college spurts day

It is college sports day which is easy walking distance from your house. Your 20 year old nephew and his mates are doing various events on the athletics ground. You are spectating at one end of the viewing area out on the sports field next to the running track. You have an umbrella and a lightweight fold-up chair. Heavy showers are forecast so you are ready for a cloud burst if it comes. You are wearing a brimmed hat, sunglasses, a white cotton loose fitting top and a thin, knee length summer skirt with a busy pattern. You have bare legs and sandals.

All the action, and other spectators, are to your left. You watch the first race and can't take your eyes off the tiny shorts the guys are wearing and the obvious bulges and outlines of their equipment. To your amazement, your nephew comes home first and soon receives a nice silver cup for his efforts. About five minutes later Max and three of his running buddies come and say hello and stand right next to you as you try and watch the next event. You are sat on your little chair and they are standing. They are all over six foot tall and very pleasing to the eye. Hidden behind your sunglasses you drool at their tight butts and bulging shorts that are at eye level. One guy called Mike has a really impressive bulge that you now can't take your hidden eyes off. The legs of his shorts are the cut open design to allow his legs to run unhindered. You can see inside the leg on occasions and there is an inner "tool bag" made from a white mesh material to keep things under control while competing. Then all the lads walk away behind me to watch another event. Just as you inwardly sigh with disappointment, Mike returns and shouts to the others "see you later" He then squeezes between you and the next group of spectators' umbrella. He is deliberately sliding his "tool bag" across between your shoulder and your hat. You turn your head in surprise and his whole package collides with your cheek. "You didn't think I'd leave a gorgeous MILF like you on your own did you?" he said.

Yes, you have some history of naughty goings on with this hunk of a guy.

He stays where he is, watching the games. He lowers his package onto your shoulder making it spread and overflow from it's mesh cage. Your hat hides you from his gaze allowing you to ogle at his huge cock and balls as they steadily increase in size.

The start of the next race is announced and we all stand and move forward one pace against the barrier. Mike has his back to the other people and you stand right up close to him so he is towering over you. You just have to do it. You slowly introduce your right hand in through his shorts leg and gently cup his whole man meat and weigh it. You wrap your fingers around as best you can and then drag you long nails out over his ball sack. Without your hat you rest your head against his chest and look down at your busy hand. All he can see is the top of your head. With his left hand he slips his thumb into the waistband of his shorts and pulls them away from his flat stomach. You take a sharp intake of breath as his hardening cock is revealed to your burning gaze. You can see you right hand fondling his giant ball bag below. His cock is not only long but has a pussy tingling thickness too. Your legs are starting to become unstable due to your excited state and you lean into him for support.

The race ends too soon for you and you have to sit down again to avoid people noticing your risky activity.

This time you hold out your skirt as you lower yourself down and the little fold up chair is engulfed and hidden from view under the skirt.

"Do you have anything I can drink?" Mike asks.

He sits down at your side and rummages through your bag. He is really close to your right thigh and can easily see the thin waistband of your white panties which are hooked over your hip bone. You look down at him studying your figure. You then slowly gather up the right side of your skirt to expose your silky smooth thigh. You then ease yourself back so that your whole butt starts to hang clear of the chair. He has a perfect view of all your underskirt treasures as you reveal them. He goes down on one elbow to see even more.

It is now spotting with rain and umbrellas are being erected. This gives you more confidence to be even more daring with this lad as no one can now see you directly.

You sit very upright and push your butt out behind you so he can see your panty gusset come into view as it slides off the back edge of the chair. The gusset really bulges out as it goes clear of the chair. Your pussy is so fat and fleshy that the white gusset struggles to accommodate you. Your panties are obviously very hot and wet. In the centre of the gusset there is a strange shape appearing. A two inch circle. Mike's gaze is now absolutely transfixed on your panty covered pussy mound. You give a steady push and the gusset starts to move out away from your soaking lips. Mike gives out an audible intake of breath as your secret starts to reveal its self. The gusset is protruding out by two inches now and we can see the white veiny shaft of your dildo as we peer in from the side. You keep pushing and the dildo keeps on sliding out into view. Your gorgeous lips clinging to the soaking shaft. You are now pushing against your panties which will not allow any more to ease out. You stop pushing and the panty pressure makes the dildo slide back inside by an inch. You push again, and again, the dildo going in and out.

As the rain starts to fall, you give a really big prolonged push and a massive blast of piss jets out and goes straight through the gusset and bounces off the ground. Everything is now soaked in piss and dripping down. You push again making the piss soaked dildo slide out even further than before and another huge blast of piss goes into the panty gusset. You lean your body over to the left to give Mike an even clearer view of your filthy pissing cunt. You push again with just your left thigh resting on the little chair. The dildo must be sticking out about four inches now as the panty waistband has slid off your hip allowing more slack for the dildo to push into. You squirt a really long jet this time and Mike catches the hot piss in his left hand. How long is this dildo? There is no sign of it losing it's rigidity even with five inches sticking out.

All this disgusting behaviour is nearly all hidden from view underneath your skirt. The rain is falling properly now so you both pack up the chair and grab the umbrella. Mike is obviously fully erect now and you both try to hide his condition. You walk back towards the changing rooms close to one another. Hidden by the umbrella, Mike pulls out the waistband of his shorts and hooks it under his enormous cock and balls making them look obscenely big. He then starts to piss himself, squirting out a long stream in front of him as he walks. The stream wavers from side to side in time with his strides. You place your right hand palm into the flow and Mike pushes harder making the increased jet splash all over you both.

You have to stop walking and put your bag down. Mike hides you with the umbrella as you just have to push just one more time. Your jet shoots straight down onto his lower leg. You then quickly gather both sides of your panty waistband and pull them up and over your hips again giving out a quiet moan as the dildo is f***ed back inside you.

Both of you then head back to your nearby house to fuck each other to death.

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