Rebecca series training Mary and Linda

It's been a couple weeks since Becca went away to college. Oh how I've missed her. More than the lust and passion, but the father missing a c***d as well. Mary and I settled back into our routine but things have not been the same. She was out about her relationship so instead of hiding it completely I've started noticing things I hadn't before. She no longer wipes the smell of sex from her body before coming home, laundry consists of soiled panties more and we aren't as distant as we were before. The sex, however, was nonexistent again.

"Becca said she wanted to come back for Thanksgiving, but understood if we couldn't afford a ticket for her." my wife said as she came into the house. "Well I don't see why not. We did save a little aside just in case she got homesick." I replied. There was something different about her tonight. She didn't smell of sex, her emotionless face was soft and something about her started to get my attention. She wasn't in her typical business attire.

"Dress down day at the office?" I asked getting up from my chair. "No. We worked a half day today and I spent the afternoon helping Linda pack." she answered. Hmmm I thought to myself. "What's going on with your play thing?" I remarked moving towards her. This drew anger from her. Her features darkened. "She's not my play thing. She's someone I care for and love as much as I love you. She was worried that you might say something so she told her husband about us. She told him and he gave her a week to get out of their apartment." I didn't know what to say at first but I got a slight idea that the b**st in me agreed with. "So what is she going to do?" I asked while parting my hands in an offering of a truce. Deflating she slumped a little, looked down at her shoes and said, "I don't know. She doesn't either. Frankly before we told either of you we were going to try and save money together just in case you both did what Rick is doing to her." "Well now that you started with that can of worms I think it's time you told me everything." I reached into a drawer I kept personal electronics in without her noticing I placed my recorder into my pocket thumbing the record button. I hope this thing still has batteries. This should be good.

The next several hours she told me everything. The flirting, her interest in women for the past couple years, how they started getting closer as friends in the office. She even went out of her way to make her personal assistant so they could share more time together. Then she went into vivid detail as to how the affair started. Yes!! I thought. Perfect blackmail material if she failed to accept my offer... "I need a little time to think and absorb all this" I told her as emotionless as I could muster. Leaving the room I almost ran to my computer and pulled the digital recorder out of my pocket. Red light. Good that means it was on and everything might have been recorded. Rewind and play... The whole conversation was crystal clear even being in my pocket the mic had picked up on every detail. I fast forwarded to the good parts. Satisfied I attached the device to the usb port on my computer where I dumped the file into my personal archive and then emailed it to another account I had. Now even if she tried to delete my computer she couldn't get rid of the information. Wait a little while and then time to set my plan in motion.

"Hungry?" I was a little startled at first hearing Mary's voice at the doorway to my study. "I wasn't before and I'm not really that hungry now but I think we should at least eat a little something." "I'm not that hungry either. But you're right. We do need to eat something even if it's a sandwich." I tried my best to keep a somber expression. Something along the lines of bitch you killed my dog, and burying a loved one. It must have worked because she disappeared to the kitchen. A few minutes later I heard her calling for me. Good. This should be a meal she'll never forget.

She actually made a decent meal. Chicken, pasta and a small salad. I guess she was gone longer than I thought. About half way through dinner I set my plan into motion. "She doesn't have anywhere to go now huh?" I asked and then started to cut another piece of chicken. "Not really. A few friends maybe but nothing really sustainable." Looking at her I began to size her up. She almost appeared frightened for Linda and very vulnerable. "Okay here's the deal." I started. Thinking carefully about what to say next and how to say it was difficult as the a****l was now shouting in my ear just say it you fucking pussy. "I can't stand the thought of anyone just being tossed out that we know. Even though I don't know her I don't see why she can't use Becca's room for now." This was a lie of course. I had no intention on actually letting someone else use our daughter’s room but just for now that was my story. Mary almost choked on the food she had just placed in her mouth. "I don't know if that would be a good idea. But it is a thought, and thank you for offering knowing what she and I are." With that being said we started eating again. She seemed to be lost in thought the rest of the meal. When we finished I got up with our plates and started washing the dishes. When I finished she was just looking into her hands. She hadn't moved from the table yet. "Mary why don't you go to the living room. American Idol is about to come on." She really enjoyed that show and I couldn't stand it. "I'll be right there." She replied.

The show was absolute torture to anyone that had an ounce of singing ability although I have to admit there were 2 out of the 8 that had some ability. Once the show was over she reached for the control and turned off the TV. "Were you honestly serious about what you said? Linda moving here temporarily I mean." "Yes I was and still am. It's a thought though and nothing more." I said with just a little hesitation. "I'll talk to her tomorrow and see what she thinks." Everything is starting to work perfectly.

The next morning Mary was cooking a small breakfast. As I started down the stairs I started thinking about what I had set in motion. If all works out nothing around here will be the same again. If it fails well I'll keep everything as the court doesn't like adultery and Mary can't prove the taking of our daughter was ****. Rounding the corner I saw her in the kitchen. She had just finished pouring a cup of coffee for me. "Morning honey" I said. "Have you thought more about what we talked about last night?" "Yes and I still am not sure, but I'll talk to her about it and let you know tonight." With that we ate breakfast and both started on our ways to work.

I couldn't wait to get home. Traffic though had other ideas. Accidents seemed to be on every highway and byway through the city. A normally half hour commute turned into an hour and a half. I felt a jingle at my side as my cell started to go off. Of course it was Mary wondering if everything was okay. She seemed a little nervous, but I assured her I was fine and traffic was the bane of my existence today. Little did she know that soon I would be the bane of hers?

Pulling into the driveway I noticed a vehicle I never saw before. Assuming that it was Linda's might be a little premature but I couldn't have been more correct. Walking into the house I saw a few boxes, suite cases and little odds and ends already unpacked. I saw Mary and Linda in the living room on the floor going through a few boxes to see where she had placed something she needed. Finding it she quickly went upstairs and disappeared into the hall bathroom. Mary stood up and started to speak. "She's going to talk to you about a few things tonight. Just keep an open mind and remember she didn't cause the tension between us. I did that on my own and none of this is her fault." I had to hold back a hearty laugh. All I could respond with was "I'll be on my best behavior, but she shouldn't push too many buttons at once." Mary looked lovingly at me and started to go to the kitchen. Smelled like spaghetti.

"I don't really know what to say right now Jim but thank you." God I wanted to jump through the ceiling. She was as quiet as a church mouse in a whore house. I didn't hear her in the bathroom or come back downstairs. Turning to her I was very careful not to say anything that would start to tip my hand just yet. "It's going to be an adjustment for all of us. But just keep an open mind and everything will turn out just fine." I think that caught her off guard because for several minutes she just stood their with her mouth open. Fish gasping for air I guess would describe it. The meal was amazing. I knew Mary was a good cook but there was something different about it. "Linda helped tonight making dinner." Mary pointed out the difference. Linda must also be a good cook as well. This deal was getting better by the second. Okay make or break time. Wish me luck readers...

"Before you say anything Linda I have to say a few things. To both of you. Mary I know you want to say something but I think you need understand a few things first." I got up from the table and returned to the dining room with the digital recorder in hand. I had it at work today so I could put it right where I wanted it to begin. The details of the affair. "Mary I recorded our conversation and before you start getting all high and mighty you said it yourself. You brought this upon us." Looking directly at Linda I reiterated, "All of us." Hitting play I saw the color drain from my wife and Linda as well. After the play through I told them I had a copy of this in its entirety on my computer as well in a private email account, and a copy on my work computer and work email as well. Trying to get rid of it from any source and I will run to an attorney and remove both of them from the home and freeze all account until trial. Along with sending it to our entire f****y so they knew who Mary was as well in all this. "YES!!" the a****l screamed. The expression on their faces as they looked at one another was priceless. I have them right where I want them.

"What do you want?" Mary was the first to open her mouth. Oh I couldn't wait to tell them both exactly how it was going to be from now on. But one thing at a time. "The dinner you made was excellent. Probably the best meal we have had here yet." They looked relieved. How cute. "That will continue. Since you make such a good team in the kitchen I want dinner to be a team effort." You should see the expression on their faces. They actually think things are going to be easy. I waited a few moments for dramatic pause. "That's not all. Cleaning will also be a team effort." They must have been thinking about being wives and how all this was what they usually do type bullshit. Now for the surprise. "And from now on you will both obey every word I say without question and without hesitation."

Before I go on with my story I think it's time I let you all in on a little secret. I went to Mary's office one day around lunch time. The secretary said she was already gone and if I would like to leave a message. I told her I wanted to leave the flowers I brought with me in her office and asked if that would be okay. I positioned the flowers on her desk and started to move to the door when I looked at the wall and adjusted a picture hanging. What I really did was put a wireless camera in her office with sound. Every day after work I drove past her office to get in range. Guess what else I recorded.

"Why on earth would you think we would agree to that?" Mary was starting to move slowly towards Linda's side. I got up and came back a few moments later with my laptop. One the screen showed the two in her office doing a little more than fooling around. Time stamp showed just a few minutes before 5. Company time. "I wonder what the powers that be would think of this?" Completely deflated Mary sat down. Looking at Linda all she could say was, "I'm sorry. I love you and I had no idea he would pull this crap." "It's okay Linda said. I love you too and no matter what I always will." How touching I thought. Time for a reality check. "Okay ladies. I have here a standard master/slave agreement. Do's, Don'ts, what's expected and punishments. Above all however you will not try to change jobs. Get fired, the truth comes out. Quit, the truth comes out. Tell anyone about this outside this room, the truth comes out. Try to run, the truth comes out and I send all this information to anyone that might find it useful. You are in better hands here. All you need to do is do as I say and nothing bad will happen, everything you need will be provided, you will be cared for and loved." Mary and Linda thought about the last words I said. "Mary you love me and you love Linda. I love you and I could grow to love her as you do and her me." She didn't know what to say. She was fluctuating between love and hate so quickly not even she could keep up. "And no one will ever know about us, about what we've done or might do?" This time it was Linda's turn to find her voice. "Will do" I corrected. They both started to read the contract. After asking a little on some key points they both signed. "Okay then get dinner cleaned up and we'll begin."

They were mumbling to each other while cleaning. I overheard their talking of what happened with Becca and how things were changing. Mary wasn't sure if she could do this, but surprisingly enough Linda actually seemed excited about the contract and what I had said. Mary was starting to agree when I cleared my throat. They both looked at me a little surprised at first. "What is taking you two so long? If you spent as much time washing as you did talking you would have been done by now." I moved quickly and spanked each one in turn five times on their asses hard. Both gave a small squeal of pain but Linda started to moan a little in her throat as well. "Consider that a warning. Two minutes starting now and it will get worse if you are not finished." I turned and walked to the living room looking at my watch closely. I meant what I said and was about to get up when they entered the room. "We're sorry that took so long." Linda said. I got up and grabbed her by the arm. Mary started to grab at my hand, but thought better of it. "Sorry that took so long what?" I shouted. "Master." Linda cried. I eased my grip slightly. "That's better. Now both of you strip." I let Linda go and moved to the couch. Sitting I started to admire both of the women now undressing slowly before me. Linda is 26 years old with a soft white complexion. Only about 5 foot even with long blond hair and deep blue eyes. Her hips were smaller than my wife’s and breasts almost a perfect 32C with soft pink nipples that started to harden on their own.

"Rule number one. When you are spoken to by the master and mistress of the house you will respond with yes sir or master/yes miss or mistress. Is that clear?" "Yes master" They responded. "Rule number two you will obey all commands quickly and will remember all rules and preset commands you are given by the master or mistress of the house. Is that clear?" "Yes master." They were sounding more somber as I read more of the rules of the house. Mostly day to day routines. Who sl**ps where and when. What to do when the monthly hits. Dress for the house. "And last but most important. You will not do anything at the office anymore. You will be expected to come here immediately as time permits and greet me naked by the door on your knees. Any deviation from the rules will result in a punishment I will tell you of at that moment or worse. The information I have will go public. Is that understood?" Yes master. I now had my own private slaves. To do as I want when I want, and if my wife wanted to touch her young lover again she had to ask for my permission and do so in front of me.

Standing up I undressed in front of them. My cock was not hard anymore as I was taking my role as master of the house seriously. I looked carefully at my slaves. Mary was no longer my wife. She as her friend were now my obedient slaves. "Linda I want you to prove to me you belong in this house. Suck my cock and do so slowly. Mary you will direct her how I like it." Linda needed no coaching. She slowly started sucking my cock like it was born in her mouth just not as good as Becca overall. Oh well. I guess some things you just can't replace. As she started a good rhythm I felt magnanimous and decided she deserved a treat for doing so well. You have to reward your pets from time to time. "Mary lick her pussy like you do at work." Mary needed no cohesion. She quickly moved behind Linda and started licking her pussy with great enthusiasm. Linda started slowing her duties so I grabbed her hair and reminded her she had a job to do.

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