Niagra blow job

I was backpacking around USA and Canada and was at the Niagra Falls on the USA side. I was not experienced with guys, in fact I’d only received a few blow jobs in public toilets.

Anyway, here I was at Niagra falls looking at all that water gushing over the side. It’s a pretty powerful site and one that kind of gets you horny. When you think about it, its just all raw power and all that water is flowing to its natural climax of going over the edge you cant help but get a little turned on.

I was walking along and saw this guy walking towards me. He was fit, great build and a hint of hair above his T-shirt. He looked at me and smiled as he walked past. I did likewise and thought, surely that’s not a pick-up look? Anyway, I glanced back and he was glancing back at me as well. My heart instantly started thumping hard and I could feel a surge of pressure in my cock. It was already responding. I didn’t know what to do and kept walking and then glanced back again and felt disappointed that he was gone. I turned a corner onto a path that headed back vaguely in the direction I had come from and he appeared from no where. “Hi there, are you gay” he said. I was so confronted I just stammered out “No”. “Oh, that’s a pity” he replied and walked on. I looked after him a bit stunned and he glanced around again and stood about 20 feet from me and lightly rubbed his cock through his jeans. I could feel myself hardening. He walked off the path towards the river and a group of trees that was secluded and gave some privacy. I began to follow and walked after him and followed him into the trees. The water was racing past to its destiny with the falls, as my heart raced and my cock had a destiny all its own.

He stopped when it was concealed and waited for me, you could see the water flowing by. I could see the bulge in his jeans was huge. He smiled at me as I walked up and said “I knew you wanted it”. I felt a bit awkward so didn’t speak.

He reached out and felt my hardening manhood through my jeans and gently rubbed. The pleasure was almost indescribable. Little bolts and tingles of pleasure radiating outwards from my cock. I gently did the same to him and felt his hardness behind his jeans. He was big, I could feel it. I ran my fingers underneath his balls and gave a little squeeze, and he moaned slightly as he closed his eyes. He undid my fly and inserted his hand inside my pants, still not touching me, but cupping and rubbing me through the underwear. “oohh you’re already wet” he said and slipped his fingers inside my underwear for the first time, to touch my balls and cock, skin to skin. The electricity of that moment was intense and I could feel myself spasm deeply within to release more precum. He knelt, then undid my pants and pushed them down to my ankles still leaving my underwear up, with my boner sticking straight out like a tent. He then slid both hands up my legs and caressed the inner thigh and then reached behind with one of his strong arms and brought his hand to my balls from behind. It felt so amazing, the sensation of his hand around the back and coming through my legs. He rubbed his face gently against my cock, still tenting my underwear. I gave a few jolts of contraction and was rock hard, the delightful sensations as his hands worked their magic around the areas where the legs join at the cock was ecstacy. Then he pulled down the underwear to reveal my manhood in its drooling splendour. He started by sucking my balls, something I hadn’t experienced. I closed my eyes and could hear the thunder of water crashing over the falls. I wanted to be trapped in this moment forever. Then he slid his lips sideways up my shaft and then down again, not actually getting to the head. Again I was in ecstasy land. Then with a simple pop I was inside his mouth and he had me all the way, back and forth, back and forth. I could feel pulses of precum and he moaned as he could taste it being expelled. I started undoing the buttons on my shirt and he took this as a cue to rub the forward hand up to my nipple and gently circle and tweek it. His rear hand was still gently playing with my balls from behind as he sucked me. Electricity was like the national grid.

He pulled his face off my glistening wet cock which was rock hard and pointing skyward, and licked his way through my pubes and snail trail to my belly button. His tongue went in and licked around before heading north towards my waiting nipples. The rear hand released my cock sack and grazed up my butt and lower back as his mouth found my nipps and he went to work. The spiral of tingling went everywhere and then jolted as his front hand gently stroked my self-lubed cock. I could reach his pants stud and released the jeans and tried to f***e his pants down to see his bulging hot cock and pubes. He wiggled his hips to free them and they slid down, he had no underwear and his meaty cock was ready for my eager hands to fondle and stroke.

His cock was warm and only a little moist compared to me, I was dripping. I licked my palm and lubed his shaft and rotated as I slid my hand up and down. At the sensation of silky gliding his face left my nipples and his mouth was on mine. The warmth and passion mixing in a frenzy of tongues and lips and eager yearning. I wanted his tongue to invade my mouth, and the feeling of his stubble on mine was electric. The grazing of whiskers on my lips sending sparks of electricity across my facial nerves. I had never pashed a guy before and it rocked. His hard cock went between my legs and gently massaged my balls and ass as he moved it back and forth. His hand went round me as he embraced me and he squeezed hard as my wet slimy cock found comfort squashed between our bodies. His cock was wet now, as he simulated fucking me. I held my legs tighter for more stimulation and the turn on was huge, he slid in and out of my legs and his hard cock nuzzled my balls and ass at each entry. He went back and forth about forty times, kissing me the whole time. I could sense he was about to blow and he held me tight as he did. His whole muscular frame shuddered as he groaned and lost his load and thrust in and out of my legs. He stopped and held me tightly. I felt safe and warm in his embrace and the smell of manliness came over me. He smelt so good. He put both hands on my face and passionately kissed me, our tongues dancing. At the same time he reached down and regained control of my cock, gently stroking its entire lubed length with a corkscrew finish to maximise the stimulation to the head. It was pure bliss. I could feel the end coming. Just like the water heading to the falls, my loins were preparing themselves for an explosion, it was unavoidable even though I didn’t want it to end, I wanted that explosive moment more than anything. He turned me round and had his still semi-hard cock in my ass crack as he reached around to the front with his beautiful muscular arms and stroked me to finality. The tingling and electricity were building, the feeling of warmth was starting and the mind bending pleasure of pre-climax was there. The warmth radiated out as I felt my juices working their way up from with in and then the contractions erupted shooting jet after jet of thick white cum a meter in front of me. I had never shot a load so far in my life. The final 4 or five contractions were almost painful as his hands slid over my cock’s head. I was spent and leant back against him aware of his semi hard meat between my legs. He hugged me from behind and kissed me on the neck, a gesture of intense intimacy and warmth. “ I bet you’ll never forget Niagra falls” he said. And to this day I haven’t.

I Hope you enjoy this as much as I have in recounting it. I am wet as now and need a release.

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1 year ago
Who would?
1 year ago
got my first blowjob from a guy when i was out hiking. i do a lot of hiking now.
2 years ago
great account of a wonderfull time
2 years ago
Thanks for this super hot story.
3 years ago
You know i'm getting very sore but thanks anyway its great.
3 years ago
You are an excellent writer. Thanks for posting this HOT story. It brought back memories of a trip to Australia a few years ago when I was single. I hope you post more of your sexy experiences.
3 years ago
I am glad your US visit was so successful