Mobil Phones part 2

It was a while before I was to see her again as she was going on holiday with her hubby and some friends, but she did text me quite often, these were sexy and sometimes quite perverse. She was asking what my dream sex would be what wouid I want her to do to me. I asked her if she would tie me up so I was helpless and do whatever she wanted to me. Well a couple of weeks later my dream was about to come true.She had a meeting to go to and it meant her staying overnight at least thats what she told her hubby and she wanted me to meet her at this hotel. Well I could hardly say no , here was a woman who had given me mind blowing sex. She was already at the hotel when I arrived I had the room number so up I went, knocked on the door which was opened by her dressed in knee length boots a red basque small mask and sporting a small whip. I couldn't get in there fast enough sha ordered me to strip and as I did she snapped handcuffs onto me and pushed me onto the bed she then blindfolded me and tied my ankles together. I was shaking with anticipation and some fear it was only our 2nd time and here I was bound up by a woman who had a whip, but what else? I need not have worried though, she started flicking the whip across my chest and stomach then she lightly whipped my cock and balls, I thought my cock was going to burst. She laughed and said Oooh who's a naughty boy that likes a bit of pain then and proceeded to hit me harder now my cock was bursting. Suddenly she stopped and did nothing, I was quivering with anticipation then I felt her mouth close over my toes and she began to suck almost the same way as she would suck a cock, fuck I nearly jizzed then it was so horny, she just giggled. she worked her way up to my cock sucked it a bit then rubbed it between her hands how I never spunked I dont know, but she must have sensed I was about to cum cos she stopped next thing I knew she was astride my head her pussy was aver my face, fuck she was wet, Lick it Fuckin lick it she shouted and at the same time her whip hit my balls. I licked for all I was worth she came suddenly I was covered in cum I could feel her body shaking, whack she hit my balls again, Dont fuckin stop she cried keep licking my pussy after some time she cried stop enough and rolled off me. She removed my blindfold smiled at me and kissed me saying thank you darling I've never cum like that before. the handcuffs came off as did the ties on my ankles, She looked me straight in the eye and said I've never had anal sex would you let me try it, she stood up and leaned over the bed and said please fuck my arse. I was there in a flash and she cooly handed me a tube of KY smearing my cock and het ring I slowly pushed my cock up her brown ring she moaned and let out a big gasp as my cock went into the hilt my balls up againet her pussy. I began slowly working in and out god she was tight but soon started to loosen up we banged away like fury till she asked me to stop. She asked me to wash my cock before entering her pussy so I did we fucked like a pair of sex starved rebbits till I eventually unloaded my cum deep inside her.Irolled off and lay there panting and she rolled over ontop of me giggled and once again planted her pussy over my face, lick me clean she demanded and boy did I, I licked and slurped for all I was worth and was rewarded yet again by another shower of pussy juice. Aventually she got off me we showered then crawled back to bed but this time to sl**p ........ more to follow
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