My First gay summer experience on a bed (part2).

Yes, I’d just had my first Total body orgasm.
The guy was beautiful and I was still floating on his bed and my skin was tingling from head to toe. I looked at him as he licked the last few drops of cum from my now flaccid cock and he smiled as he looked at me slumped on his bed. He then gently kissed his way up my stomach, over my nipples and then to my face where we locked lips and his tongue gently probed my mouth and he put both his hands around my face and kissed me passionately before wrapping his arms around me and lying tightly with me on his bed, his own hard cock nuzzling between my legs like a third person in the bed.

I am not sure how long we lay, I may have even drifted off to sl**p in this beautiful mans arms. But I was stirred again with the delightful tickling off my loose ball sack and his fingers. I opened my eyes and he instantly kissed me again.
“would you like to get in the Jacuzzi ?” he asked
“Sure” I said “ But only after I have pleasured you for a bit, its only fair after what you did for me”.

So he lay down on his front and I started massaging him. First his masculine muscled shoulders and upper back, then working my way down his spine and then up again over his side to gently caress and tickle him to provide pleasure as well. I then ran my hands down over his butt, each cheek forming a perfect mound of tight flesh that was so succulent and delicious to look at, press and kiss. I ran my fingers lightly down his crack, gently allowing my finger to graze his hole, sending him into a writhing muscle God begging for more. My fingers continued down to his balls which were full and so soft to touch, his scrotal skin was like velvet. I gently caressed and tickled the inner thigh and kissed and nuzzled the area between the thigh and his balls with my tongue. He angled himself a little to maximise his own pleasure which allowed me access to his hot 9.5 inch tool that was not completely hard but deliciously soft and I was able to bend it underneath and backwards for some serious attention. He was already a little moist and I rubbed my thumb in his natural lubricant nectar while my other fingers encircled his cock’s head and upper shaft. I corkscrewed my hand around the head which oozed more precum and made it all deliciously slippery in my hands and lubed up. He was moaning with pleasure which made me happy as I was aiming at returning the favour he had given me. I sucked his balls while doing this, sucked his cock head to get my first taste of him and at the same time gently probed his hole with my finger. His cock head was large, it was like a ping pong ball, so I couldn’t take him all in, but I went as far as I could. He rolled over onto his back and I continued with a more targeted focus on his manhood. His cock was the same colour as the rest of him a beautiful bronze sun kissed colour, with a delicious little snail trail from his pubes to his belly button. I sucked the side of his shaft, cupping one side with my mouth the other with my hand and pleasured him along its length with a continuous rotation of my hand around the head. When I got in my most comfortable position with his legs over the side of the bed and me kneeling between them I was able to slide my fingers up his crack to his anus and probe around delicately, while still sucking on his precum laden cock head. The sweet salty taste was delicious on my tongue and I was wondering what his cum would taste like. I had only ever tasted my own, which I wasn’t so mad on. I love the taste of precum, but not the cum. I reached up with one hand to gently rub and tweek his nipples which sent him into a series of moans that had me drooling more precum myself. As my head bobbed up and down on his fat juicy tool, he wrapped his manly legs around me and drew me in tighter to maximise the skin on skin contact.
I’m gonna blow” he said.
And before I could close my lips around him, he erupted with hot hard squirts of cum spraying onto my chest and face. The warmth was amazing, his legs contracted and released around me as his body spasmed and I kept stroking him to get a continuous release until the last convulsions and contractions expelled the last few dribbles of sticky cum from his impressive cock slit. Just like him, I moved up and kissed my way up his body, allowing the cum to glide on the skin between us. When I got to his face he kissed me and sucked and savoured his own cum off my face. He licked me gently, cleaning up everything and leaving me desperately hard and wanting more action.

“Lets go to the Jacuzzi” he said and got up and held my hand as he lead me outside to the fernery where his bubbling Jacuzzi was located in his garden.

Being naked in his garden and sliding into that Jacuzzi was the most natural thing in the world. Just like being born. Bubbles swirled around us as we caressed and floated in the froth and washed each other and again began kissing. His tongue would probe my mouth gently each time making me think how I wanted him rimming me again. I was hard, he wasn’t ready yet so we just relaxed and floated in the water and talked about what things we liked done to each other.

I was not experienced and so was happy to be in the hands of this expert, hearing his stories and trying to imagine myself in each of them. After about 30 minutes we got out and we dried each other off which was very erotic, rubbing the towel into those private places which don’t get aroused when doing it yourself and yet feel so amazing when someone else is doing it for you.

Ofcourse I wasn’t dry for long with a strand of precum streaming off the end of my cock and heading to the ground.
“we wont waste that” he said as his lips locked around me and had me hard and to attention before we were even lying on the bed. We assumed the 69 position so that each of us could suck, slurp and drink each others man juices as we each flowed profusely as our fingers worked their magic on loose balls and scrotum, juicy fat cocks and clean arse holes ready to be rimmed, licked and pleasured. My cock, balls and arse hole were sending such amazing pleasure signals to my brain, I thought for a moment that maybe I was in heaven. The taste of his drooling cock were providing the icing on the cake with that gorgeous tanginess oozing all over my tongue that I didn’t want to go further and take in his balls. But I wanted more and experience things he had told me earlier, so I followed his que and sucked his balls and handled his meat with my hand. I continued further, following a step behind his actions on me and licked my tongue along his perineum and licked and sucked on his hole. Surprisingly there was no bad smell, the time in the Jacuzzi had us both clean. I went as hard as I could probing my tongue inside through his his puckered hole, nuzzling my stubbly chin against his balls which had him moaning with pleasure. He returned the favour, still deliciously stroking my oozing cock. I could feel myself building with those tell tale tingling signs coming from the base of my cock. I wanted to last longer but the probing of my arse with his tongue and frenzy of hands corkscrewing my cock and his chin nuzzling my balls was too much. I let loose with a stream of cream pulsing out of me. His hands felt it and quickly used the bulk to provide more lubrication up and down my shaft in a frenzy of stroking. He wasn’t far behind as he shot his load and I could feel the warmth of white lava on my chest as I had his cock angled downwards away from my chin. I left his arse and moved back to his cock and took the last few dribbles of cum out of his cock slit and savoured the taste. We returned to lying side by side and held each other , me feeling completely protected and deleriously like I was in heaven lying in his arms. Could the day have been any better?

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3 years ago
Fantastic story loved it hope you write manymore thanks
3 years ago
Nice writing and great story!