My second encounter - back for more

It was my second time. I’d been there once before and had the most delicious blow job and couldn’t get it out of my mind. I drove the car to the car park and went to the toilet block. The cubicle door was open, I glanced in and it was empty. My heart rate was already higher due to expectation and it eased at the emptiness of the place. I looked at the hole where the guy had peered through at my cock on that first visit. I got a twinge of hardening at the thought.

I exited the cubicle but before leaving the toilet I could hear footsteps approaching, I quickly went to the urinal and unzipped as if I was peeing. The guy came in unzipped next to me and promptly started a stream of piss, as I froze into inaction stealing a few glances at his meaty cock. He shook off and left as I pretended to still need to pee. As he left, another set of footsteps approached and another guy stood next to me, undid the zip and flopped out his meat. This time it was different. Two guys, side by side, no pissing, but a gradual hardening of cocks and finally his hand reaching over to stroke my rod and send shivers through every corner of my nervous system. I motioned to the disabled cubicle as if I was an expert, we quickly went in without even zipping up. Before I knew it there was fumbling of hands on my belt as his hand slid inside my pants and started squeezing my balls. Tickling me perfectly to get me rock hard. The other hand got the button undone and my pants down and his mouth was wrapped around my cock in seconds, buried to the base. It was pure delight as he slurped back and forth on my hard shaft licking feverishly around my juicy cock head that was now profusely dribbling precum. I had always produced a lot which made it especially nice when jerking off as the self -lubing enhaced the pleasure that us boys can create for ourselves. He grabbed my shaft and started rotating his hand around it as he buried his face into my balls and sucked each one into his mouth in succession. The ball sack had already tightened but this process seemed to pop each ball into a relaxed zone of skin and somehow heightened the pleasure as his hand groped and slid around my totally self-lubed cock.

I don’t know for how long he sucked and slurped and truly worshipped my cock but I wasn’t ready to cum. All I could do was drool more sweet pre-cum out of my tip and have him suck up the sweet nectar as if some kind of addict. Suddenly his tongue actions headed north and he buried his face in my pubes and licked and nuzzled to my belly button, giving it a total clean as his toungue circled around and around. His hand was gently sliding over my cock head totally lubed into his palm as I continued to drool. A minute or so of attention on my nipples and he was standing up and then he produced a condom.

I was bit startled and didn’t know who it was for, and I wasn’t ready to be probed just yet. I shook my head as he undid the wrapper and then went down on me again to harden me up before placing the rubber over my cock and rolling it down the shaft. He produced some lube from his pocket and sqeezed the tube to lube me up before turning around and bending over in front of me.

I rubbed my cock head at his hole and he moaned with expectant delight. It didn’t feel as good with the rubber, and I wasn’t to sure how hard to push to get in, but then his hand came around to guide me. With a bit of resistance I was inside and his torso straightened up and I could grab hold of his chest with my arms. The sense of being inside him was intense and instinctively I pulled in and out and began thrusting against his butt. The sense of body contact with him as I hugged him from behind added to the stimulation, sending waves of pleasure and excitement in shooting tingling sensations all over my body but concentrated at my cock. It wasn’t long before I could feel myself building to that point where you know whats coming. He was jerking himself as I was thrusting in and out of him, his whole body pushing backward onto me as I thrust forward. He started moaning rhythmically with the motion and suddenly and violently jerked and jolted as he sprayed the wall with whitewash. The streams of cum slowly dribbled down the wall as his body was still pulsing with ecstacy. The contractions of his ass were too much for me, as it was like a separate mouth sucking my rock hard cock. His ass kept contracting with every orgasmic pulse that he felt, sending his body into a jerking arrythmia. I exploded also, sending wave after wave of explosive cum up his rear end. I wrapped my arms around him and pounded hard to maximise my pleasure. I kept shooting as pulse after pulse continued and my cock stayed hard for about 15 orgasmic jolts. My pelvis and balls were slapping against him as I suddenly became aware of my own groaning as I thrust. My head was rested on his back sideways as my pelvis still instinctively grinded in and out, maintaining my hardness. He seemed spent and pulled away from me and my cock slipped out of his lubed hole. He turned around and whipped off the condom and polished off any cum remaining on my still hard cock. It was such a turn on that I could feel myself getting hard again and he responded by moving his hand up my ass crack and gently fingering me. His hand left me for a moment and I looked down as he was oozing some lube onto his fingers as he still had the tip of my cock expertly captured in his mouth. His hand slid up my crack with ease and the slippery lubed sensation sent jolts of electricity in all directions. His fingers found their mark, one sliding inside probing me while the others tickled and caressed the deliciously sensitive areas around my ass hole. As he slurped and sucked my cock with his mouth and probed my ass with his fingers a creeping tingling sensation began from my arms to my toes as a new wave of sensations began to build. His free hand went to my balls to complete the circuitry and an electric current so violent went through my cock and ass and body that I convulsed so hard It was like an electric shock. My cock rammed his throat and he took the lot, all the while maximising my pleasure with expertly placed fingers and hands. After sucking me dry until my cock was soft and small, he slowly slid his finger out sending one last ripple of pleasure through me.

let me know if this turns you on, give me feed back and I'll write more of my experinces.
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6 months ago
more please
3 years ago
yeah got me super hard too, mustve been a grande experience
3 years ago
Made me hard as a rock. Barely got to the end before I blew my load,,,
3 years ago
i love it was hot
3 years ago
No not a ripple of pleasure a torrent of pleasure thanks it was so hot it's jackoff time bye.