My girls.

All my 4 girls are now tame not to mention my grand mom she was the worst I mean the friggen worst of all to tame but now after a hard long time fucking her and making her listen to me with all my spankings whipping her saggy wrinklie ass now she is my candy bitch to have fun at my will.
58% (9/7)
Categories: Taboo
Posted by yaman
4 years ago    Views: 1,901
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3 years ago
C'Mon Yama, Give us the Whole story... ALL of details involced with each of them!
My Big Cock's tingling with memories of my Own and with anticipation of reading ALL about Yours too!
J.P. in L.A.
3 years ago
All my girls does my cock well when i need it and want it they are ready to go and give it to me nice and hard as I please.!!!!
3 years ago
you should make some videos and post them on here.
4 years ago
As I fuck them more I will put more detail in my stories I mean every bit of details.
4 years ago
ditto Mickray
4 years ago
I sure wish you would take a little time to develope your stories.
4 years ago
I hope so Mikey1ra, it doesn't make very good reading as it stands.
4 years ago
there is alot more to this story