Room service

I’d been working at the hotel for about a year but had just changed roles from bell boy to room service, so was new to the job.

It was a normal delivery, some champagne and canapés to be delivered to one of the main suites on the upper floors. I ‘d been told to get the room ready for the guest to entertain some visitors in his suite so assumed that the guest wasn’t there.

So I undid the door and went in with the trolley to set up. I was surprised to see some gay porn on the large TV screen in the lounge area with a connection to a laptop. To be honest it started getting me hard watching as I was putting the ice buckets and champagne on the table and got me curious as to who was staying there.
As I was alone I thought it wouldn’t hurt to have a bit of a rub and tug of my now hardened cock. So I undid my pants and got my cock out and started stroking it, as the guys on the screen were sucking each other off on a billiard table.

All of a sudden I heard a deep voice behind me and looked around in complete surprise.
“what have we here’ said the guy fresh from the shower, completely nude and sporting a beautiful hung cut cock and balls, with a healthy bush of pubes and hairy chest to go with it.

I was so shocked I didn’t know what to do but fortunately the guest did. Before I could retreat he came straight up to me and without hesitation grabbed my hard cock in one hand and began undoing the buttons on my shirt with the other. To say he was an Adonis was an understatement, this guy was stunning, like a greek statue plus the hair in all the right places.

“I’ve heard of room service, but I never knew I got this with the suite package” he said, as he looked in the eyes and smiled revealing a twinkle and gentleness on his handsome face.

“I’m all all yours” I said, “anything to keep the guest happy” as I removed my shirt and pants, while his face navigated down my chest to my nipples and started sucking lavishly sending electrical impulses radiating around my body. With some careful manoeuvres I was out of my pants from around my ankles and naked like him and was able to drop myself to my knees to return the favour to his delicious nipples and hairy chest savouring the delicious scent of manliness from the shower-gel he’d just used on his gorgeous body. I held his firm cock in my hand as my head went south, nuzzling my way through his gorgeous chest hair down the narrow trail from his chest to his navel, rubbed my face on his chiselled six-pack abs and the nuzzled into his pubes. I let my chin and 5’oclock shadow graze his cock which stimulated him to the max as he moaned in delight as his fingers tousled the hair on my head sending pleasurable impulses all over my body and back with my cock responding by standing completely to attention.

My mouth had found his pleasure pole and I slurped along the side all the way along the shaft, first the right side then the left, before engulfing his dripping cock head with my mouth and tongue. I was like a c***d in a lolly shop sucking on that thing. It was the most delicious cock I had ever sucked as it leaked a constant stream of sweet drooly precum into my mouth. And I licked it up like the d**g that it was. I could have stayed there for hours but he motioned me up by placing his hands around the sides of my head stimulating my ears – so sensual it sent shivers through me.

I stood up and he began to kiss my neck and chin before engaging with my mouth. Our lips locked in a tussle of tongues and feverish delight as we groped and grappled with each others bodies with our hands. I managed to get my cock under his balls and between his legs and began sliding in and out as I’d managed to self-lubricate quite nicely. He delighted in the sensations as my cock head grazed under his balls and ass nuzzling towards his pleasure hole. In the tightness of embrace his hard meat was sandwiched between our bodies slipping and sliding in its own drooling juices, pleasuring him as our bodies and pubic regions ground together in a delicious tango. He pulled off my mouth and kissed his way quickly to my waiting cock and with in seconds it was like he was transplanted onto it, deep-throating me to my pubes and bending his face sideways while I was buried all the way down his throat. The pulses of ecstasy were almost too much but then amplified as his finger found there way under my balls and crack as he massaged my hole and gently nuzzled his finger around the entrance sending an electrical storm of impulses around my pelvis to the rest of my body. His tongue and mouth were completely engaged with my hard erect manhood and there seemed no way of prizing him from it. All I could do was enjoy the sensations and return the favour of scalp massage to him as he’d done to me, as his head went back and forth on my cock and my own pelvis began to face-fuck him in an involuntary kind of way. I could feel the building sensations of orgasm all to soon as I wanted this to go on forever, the tell-tale feeling of tingling warmth in the head of my cock radiating down the shaft to my balls.
“I’m gonna blow” I said, to give him the chance to decide to swallow or not.
Obviously he wanted the cream as he continued in a rhythmic way as his finger inserted into my ass up to the knuckle slid in and out, as his mouth and tongue swirled around my engorged cock head and shaft. My body spasmed as the first pulse of orgasm injected cream straight down his throat, the second and third jolt went into his mouth as his tongue swirled and licked at the stickiness deposited there for maximum taste. He was obviously a cum lover as he savoured every bit and milked my shaft with his hands as his lips sucked every bit of juice from the head of my cock. I was lost for a moment in a delerious cloud of pleasure as I was brought back to the room with the delightful pleasurable sensation of his finger sliding out of my ass.

He stood up allowing his hard tool to poke me tauntingly in the thigh as my own cock hung semi-erect and milked clean. He kissed me on the mouth allowing me to taste the remnants of my own creamy explosion as I was able to pull on his cock and stroke him to completion as rope after rope of creamy hot cum pulsed out of his delicious cock like lava out of a volcano, spraying onto my torso and pubes. After he was spent he clung to me and we hugged in an extended sticky embrace allowing the warmth of his cum to mingle with the tingling sensations across our bodies.

After a minute or two, we separated and he said “now that’s what I call room service”
“You’re fucking welcome’ I said.
“Well I think we’d better get you cleaned up before anyone else sees you like this”.
We headed for the shower and gave each other a mutual and erotic clean which was almost as good as the main act.

Before I left he said that he was staying for another 3 nights and that I would get a healthy tip if I could deliver some more champagne to him each day!

Ofcourse I obeyed as it is room service's role to accommodate the guest requests.

98% (45/1)
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2 years ago
mmm nice place to stay
2 years ago
Super story in all the ways I have mentioned before to this talented writer. We appreciate this, thanks.
2 years ago
Excellent. Where is the Hotel? Must pay them a visit. Thanks
2 years ago
I used to work as Night manager in 5 star hotel. Anyone know in Europe a gay hotel who needs a Night Manager ?

2 years ago
Another well-wriyyen and provocative story from an accomplished author.
2 years ago
Great Story......
A conclusion of the other days would be great......
3 years ago
Great story, makes me curious what happend the other three nights..
3 years ago
roomservice at its best!
good story...!
3 years ago
Now that is what I like to refer to as being serviced to the fullest extent...
3 years ago
amazing story
3 years ago
Wow I'd like to have a job like that thanks for thestory
3 years ago
Awesome story. Keep them up.

3 years ago
WOW id like to give service like that - thanks for the post!
3 years ago
Great story!, what hotel is this? hehe