Real life Masturbation Story at Doctor

Every year I go to a dermatologist to get screened for skin ca. My doc is a japanese woman in her early 30s. When I get there an asst or nurse who looks to be in her 20s shows me to the room and tells me to take off everything except my boxer shorts. So I do and I sit there and wait for the doc to come in. The excitement of being in just my boxers in front of the doc and asst is pretty intense my heart races. I usually like to fluff my cock up a little so I quickly rub it to make it grow a little. I'm also nervous they will walk in and see me rubbing it quickly. A few minutes pass and they still haven't come in so I rub it again. This time the excitement gets me semi hard so its pointing almost parallel to the floor. Now I'm freaking out they will walk in and see it like that. I sit in a way. So it won't be noticeable then all of the sudden the door opened. "Hello steve how have u been" I said good you? She was good too. She then said ok why font you stand up with your arms out in front of you. I got up and my semi hard on was still intact. She started by looking at my scalp she was pushing my hair around it actually felt pretty good. Then she checked my neck and back the came to my chest and stomach. Then she said have you noticed anything in your private area. I said actually I am concerned about something and I pulled my boxers down a little so all she could see was the base of my semi hard cock. I said that she bent down to get a closer look and said everything looked ok. It was definitely noticeable that I was somewhat erect. She then checked my legs and feet and said everything looked ok and ill see you next year. She left but the asst was still in the room and told me I could get dressed and to go to the front desk to make an appointment. She left the room and I immediately. Looked on the counter for some type of lubrication. I found bacitracin. I grabbed some and rubbed it on my semi hard cock which became fully hard after a few seconds I stroked it and in about 20 seconds cum was flying out of my cock. When I was done cumming I grabbed some paper towels to clean off my cock and the floor. After I did that I got dressed and left the room. Masturbating in a place like that combined with the doctor and assistant seeing me semi hard got me so horny I had to do it right then and there. Occasionally I think back to that office visit and wonder what would have happened if someone walked in on me while I quickly jerked off or what the doctor and asst were thinking seeing me semi hard and did they ever talk about it? What did they say? I wonder if they see erections often. The fantasy in my head has the doctor telling me oh I see your hard why don't you pull it out and let us see.......I wish that really happened oh well.
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