Strangers by the Pool - part 1

Jane was lying by the pool - the sun was blazing down on her and she couldn’t decide whether to take a dip in the pool or cover herself with sun cream. Sun cream was the option she decided, feeling too lazy to make any effort to exercise. She took the sun cream out of her bag, and slowly started to rub it on to her body, starting with her feet, slowly massaging it in, moving up her legs in long slow languorous strokes.

So engrossed in what she was doing she hadn’t noticed him until now, the most gorgeous sexy guy she had ever seen in her life, lying two sunbeds away watching her, his eyes watching every movement of her hands. He could feel the stirrings in his cock as he watched her hands massaging her legs, slowly, moving nearer and nearer to the top of her legs, her hands slightly touching her pussy, not intentionally, but then again – were they? He wanted to stop watching her but couldn’t. She glanced up and caught his eye again as he looked away and immediately knew the effect she was creating; she revelled in the power her body and movement had over this Adonis.

She moved on to cream her arms, again long slow strokes, up to her shoulders, up to her neck, down towards her breast, feeling the edge of her breasts as she massage the cream in. As she moved on to do her back, but without success, she looked up and saw him watching; he looked away, but then looked back again.
He wanted to offer to help; she looked at him wishing he would offer to help, but not wanting to appear too forward. He decided to make the first move.
He asked 'Hi – My name is Nick - Can I help?' she smiled and said 'I’m Jane - Yes please, if you don’t mind'
'I don’t mind at all' came his reply.

As he walked over to her, she saw his slightly hardened cock in his shorts. She responded to that immediately, the juices starting to flow through her body. She turned over and lay on her front and could hardly wait for the touch of his hands on her body. He sensed this and took his time putting the cream onto his hands, heightening her feelings. He moved one strap of her bikini to the side and then the other. She couldn’t believe how wet she was becoming, and this was before he even touched her, her clitoris tingling with the expectation of his touch on her body.

Finally after making her wait long enough, he started to massage the cream onto her back, slowly moving both hands together, the tips of his fingers slightly touching her breast at the side.
He was teasing and she knew it, massaging the cream into her back, slow deep strokes, his cock hardening at every touch, his fingers slightly touching her breast, now taking deeper strokes, fingertips reaching her nipples. He felt them harden at his touch, testing her to see if she would stop him, but she didn’t.

He moved his hands from her back - she was thinking - please don’t stop - He asked
'Would you like me to do your legs too?'
'Yes please' she replied, both of them knowing she had already done them, but not wanting to acknowledge the fact.

He rubbed the cream into her legs, matching his hands stroke for stroke, moving nearer to the
top of her legs. His cock was now wet, wanting. He touched the edge of her pussy, feeling how moist she was, his fingers starting to probe. She didn’t stop him…..she wanted him – badly.

His cock was so hard by then, his fingers feeling the wetness between her legs, and he slowly slid one finger inside her, rubbing her clit with his thumb. She could hardly keep still; there were people all around them, but too engrossed to see what was happening. He slid another finger inside her, they slid in and out so easily. He began to move them faster, she was taking short sharp breaths, the feelings so unbelievable, as he found the G-spot she never before knew existed. She felt herself coming; she couldn’t stop herself letting him bring her to an orgasm. He felt her coming, and slowed down, his fingers moving slowly and surely, feeling the waves of her orgasm flowing through her body. He kissed the base of her neck, long and lovingly, making the hairs on the backs of her arms stand up and goose-pimples run the full length of her long shapely legs – incredibly she came again, gently yet very, very powerfully.

She turned over and sat up, to see his cock bulging in his shorts right in front of her face as he swiftly moved backwards, nervous now that he had gone too far. One thing was sure - she wanted to give him the same pleasure he had just given her.

She stood up and took him by the hand, leading him to a secluded part of the poolside, slightly hidden away behind an overhanging willow tree. She sat down on a vacant sunbed, dragged him down until he was lying flat out on his back and removed his shorts, his hard cock quickly escaping and standing upright, menacing, beautiful and dominant in her mind. He looked at her in wonder and hope, as she looked on in total lust, knowing just what she had to do.

She bent her head and ran the tip of her tongue, up and down the length of his cock, round the
edge of his purple head, licking the pre-cum. As she moved her tongue back down, she slowly put her mouth around his cock, her mouth following her tongue down his hard shaft, deeper and deeper down her throat, his groan urging her on, his hand grabbing her hair to control her movements so he didn’t come too quickly under her expert ministrations.

She could feel his cock throbbing, pulsing in her mouth. If anybody could see them, they didn’t care,
lost in the passion of the moment, moving faster, she working her tongue on his cock, he pushing her head down, but gently, to guide her in the depth and speed of her actions. She could feel the build up of cum ready to explode from his cock, but didn’t move away, wanting to savour the moment – needing to feel him like never before in her life. He couldn’t and didn’t want to hold back any longer so he exploded, his cum spurting into her throat, wave after wave.
She swallowed it, devouring all he had to give, marvelling that for the first time in her life, she had actually positively enjoyed the f***e and emotion of his orgasm as he gave himself to her mouth. The f***e of his cuming made her come again, writhing against his hand, which had insinuated itself between her legs to tease and stroke her clitoris.

They looked at each other, and kissed, long, slowly and deeply, each tasting the cum on her lips. They didn’t talk, no other words were necessary as they walked away to their own sunbeds, because they both knew that was not the end of their encounter by a long way…………there would be more..........but that is for another day…..
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