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It's the night of my wedding and my bride is waiting, spread and expectant. If I was going to invite 3 buddies to enjoy the new bride, why would I pick you? Let me know, in as much detail and dirt as you like. You can leave comments here or message me.

Posted by yahmil 2 years ago
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2 years ago
you need not have three friends, they would rather fuck themselves until they can no longer
she is a very sexy bride
2 years ago
lovely thought sam, and what would the wedding photographer being doing during this?!
2 years ago
I would tie her wrists to the bed head and make you stand at that end so you can see her face.I would then lick out her cunt from behind and finger her arse, before fucking her doggy style. I would get her to tell you exactly how it was feeling and how much she was enjoying my cock. I might let her suck you a little. Then I would slide my hard shaft into her nice tight curvy arse and begin to fuck it really hard until she was moaning so loudly...
Finally I would pull out and cum over her face, getting her to suck my cock clean for a bit of nice arse to mouth action....
2 years ago
really ur sooooooo lucky because u have wife with amazing ass...she did not needs 3 or 300 buddies to enjoy her.. she needs horse dick to fuck her from ass to her mouth