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You just get out off the shower, still hot, wet, and steamy. The soft smell of vanilla body wash lingers as you walk by barely naked. Your towel drops to the floor and you thick legs and ass are exposed. You bend over to pick it up and expose your juicy pussy to me. I am hard. You turn around and start fingering your sweet spot. I get harder. You crawl up the bed, unzip my pants, and start suckling on my balls. You lightly stroke my dick and I moan. Your tongue is hot as it swirls around my testicles. Your spit drips as you lick up and down on my cock. You suck my dick and my body chills into a sexual intoxicated state. After a while, I pull out of your mouth and kiss you passionately. You have me under your control. I am your slave for tonight and I will please my master til she can take no more. I suck your thick lips, then your neck. I caress each breast gingerly, playing with each nipple. I lick and suckle on them like and infant c***d. They taste great to me. I kiss your stomach and mover between your thighs. You are breathing heavy in anticipation. I cover your vagina with my mouth and begin to make love to it with my tongue. You hot nectar dances on my tongue, driving me mad with erotic energy. I bury my face in your puss and you wrap your legs around my head. I hear a voice but I can't hear the words because or you legs tight hold. You are moaning my name. I smile too myself. The saliva/pussy juice combination is dripping down your ass crack. I slide a single finger in and your back arches, pushing your clit into my mouth. Your legs fall open. With my finger still in your ass, I maneuver myself to suck on your titties. Your grab for my dick but I move it away just in time. Your whine so I bite your nipple. I turn you on your side, lay down, and start eating you out again. You then grab hold of my dick before I can tease you more and shove it back into your mouth. PURE ECSTASY!!! Together, we moan with in a chorus of sensuality, sexuality, and pure feral instinct. You start to come in my mouth and try to move away. I hold you tight as your groans are muffled by fat 8 inch dick. I pull away just to lay you down for your second orgasm. You have been away for a long time and your pussy is virgin-tight. Even the hour of foreplay has not prepared you for me. I cram my big hard black dick into your pussy. You scream. I moan and keep going. You try to cover up your sexual expressions but I won't let you. They turn me on more and I push deeper. I push against something and your eyes pop. Your cervix. I massage it with the tip of my dick by moving side-to-side. Your moan and scream lowder.

"I'm cumming, Daddy! I'm cumming!!! AWW!" You scream my name. There goes your second orgasm.

You are exhausted. I pull atop of me anyway and re-insert my dick from below. You instantly relax a ride like a good cowgirl should. Within seconds, you are riding harder than ever, shaking the bed a rocking the room. I slap your ass and grab hold. I bite your large, brown DD breasts and lick your nipples as they bounce against my face.

"OH, GOD!!!" You scream as you grab hold of my muscular shoulders. The big on is on her way. Within moments, your biggest orgasm yet rushes in like a tsunami sending torrents of waves through you. I am still hard but am getting close to my orgasm. I push you off of me and fuck you sideways. You try to beg me to stop but cannot speak. You have too much dick between your lips. I am getting close. I pull my dick out your honey pot and ram it into your ass. It's incredibly tight. You shrill from the pain and pleasure. I can't stop. With one hand, I grab a handful of booty and with the other, and handful of titty. The dormant b**st within my is released. The dragon takes over and I fuck your ass harder than ever. I let out a roar of pure passion as you scream the same. Your fourth orgasm of the evening rips through as I explode inside of you. The cum is hotter than ever. It is seeping out onto the bed, but I continue pushing until I go limp. I collapse onto the bed and you snuggle on my chest.

"Welcome home," are the only words I mutter all evening followed by, "I love you."
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