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Mobile Phones love em, I was texting a mature woman a relation to one of my mates it was nothing sexy just the odd joke here and there. Anyway this one week the lady in question is off work as she is having some work done at her house so the text were more frequent and as things went on they got a bit raunchy and continued to do so. These got more and more sexy until there was a long pause from the lady in ? thinking I had over stepped the mark I sent a text apologising, the reply stunned me, it was, Fuck I'm gonna shag your brains out Mr R.... Well what can you say!!!! I replied err ok. Now we live at opposite ends of the country so this was a problem. But my work takes me all over the country(trucker) and as it happened the following week the lady had to go on a course which meant her being away from home for a couple of nights and on one of them I wasn't too far away so ahe drove over to where I was and Oh boy.
This woman stepped out of her car and we kissed it was electric. She said I think this is gonna work I sort of stammered I hope so. We got into my truck and slowly kissed we took our time building up our arousal feeling each other through uor clothing we were like 2 schoolk**s at the back of the bike sheds slowly we undressed each other exploring as we went,I sucked and teased her nipples and slowly worked my way down her body until my tongue parted her labia and I was able to taste her love juice, Oh Heaven she tasted wonderful and she moaned softly as my tongue probed her juicy pussy. I licked ,slurped and swallowed her love juice for what seemed an agebefore she said come here and roll over. She began to kiss and nibble on my nipples and worked her way down on my body, Oh the joy and pleasure as she took me in her mouth slowly teasing my cock with her tongue and teeth, she teased my bum with fingers, then she licked me from my balls to my bum, I thought I was in heaven. Slowly she made her waty back up my body her legs astride me and then she put me inside her. It was a wonderful feeling slowly she lifted herself the f***ed herself back down hard onto my throbbing cock. She rode me for all she was worth until I begged her to stop( I didn't want to cum) I turned her over and once more buried my head between her thighs my tongue jabbing furiously into her sopping wet snatch, Then she orgasmed, Fuck she squirted her cum all over my face and head oh heaven, I just had to plunge my cock back in her and we fucked for all we were worth I pounded away at her her cum juices soaking us both before I shot my load deep into her pussy. We both lay there panting like dogs, then she said we need to do this again and soon. I couldn't have agreed more.And we did but thats another story ....
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3 years ago
Dam hot driver,,I do the same on my bus trips,,mmmmmm fun times,,thanks