Mustard Girls

It all started when i was young and hated mustard. Then when i was getting older i was having sexual fantasies about girls tieing me up and dipping my stiff hard cock in a jar of yellow mustard and sucking it off.These girls used mustard for everything.They would use it for lubrication to insert my cock in there pussy and assholes,use it to jerk my cock off then make me lick there fingers getting a mixture of mustard and cum in my mouth.For punishment they would string me up and put me into a big vat of mustard and watch me helplessly sink like it was quicksand.Then i started fantasiseing about shemales and how they would stick there big stiff cock into a jar of mustard and f***e me to lick and suck it till they cum into my thirsty mouth.Next they would lube there cock with mustard and ram it in my tight asshole making me beg for more.Now that i have this fetish i love MUSTARD...
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Posted by yellowboy
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2 years ago
Lovely story,I would love to put mustard on your hotdog & eat it!