A Day at the movies I will never forget

Here is a true story that happened to me when I was in High School. I had been dating this girl named Victoria for a couple of months now. I had known her for awhile before we started dating and we were really comfortable around each other. However, we were both still pretty new at doing sexual stuff and I think the only thing we had done up till that point was make out with some dry fucking and heavy petting. She was close to giving me a blowjob once but I think my dad knocked on my door of my room for some reason and ruined it.On this faithful day she was extra horny, but we had agreed to go see a movie with her dad. She didn't see her dad that much and one thing they liked doing was going to see movies at the mall. So we get into the theater and there isn't too many people because we were seeing an older movie. We all head up to the top row. I take a middle seat and Victoria sits directly to my left and her dad sits to Victoria's left. The movie starts and the lights go dark. I am eating some popcorn, and I dont really notice at first when Victoria takes her hand and gently rests it on my leg. As the movie goes on I start to notice that she is slowly moving her hand up my thigh. My mind starts racing and my cock starts to get super hard. Very slowly now she keeps moving her hand up my thigh until it rests on my zipper. She stops for a second and looks at me and smiles. Then very slowly she starts pulling down my zipper and I am thinking holy shit her dad is fucking right next to us, but I dont want her to stop. I so desperately wanted her to touch my throbbing cock and feel her warm hand there, but at the same time I was scared about getting caught, It was such a rush. For a second I had to focus on my breathing and try and calm down before I creamed in my pants. She was getting me so excited and she hadn't even touched my dick yet. So my zipper is finally down and she starts to put her hand in my pants. I feel her warm hand start to rub my cock through my boxers and at that point I stop caring about her dad and simply focus on the wonderful sensation I am feeling. I then feel her hand start to search around for the hole in my boxers so she can put her hand on my rock hard erection. She is so eager to touch my cock that she spends a good deal of time trying to find that stupid hole. Finally after what it seemed like an eternity she finds the hole in my boxers and gently puts her hand around my cock. She starts rubbing my shaft then moves up to my massive head and caresses it with her thumb and index finger. She takes her hand out for a second and licks her finger while looking into my eyes with such a seductive look then puts her hand back in my boxers and rubs her saliva all over the under side of my head. I try hard not to moan, almost having to cover my hands over my face. She then grabs the shaft of my dick and starts moving up and down going faster and faster. Another 20 seconds and I am going to cum I think to myself, maybe quicker. She stops that and starts playing with my balls. Then she moves her hand back around my cock and starts working it again. Before I am about to cum I gently learn over and very softly I whisper "babe you have to stop or I am going to have a huge cum mess". She obeys me, and gently zips up my zipper. I was glad I contained myself and stopped her or I would be super embarrassed walking out of the theater. I got terrible blue balls during that movie but it was so worth it. Lets just say later that night she finished what she started.
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