling inside me.
I plunge my mouth on daddy’s cock. The taste of his precum is actually sweet. He moans saying, “that’s it honey, oh yes your mouth feels wonderful, keep going you’re such a good girl for daddy.”
John is really jerking his cock and he starts banging my wet pussy faster and pushing on my g-spot. I feel the pressure building as I devour my daddy’s shaft. Sucking up hard and sensually pushing my tongue swirling it around.
Stopping me for a minute to take off his pants.
Exposing his smooth shaved balls and he asks me to rub on them as I’m sucking.
Taking his soft balls in my hand and playing with them while my mouth and other hand stroke and suck his throbbing manhood.
John starts to move my bikini bottoms down and taking them off. Daddy removes my top so my perky B cup breasts are available to play with.
John kisses my round firm ass cheeks and spreading them to see my tight little holes.
His mouth is watering and leaning down he begins licking my asshole and pussy. Such a sweet, fresh twat. Smelling of innocence and flowers he licks my cunt. I’m like a daughter to him since he practically helped raise me he never thought he would be licking such a tight little pussy with smooth pink lips and flesh.
My clit is getting swollen and hard and he lifts up my ass a little so he can suck on it. Moaning with daddy in my mouth.

Daddy asks me to lick his ass too. I want to make him happy so I do and he is hornier than he’s ever been.
My tongue is warm and slippery and I push it in a little but he is so tight. “ Baby will you finger daddy? It would mean a lot to me. You’re doing great I love you so much.”
I rub my middle finger over his tiny man hole and slowly push it in. “Like this daddy?”
Moaning and consumed with pleasure daddy replies, “yes baby girl like that, keep going it feels so good!”
John wants his ass played with too. He always thought my daddy was a good looking guy and sometimes fantasized about a three-sum like this. He would want to fool around with him just to see what it was like. He knew he wasn’t gay but with us he just feels so vulnerable and free.
So he moved his body so he was on the other side of me close to my daddy.
With a shy but firm grip he began touching daddy’s leg and my hair at the same time. Still sucking and fingering daddy’s asshole I feel John pushing down a on my head and I start gagging on daddy.
John leans over and licks daddy’s nipple.
My daddy wasn’t gay either but he thought since he was so horny that he would do just about anything right now.
He embraced and welcomed the feeling of Johns lips and tongue as he also felt a gentle tug and bite which was amazing.

John takes my dads hand and puts it on his beautiful, long, manly cock.
I was kind of shocked what was going on but this whole thing is weird so it turned me on as well.
Daddy is stroking his friends cock and squeezes his balls.
Stroking up and down and moves his fingers to his asshole.
Knowing how much it feels good to him he thought John would like it as well.
Moaning as daddy starts to finger his ass, John grabs his cock and starts jerking. Putting it close to my mouth so I will suck him too.
I put his cock in my mouth and his precum is more salty.
Taking turns sucking on both of their throbbing dicks.
My mouth barely fits around them but I do the best I can.
John looks at daddy and says, “This feels amazing I want to do everything with both of you.”
Daddy nods in agreement and I look at both of them as I suck hard up and wrap my young lips tight around back down again.
Nodding and looking up at them with flirty, firey, passion in my eyes.
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2 years ago
Vleeerny intreesstin'. Hummmm!
2 years ago
jerking,jerking jerking
3 years ago
this story is fucking hot!

very arousing and well written
3 years ago
good stuff!
3 years ago
This is great. Bit of everything
3 years ago
Getting better and better
3 years ago
Your stories are great. Can't finish without jerking off
3 years ago
WOW! ALL I CAN SAY IS WOW, what an awesome story!!!
3 years ago
interesting story
I liked it very much
thank you
3 years ago
very good continuation
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this is an amazing story; i love it
4 years ago
You have such a perverted explicit mind. I like that in a person
4 years ago
More more!!
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Well worth waiting for. More to come?
4 years ago
good story,is there more, should be
4 years ago
Hot story... thanks for sharing