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Well me and this married lady friend met up as often as we could, it was normally she who travelled to meet me.

We would strip off and get straight down to fucking each other as quick as we could.I had never fucked a woman who squirted as much, she would cum bucket fulls it went everywhere and boy was it a turn on.

One time we were parked up near to a well known supermarket when she said I fancy a lolly,strange I thought but we hadn't yet got striiped off so off we went to the atore where she bought a couple of ice lollys, when we got back to my truck she stripped off passed me the lollys and said would you fuck me with one of these !!

Anything to please I thought so I unwrapped the lolly and began to tease her pussy with it she hardly flinched when it touched her, I rubbed it slowly up and down her outer labia slowly opening them up, Aaah she went as the freezing lolly brushed her clit,the heat of her pussy was melting the lolly and the juice of the lolly and her pussy were running down to her arse, STICK it up me she cried. I did and began fucking her cunt with it, a few moments later I got my reward cum juice squirting all over me. Stop she wailed please stop slowly i pulled what was left of the lolly from her hole and started to suck on it, Does that taste nice she said, yes I replied. Well I need your cock in me NOW she said, well what a sensation her hole was freezing it felt wierd but wonderful.

I pounded away for what seemed an age before pumping my spunk deep in her, as I lifted myself off her she said my pussy is all sticky with that fruit juice and spunk do the honours and clean me, well no sooner said than done. Head down between her thighs I sucked and licked for all i was worth fruit juice pussy juice and spunk cocktail hmmm nectar.

i was so turned on that I was soon hard again, my turn now she said as she pushed me back and swallowed my cock, she is a divine cocksucker, she worked my shaft mercilessly squeezing my balls to the point of painfulness,she seemed to know just when to stop so I wouldn't cum. She sucked me for an age til i could no longer hold back and I blew my load into the back of her throat, she swallowed hard lifted her head, smiled and said wow that was different but boy was it good. I just nodded my head in agreement what else could I do .
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