My best mates b*****r

Todd’s b*****r Mike was about 10 years older than us. He was tall, muscular and ruggedly good looking. I often spent the summer at their house swimming in their pool and generally having a good time. I had secretly always perved on Mike when he was in the pool looking at his lightly hairy chest and the bulge in his speedos. He had one of those packages that just bulged and the head of his cock could always be made out, cut and a great shape. It was always such a turn on as a young teenager. We had always got on well and had a laugh but after university Mike had moved interstate, so this was the first time I’d seen him in a few years. I was now 19 and manly myself and it was a surprise to see him back at Todd’s house.

I had stayed over and was having a shower when he walked into the bathroom. He either thought it was empty or maybe Todd was there and so was a little surprised to see me naked drying myself. I sensed that his eyes lingered on my meaty cock longer than I would have expected. He apologised and walked out. I didn’t think anything more about it.

That afternoon Todd had to deliver something and was out for a few hours. It was hot and after lunch I was tired and had a sl**p on Todd’s bed. I had stripped down to my boxers and was having a steamy dream and had sprouted a boner. For some reason I woke up and had to adjust myself as I’d tented my boxers to full mast.
“Don’t cover up on my account”
I looked up and there was Mike standing at the door watching me, drinking a beer.
I felt embarrassed but was honest and said I was having a nice dream.
“It must have been nice, you sure as hell have grown up a bit since the last time I saw you” he said.
“yeah, I guess I have” I said as I could see that he was looking at my bulge.
“and you’ve got a tatt”
“Yeah” I said “you want a closer look”
Mike walked over and I showed him my upper arm and the tatt that went around the bicep. He felt my bicep and I flexed, he said “not bad”.
His touch redirected bl**d flow to my cock which had started to go down. It was now getting harder and I could feel it moving in my boxers, and Mike noticed as well.
“Do you want to see my tatt” he asked.
“Sure, where is it “
He didn’t answer but pulled off his shirt to reveal his chest, just how I’d remembered it and I could see the top of roman numerals at his waist He undid his jeans, exposing his tight bulging package and the roman numerals behind his underwear. He edged them down so that I could see the figures – his birthdate as it happened. However I was more interested in looking at his exposed pubes and the increasing bulging of his package.
“very nice” I said staring at his cock expanding, feeling my own poke through my boxers and in to view. I reached up and pulled his underwear down for a closer inspection, letting it bob and rub against my face as he got harder. I took him into my mouth before he was fully hard and savoured the feeling of him expanding to fullness and the first taste of precum drizzling out. He moaned with delight as he gripped my head and began rubbing his hands through my hair, which made my spine tingle and his cock go even harder as I slid my mouth back and forth. He was pretty large like myself but I got him most of the way before gagging a little. After a couple of minutes I pulled off him and stood up and kissed his chest before moving towards his face. His hands had drifted down to my own meaty wet cock as we both stroked each other as our tongues met in a dance of wetness as our mouths groped and probed each other in this moment of heightened passion. Mike left my mouth and kissed his way to my nipples giving a light suck and chew that sent electricity in all directions, pleasure and pain together before dropping to his knees to feast on my meat rod that was drooling like a leaking tap. He was an expert cocksucker as I’d never had anything like it, his tongue swirled, his lips clamped and his throat opened as I was able to slide all the way in down to my pubes and feel his throat muscles clamping around my oozing cockhead. The feeling of pleasure was exquisite as he swallowed on my cock and his throat muscles massaged my meat in ways it had never quite experienced. His hands located my butt hole and he nuzzled his finger over the entrance and slightly inside, sending jolts of pleasure through me causing me to pulse more precum into his expectant mouth. He slurped off my cock and spun me round pushing me down to bend over the bed, my ass in the air and his hands spreading my cheeks before his face and tongue plunged in to start probing and licking my puckered hole. Pleasure rippled in all directions. His tongue penetrated further and further as my pleasure centres relaxed all the muscles as a torrent of tingling was radiating in all directions from my pelvis and up and down my spine. After a few minutes I was wet and receptive and he lightly tapped his oozing cockhead against my cherry, swirling the precum at the entrance to lube it up even more. I heard him spit down to lube it some more. By this stage I wanted it so bad, I began pressing backwards to feel his rock hard cock slide in, releasing that first wave of tension as the sphincter relaxes and stretches to accommodate its invader. First the head and then the shaft, I could feel the warmth as he slid inside, warmth emanating from the pleasure invader. One of his hands was on my cock the other around my chest as he began to thrust and pound me rhythmically, his cockhead punching my prostate sending dizzying jolts with every hit. I could feel myself ready to blow as the surge of tingling went from my balls to the base of my cock and up the shaft until I blew my load all over the sheets, pulse after pulse of creamy white cum spewed out, the remaining dribbles lubing my cock for more stroking as his own thrusting reached fever pitch. The contractions of my cock and ass had bought Mike to a climax also as his body jerked violently as he spasmed about 10 jolts of jizz into me before he couldn’t take the sensitivity anymore. He withdrew and we both slumped on the bed in a heaving mass of exhaustion, sweat and heavy breaths.
“Fuck that was awesome” he said.
“It was better than that” I replied. “ I’ve fantasised doing it with you for years and it was never this good”.

Please let me know if you shoot a load while reading this. The more you cum, the more I'll write.

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1 year ago
super story. just precum all over my cockhead and fingers. Part 2 please.
2 years ago
WOW!!! i got a major hard on reading the first part of the story. Great story. Keep them coming.
3 years ago
Me vi em seu lugar. Fiquei com minha pica dura assim que comecei a ler, me masturbando enquanto lia, e quando cheguou na hora que Todd descarregou todo seus 10 jatos de porra dentro do seu cuzinho, foi quando eu também comecei a gozar; e muito, me colocando em seu lugar. Que delicia. Adorei!!! VALEU!
3 years ago
Very hot story, got me hard and very wet, Thanks
3 years ago
that was hot and made me definitely hard,
i'll cum the 2nd time i read this hot story,
i promise... :)
good work, keep on going!
thanx buddy!
3 years ago
Fuck me gently george, I will have to play with myself now!
3 years ago
Great job!
3 years ago
you are one fine sexy erotic writter keep upthe good work thanks jacked off twice and i'm stillhard thanks
3 years ago
3 years ago
Very HOT story. Thank you for posting all the sexiness!
3 years ago
i could read ur writing forever u write so well - u let my fantasy go wild and HARD and WET
3 years ago
very nice story and well written.