A Haircut in Barcelona

I’d been back packing for a few months in Europe and ended up in Spain for the last week before heading home. I really needed some down time and decided to just chill out and enjoy the sights and sounds of Barcelona.

On my travels I‘d let my hair grow and had about a weeks stubble and thought I’d treat myself and have a barber shave, shampoo and hair cut. I’d been recommended a particular shop and been told they give extra special masculine attention. I thought this sounded good and was sure they knew what they were doing.

I’d been booked into the last appointment at 5:30pm and was greeted at the door by Eduardo a handsome young man of about 26. He was tanned with dark hair and full lips. His eyes smiled at me as I was seated at the mirror and d****d in a smock. I agreed to the “full service” and he promptly smiled revealing a Hollywood smile and laid me back in the chair and commenced washing my hair. We chatted casually and made serious eye contact in the mirror. The more I looked at him the more handsome he became. His eyes twinkled every time he saw me looking at him. His forearms were muscular and strong with a mist of dark hair over his tanned skin. After wetting my hair he began the shampoo and gently massaged my scalp. It felt glorious and I closed my eyes and imagined erotic thoughts with this man. His fingers sliding and scratching my head sent shivers and sensations in every direction many of them arriving at my cock which had expanded slightly, hopefully invisible to him under my smock. He rinsed my hair and also gently washed my face, moistening my skin and stubble and finished by towelling me off. Then he sat me up and proceeded to lather my face with shaving foam applying it gently and massaging my face and neck seductively. I could feel moisture in my pants as precum was already seeping from my semi-erection. He shaved me delicately and I could smell his scent as he was so close to my face as he was doing it. When he needed to shave under my chin he angled my head backwards holding my forehead as the other hand shaved away the stubble. His body leant over me and his warm fingers caressed my eyebrows as I stared up at him and wished I could plunder his sexy mouth with my tongue. He looked at me in the eyes and smiled.

He then proceeded to cut my hair which allowed me stare at him non-stop. I reposition my legs as my hard cock needed adjustment. Under my smock I could gently rub myself and not be seen, the sensations were sublime. I was so transfixed on his face I couldn’t help it and blurted out “Eduardo, you are seriously good looking!”. He smiled at me and blushed and only then did I divert my eyes from his face across his dark shirt and down to his trousers to cop a look at his package. It was seriously obvious which made my own cock pulse out a release of precum. Was this guy turned on as well? My heart skipped a beat as I began to ponder what if my fantasizing was becoming real?

I smiled at him and motioned as if I needed to stretch my hands and then placed my elbow far back on the arm rests until I made contact with him behind me. “sorry” I apologised to which he smiled and moments later seemed to be pressing against me. I swallowed with anticipation as I could feel hardness against me and was sure it was his hard cock. He moved to my righthand side, so I moved my left hand onto my right forearm and felt his hardness as he leant in and pressed against me. I gently moved my finger to caress the hardness of his shaft and watched his smile expand and his eyes twinkle as he looked into mine. He leant harder against me so that I could caress to the top, feeling the outline of cockhead. I dropped my right arm off the arm rest and slid my hand onto his butt and then under his ass to the front holding his upper leg from behind, caressing his inner thigh as my wrist and forearm nudged his balls. He was moaning heavily and thankfully was nearly finished as it was almost dangerous with scissors in hand. He leant down and kissed me allowing our tongues to explore their new found friend. “I’ll just close the shop” he said as he pulled away from this delicious embrace.

When he returned I could see his manhood tenting in his pants. “Come through here” he motioned as he opened a door. As soon as it was closed he took my hand and lead me through to another room. It looked onto the salon through what was clearly a one way mirror. He began undoing my shirt button by button as he looked at me directly in the eyes, smiling hid Hollywood teeth and smile. I was putty in his hands. My senses were in overdrive and I savoured every moment. My heart was pounding hard but then went into overdrive as a second pair of hands caressed me from behind under my shirt. “This is my Uncle Quim” Eduardo said as he leant in for another kiss, our lips locking as his hands expertly undid the zip on my pants and gently reached in to rub my wet seeping cock, while Quim’s arms wrapped around my chest his hands stroking my insanely sensitive nipples. Quim tugged at my shirt and I moved my hands to allow him to remove it. He then grabbed me warmly and I could feel the warmth of his naked torso against me as he nuzzled and kissed my neck, licking towards my ear. Eduardo removed my trousers and underwear and nuzzled my hard cock with his mouth, rubbing his face against my balls. In seconds Eduardo himself was naked before he hugged into me creating a sandwich with me in the middle. I could feel Quim’s hard cock sliding up and down my ass crack while Eduardo pushed his underneath my balls and slid between my legs as if he was fucking me. The sensations were sublime as I was engulfed in this Spanish man sandwich with three serves of meat. Eduardo pulled back and proceeded to lick his way down my front , while Quim slid his hands down to my cock and began expertly playing me as if I was a musical instrument. Eduardo knelt and slid his full soft lips over my dripping cock, sliding his head back and forth. Quim moved his hands to Eduardo’s ears and he moaned as he slurped on my cock and was stimulated by his Uncle. Eduardo slid his hands up the back of my legs sending electricity through my body, and gently held Quim’s throbbing cock against my ass. I could feel him moistening his fingers in Quim’s precum as he motioned Quim’s hard sticky cock head towards my hole. When Quim’s cock was aligned for entry, Eduardo held his hand against my perineum and balls to guide it in. The sensation of being sucked, balls held and being penetrated while being hugged from behind was overwhelming and I thought I would explode. Quim slid back and forth while Eduardo milked every bit of precum from me. I was pulsing the stuff as Quim massaged my prostate from within with every glide and slide. Eduardo reached up and began tweeking my nipples as their two sets of hands got tangled on my front. The building sensations were all too much as the heat and tingling of orgasm approached. I didn’t want to surrender as I would have stayed there forever if I could. But I was under their control like a puppet on a string. The first contraction was so hard my body jolted with pleasure, quickly followed by two more equally hard. The expulsion of cum was greeted with moaning from Eduardo. The rhythms of Quim sliding his cock in and out of my ass sent me into a further 10 contractions each productive and then I felt the uncontrolled jerking and pulsing of Quim himself losing his load inside me as he thrust and smacked his pelvis into mine. Eduardo stood up completing the sandwich once more, sliding his hard cock between my legs and kissing my mouth with a full creamy kiss of my cum. His thrusting grew faster as he slid in and out of my tightened legs. I reached around him to pull him hard against me, Quim doing the same until he quivered and shook as his cum erupted and he shot load after load through my legs lubricating everything even more.

Even though we were all done we stood there in our sticky embrace for what seemed like 10 minutes until our breathing and heart rates returned to normal. Then it was time for a shower, which is another story entirel

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6 months ago
wow that left me out of breath
1 year ago
Amazing! Loved Eduardo & the creamy cum kiss!
1 year ago
fantastic , erotic story made me cum all over myself
1 year ago
1 year ago
I'm fucking JEALOUS!!! Lots of hot Latino cock here in SF... not to mention my new silver F-250 Super Crew pick-up truck!!!


Just my way of saying that I loved this story... and I really want to be in charge of your Boy Scout troop next time you fantasize about a hot dad... maybe like a cigar dad like me!

1 year ago
wow, im am so close to the edge..great job
1 year ago
1 year ago
...it made me cum again!!!
1 year ago
Hot hot hot!
1 year ago
Hey - "yevedj" from Melbourn,
As I had written your story in a half - I must interrupt it and running against my spanish lover Francisco. With my hard cock I punished him without taking my hands for entrance. It was such a very strong emotion, that I had brought him till the orgasm in a short time. The sandwich position is one of my most prefered one.
1 year ago
Wow...really hot!
Please...now the shower story!!!
I'm really horny...
1 year ago
Now for the shower .....
well done bravo...
1 year ago
Damn hot story.....& the shower ?
1 year ago
ooo great story .. got me horny as hell..
1 year ago
Did you post the shower story?