A Threesome In The Woods

Lesley drove through the beautiful countryside in her new red convertible, with the top down and her short blonde hair tousled by the wind. She reflected on herself, her job as head of year at the local school, her goals and her new outlook on life.

She was well-educated, professional woman in her 40's. She felt more than satisfied with most aspects of her life. Except one.

For the past few years she felt the ever-increasing urge to treat herself better in one particular area. She felt that she had really neglected her own basic physical needs. Now, at the end of a long-term, and an unfulfilling relationship, Lesley found a void in her life, unlike anything she had felt before. After years of a quiet, tame sex life, she had discovered the passion and thrill, the total satisfaction, uninhibited sex gave her. And now, she was alone and able to enjoy her new-found freedom.

It was a beautiful September day, the last day before school resumed for the year, and that morning had been hectic with meetings and last minute preparations. Lesley was glad to be away from the school, away from the crowds. Finally, she reached her destination, a rather secluded, heavily wooded area away from the bustling city at the edge of a large lake, where she knew she could be completely alone. Driving slowly along the deeply rutted trail, Lesley kept her eyes peeled for just the right place to stop and enjoy the scenery.
Several miles into the woods, she spotted something that piqued her curiosity. Parked under a large pine tree at the edge of the lake, was a brand new moped with two helmets sitting on the seat. She would have to be aware that other people were in the area, and she so wanted to be alone.

Passing the bike, the tutor parked her car. Lesley was still dressed in her work clothes, so she grabbed a bag from the car and disappeared behind a large bush. She removed her high heels and carefully slid her black skirt over her hips. Then she removed her blouse, she stood in only her bra and thong.
Quickly, she removed her bra, smiling to herself as she noticed her nipples perked almost straight out in the slightly cooler air.

Hooking her fingers in the waist of her thong, she pushed it down, and stepped out of it, standing completely naked and enjoying her nudity.

From her bag, Lesley took a pair of cut-offs. Slipping and sliding the tight shorts slowly up onto her legs, over her thighs, she finally got them up far enough to fasten. But, just before fastening the shorts closed, Lesley hesitated and slid her right hand down between the tightly stretched material and her warm flesh as she manipulated her middle finger down into the deep crease of her vagina, and gently, lovingly stroked up and down and across her pussy lips, spreading them to touch her sensitive clitoris.

For several long minutes Lesley leaned back against a tree, her legs slightly spread apart, until she felt the approach of a climax; her pussy wet and hot on her fingers.

Lesley knew that going much further would soon bring her to one of her exhausting orgasms, and she did not want that just yet. So for the next few minutes, she was satisfied to simply crouch there and slowly work that intruding finger in and out, around and around.

Snapping herself out of her spell, she withdrew her finger, grasped the zip of those short-shorts and, inhaling and flexing in her stomach muscles, she was just barely able to bring the sides of the zipper together, and close it. She then reached for the thin, white t-shirt. Cut off just below her breasts, her brown hard nipples were clearly visible.

Finally, she raised her hand to her lips and nose, and with her slick tongue, she licked the remaining fluids from her long finger, bringing her a passionate shudder.

Picking up a small bag from the back seat of the car, Lesley then began walking into the dense woods, towards the lake. Walking in the wooded area, just off the beach, she heard a noise and then remembered the moped and two helmets. For the first time since she parked the car, it occurred to her that she wasn't alone. Stopping until her eyes became adjusted to the darker wooded area, she spotted a young couple.

From her position about 10 feet away, Lesley first saw only the young man. He stood next to a slanted, half fallen tree and was tall, slender, blonde and well tanned. She guessed his age at 22 or 23. From behind, Lesley could see that he was absolutely naked, his body moving slowly and evenly in the well controlled throes of sexual passion.

Then, in front of him, pressed firmly between his body and the leaning tree, Lesley spotted the girl.

Her body was half leaning against the tree, half suspended in the air. Lesley could see that the man was supporting the girl by holding her under each knee of her widely spread legs. The girl had her arms wrapped tightly around her lover's neck, and was being pressed against the huge tree trunk. From her position, Lesley could clearly see that her exposed pubic area was almost perfectly in line with that of the boy's, and as he evenly and methodically drove forward, retracted, and twisted and churned his lower torso and buttocks, Lesley could clearly watch his long, hard cock slashing up and into the girl's vagina.

The girl, who the man called Lisa, appeared to be several years younger than her lover, was a slender, auburn haired young lady, much smaller and less well developed than Lesley.

"Oh, Steve! Oh, Steve!" the girl moaned.

From her position behind and to one side of Steve, Lesley could closely watch those strong muscles working and flexing as he constantly drove and retracted that cock, in and out until Lesley could clearly hear the soft sucking sound as large quantities of their fluids oozed from between the girl's tightly filled labia, and occasionally dropped from his descending and swaying scrotum, until it caused his inner and upper thighs to gleam in the sparkling sunlight.
Lisa's head hung partially over her lover's shoulder, as she hung suspended between his body and the tree, feeling that thick, hot shaft working in and out of her sweat-soaked body, and smelling the overpowering odor of their love juices, and listening to the smack, smack sound as his perspiring body would slam against hers. Twice while Lesley was watching, the girl neared orgasm, raising her head and stretching her neck until the cords swelled, and shrieking "Oh, Steve!" with delight as she approached but did not quite reach that ultimate reward of passion.

From her position in the same clearing, barely 10 feet from them, Lesley naturally found herself sexually stimulated by the actions of these two young people. She made no effort to withdraw from sight. She set down her bag on the ground, and moving only a few feet, she leaned against another tree and raised one leg upon a low branch. Permitting her right hand to rest between her separated legs, she tugged the material of her shorts up slightly until she knew that her own highly inflamed vaginal lips were fully exposed. Lesley spread her pussy lips and, as before, began to use her middle finger to stimulate her clitoris, barely touching it, but bringing a great deal of pleasure to herself as she continued to watch Lisa and Steve.

It was then that Lisa, in her almost hypnotic daze, tried to focus her eyes on the vague image a few feet from her, and suddenly saw that they were not alone, that the image in front of her was not something from her imagination. Lisa then realized that it really was a woman next to them. And that in spite of them being total strangers, this lady was enjoying watching them to the point that she was openly masturbating.

For a few brief moments Lisa's feelings were temporarily forgotten as she was slightly shocked and surprised, and even ashamed at being discovered in this situation. She was on the verge of her best orgasm of the day, and only a few feet away, still unseen by Steve, was an older woman watching every move she and Steve made, with a beautiful smile on her face, and better still, standing there openly masturbating.

This all proved to be too much for the passionate young Lisa. The combination of her lover's penis pounding in and out of her, Steve's hairy chest rubbing against her sensitive nipples, and being watched and watching another was more than enough to bring the girl to orgasm. For minutes, Lisa was lost to her feelings, moaning and groaning in complete surrender and release.
Lesley, slowly, like a strip teaser, reached down and lifted her t-shirt over her head and dropped it to the ground. Her fingers reached for her dark, enlarged nipples and began to massage and stroke those tips until the nipples hardened. Lisa, beginning to recover, watched Lesley, who openly smiled at the younger girl, reach for the button of her short shorts, and unfasten them. Sliding down the zip until the wide "V" of her shorts fully exposed Lesley's sparse blonde pubic hair.

Lisa wailed with her passion now, a f***e unlike anything she had ever felt up to this minute. She grasped her lover around his head, and Lesley watched as the girl's body went wild. Although tiring from her orgasms and Steve's hard pounding, she was still able to churn and twist her lower torso up and down and around in an effort to cause herself to come again as fast and hard as possible.
"Ohhh Steve, ohhh Steve, make me do it, please make me do it", she cried, "I have to come right now! She's making me want to come right now!"

Thinking they were alone until that instant, Steve turned his head in the direction Lisa was looking and saw Lesley. He was just a fraction of a minute from bursting with a tremendous load of his sperm and was not about to stop. Still, in that brief few seconds he stared in disbelief at the almost naked woman standing so close. He took in the whole picture, seeing her highly aroused nipples, her exposed pussy. He watched as she spread her pink lips open to his look and buried two wet fingers up inside of her. He focused his passion-filled eyes on that woman's lovely hand as she shoved those fingers in and out of her pussy, while her left hand strained to keep those wet lips open.

This afforded both of the younger lovers the opportunity to observe how Lesley's clit, now completely exposed, was swiftly growing in size, and becoming darker and darker as the woman's sexual passions heightened.

Knowing she was the center of the lovers' attention, Lesley was going to be at her best and most outrageous. Time and again, Lesley slid her fingers slowly as deep into her dripping, hot pussy as she could, letting them remain for several seconds and enjoying the feeling of something hard inside of her. Feeling them becoming exceptionally warm and slick, she removed them, bringing them out into the open so that the two young lovers could see how they gleamed and shone in the soft sunlight as she brought them to her face, her own tongue curling around the fingers as she placed them in her mouth. Then closing her soft red lips, Lesley began sliding her fingers in and out.

This brought a loud groan from the young man, and Steve felt his knees quivering with weakness as he knew his climax was swiftly approaching.

Held firmly in the vise-like grip of her boyfriend, it was virtually impossible for Lisa to break loose from him. Almost bent double, the only part of her body she still managed to control was her lower torso, which in spite of being impaled upon that monstrous shaft of Steve's cock, she still managed to pump and switch those wide beautiful hips of hers around and around causing that shaft to work in and out its full length. Lisa humped time after time. The very end of that rod pounded into her, and then would withdraw almost its entire length.

Then Steve would flick his hips up and forward, driving that 8-inch penis, with its wide, spearhead shaped point well up into her sopping wet pussy.

Then it happened. Lisa went crazy for over a minute, screaming that she was `cumming' and her body went through a series of convulsions that almost threatened to cause her to fall to the ground as Steve almost lost his grip on her. Her body shook, trembled, and quivered as she went through one orgasm after another as she felt that cock surging ever so deeply into her vagina, and then slither almost all the way out, only to plunge in again and again.

Finally, with one long, low sigh, her body just seemed to go limp, and her arms fell from around her lover's neck as she lost all physical control of herself, and collapsed, pinned to the large tree, and held there only by the strength of Steve.

Fully aware of what was happening, Lesley stepped forward, and in such a way that she was able to wrap her strong arms around the younger woman, and hold her in that position.

With a beautiful smile on her face she looked deep into Steve's half glazed eyes as he also tried everything he could to approach his ultimate orgasm.

"Stop", she ordered, and to Steve's amazement, the older woman reached down and Steve felt her hand, firm and strong grasping around the base of his cock shaft as it was still beating a steady tattoo in and out of his lover. The suddenness of her move literally scared the young man, and the pressure of her fingers instantly `froze' the sexual feeling he was experiencing. In fact, that was now almost a complete loss of his climax as he felt her fingers skillfully shut that sensation off.

Then Lesley stepped closer, and holding Lisa under her arms, suggested to Steve that they lower the girl onto the ground, placing the much smaller, and almost u*********s girl onto the soft pine needles where she remained fully stretched out, looking wonderfully sexy and spent.

"Now come over here", ordered the adult woman, who at the same time, slowly lowered herself, first onto her knees, and then leaned forward until she was now almost horizontal on the ground.

Almost like a zombie, Steve took several steps towards the older woman as he was ordered.

Lesley smiled as she looked behind her, staring at that cock shaft of Steve's that in his excited state, it had swollen to the thickness of Lesley's wrist.
In a trance he followed the teacher's instructions, and fell to his knees a few inches behind her.

In this position, Lesley reached under her own stomach, and sighed with happiness as she again took that prick in her much more tender hand now, and gently and slowly the woman spread her legs wider and wider until she felt that cock head come closer and closer to her cunt, which in this position was a perfect target.

Steve growled as he fully realized what the more mature woman was ordering him to do. He had heard of making love `doggie' fashioned, and he fully desired to enter this woman's lovely body, working his penis deeply into her vagina from this position.

He circled one arm firmly around her waist in anticipation of having to use a little f***e to enter her body. He reached down for his cock, and depressed that arrow downward until he felt his cock head brushing against the fat, cum-soaked pussy lips, where he knew her vagina was and was just about to prepare to use f***e in entering her, when he felt that hand of hers again grasp his cock, and instead of merely steadying it for its entrance, he was surprised when she moved it--and of all places, upward!

The instant she had it in the exact position she desired, she leaned back slightly. Again Steve felt the flesh to flesh contact, but he was shocked to realize that his cock head was not in the vicinity of her pussy, but instead was pressing into the already well lubricated and willing rectum of the older woman.

"Ohhh, hell, she wants me to fuck her arse", groaned the young man. "Okay!" thought the young man as he felt his lover, crouched on her hands and knees beneath him, holding his rock hard cock in a perfect position to enter her ass. "She really wants me to fuck her in the arse."

And with that, Steve instinctively moved slowly and gently, feeling his cock head pressing into the soft warm recessed anus of his female lover. There was naturally a great deal of resistance in spite of the vast amounts of their `natural' lubricants, much of it having oozed from her vagina, and Steve's own cock covered with Lisa's wetness.

When he realized that she was not wiggling his cock head around anymore, figuring that she had that prick just where she wanted it, Steve grasped the stranger tightly around her slender waist, and began by applying just a little pressure. Moment after moment he increased his strength, feeling the pressure building up, causing his rock hard, 8 inch cock actually beginning to `bend' under the strain.

While the pressure was uncomfortable, it did not bring any pain to either, and in fact Lesley anticipated it and found more and more pleasure as she began to rotate her buttocks in tiny twists and circles until she gradually felt that spear-shaped shaft slowly but steadily working deeper and deeper into her arse.

Lesley had gotten into this position knowing exactly what she desired to do. Because, even though she was on her hands and knees, half standing up on her knees at times, just inches from her was the younger woman, Lisa, still laying on the soft pine needles, stretched out, her arms up over her head. At the same time Lisa lay there with her legs widely spread, so that when Lesley lowered her gaze, the older woman could clearly look directly into the region of the younger girl's vagina, still noticing that in spite of the removal of Steve's prick from her throbbing vagina, that there were still vast amounts of the young lady's orgasmic juices still oozing from those dark pink, and still aroused labia.

For several long moments, the woman concentrated on the muscular contractions of her own rectum, noticing that already her lover, Steve, was trying to establish a rhythm with his screwing, in order to f***e himself into her overly tight rectum. Once she recognized this rhythm, she concentrated, so that as he applied f***e, she would relax, he shoved she relaxed, he pushed she relaxed.

It did not take long while doing this. She soon groaned as she felt that wedge shaped cock head easing deeper, deeper into her. Once he began to penetrate, the super feeling of her muscles clenching ever so tightly around his cock proved too much, and the exceptionally strong lad grasped the older woman firmly around her waist with both hands, and with sounds coming from his mouth like he was almost ready to cry, he pulled, shoved, and jerked his hips, swiveling them until he cried with a loudness that he was afraid would wake the dead.

That was when the older woman perfectly coordinated her muscular contraction, and in a series of three hard lunges, Steve was shocked to feel his prick surge deep, deep into his lover until with a loud slapping sound, his perspiring belly smacked sharply against her wide, firm buttocks and Lesley could actually feel the kinky hair of his pubic area pressing deeply into the crease of her ass. His heavy balls slapped at the hot pussy.

"Ohhhh, Ohhhh, he's in, he's all the way in", she swooned as their bodies froze for several seconds, neither moving a single muscle. In that time she could feel the fullness of his cock deep in her ass, so unlike being screwed in her vagina. Hesitant to try this position for years, she was so surprised to discover she loved it when her ex-lover almost f***ed her to experiment with it.

With a sigh, her body slowly lowered onto her elbows, and she lowered her head lower and lower, her eyes focused now on the loins of that lovely young lady before her. Long before she lost her focus from being so close, Lesley caught that tantalizing odor of Lisa's and Steve's love juices that were still oozing from those fat, thick love lips.

Quickly Lesley took her left hand and using her long, slim fingers, she spread them apart, relishing in the smell and sight of now vast amounts of Lisa's orgasmic love juices trapped inside.

Instantly the older woman lowered her head the last few inches, allowing her tongue to slip from her mouth, and touch the soft, slick lining of the younger woman's vagina. Without any hesitation Lesley began to hungrily lap up every morsel of that delicious nectar that clung to the inner lips of the younger woman's vagina, transferring it to her own taste buds.

Within seconds of this action, there was a response from young Lisa, who slipped back to consciousness, feeling that wonderful sensation as Lesley's tongue licked and sucked that still enlarged clit of hers. Regaining her strength, Lisa raised her head and looking down at this amazing scene, and was both shocked but delighted at what was happening.

She could see the older woman's blonde hair as she was sucking and licking like a professional, bringing the young lady ever closer to yet more and possibly greater orgasms. Lisa could see how her own legs were being stretched wider and wider as the stranger gobbled her pussy, eating like she had not eaten in months.

Then Lisa could see the curvaceous body of the older woman, still on her hands and knees, stretched out, and where Lisa could see Lesley's full, heavy tits swinging and her legs splayed way out, there was Lisa's own lover, kneeling behind the older woman, crouched low over her back, both arms tightly wrapped around Lesley's waist, while his hips were beating a steady tattoo as he screwed his cock into her, super hard and fast.

From the angle Lisa had at first, nothing appeared unusual, but then as her eyes focused, Lisa began to realize just where her lover was screwing the woman. And just the sight of this was more then enough as Lisa felt her own feelings climbing higher and higher again. Instantly, Lisa spread her legs to the utmost, bracing her feet just under her own buttocks, and in this position the younger woman was able to brace herself, and was able to pump her buttocks upward, causing her female lover's tongue to slip past her super sensitive clit, and slide down to her vaginal opening where it could spear deep into her, bringing one cry of joy after the other.

At the same time, the taste, smell, and feeling the quivering of Lisa's body was more than enough to bring Lesley closer and closer to her own orgasm, and then to top that off, the feeling of Steve's cock, now battering in and out of her rectum like a huge, hot piston, rubbing the sensitive, slick walls of that back passage was really pushing the older woman `over the edge'. By skillfully manipulating the super strong muscles of her arse, Lesley was able to `suck' and `milk' the cock.

By now, the woods were filled with the sounds of the three lovers, each completely enclosed in their own world, unaware of the other as they strove for their final orgasms.

The first to come this time was Steve. The combination of both women, first Lisa's almost virgin-like pussy, her dramatic orgasm a few minutes ago, and now the sight of this new older lover, as Lesley licked and sucked Lisa was too much to endure. With a super effort, he grasped the woman with all the power in his strong arms, and yanking her back against him, he shoved with all the power he had, shoving that shaft up so deep into her rectum that it brought a long low cry of delight from Lesley's lips, in spite of her mouth being buried deeply in Lisa's vagina.

For a long moment Steve froze in that position, feeling that hot spunk flowing the length of his cock, and then with a burst, blast out into that arse, pumping, pumping glob after sticky glob. The feelings to Steve were so traumatic that his vision actually blurred, and he suffered spasms of feeling like he was passing out only to `come to' again. Then, slowly, he knew he was finished, his cock almost hurt, and gently he backed out of the woman's arse, finally falling backward onto his buttocks, eventually onto his back, completely exhausted from the ordeal of the two women.

In the meantime, young Lisa was again entering into a series of orgasms. This was her first woman-to-woman sexual affair, and while `unusual,' was by far one of the most completely satisfying. Never had any other boy or older man who had ever made love to her ever brought the total enjoyment that Lesley was bringing her now, as she felt the combination of Lesley's tongue in her vagina, Lesley's fingers roaming over her lower body, triggering sensations within the area of her own rectum, and her pussy.

Lisa was pumping her hips up and down at an almost impossible speed, trying to get the older woman to suck and fuck her harder and faster. She felt the combination just too much, and something simply exploded within her loins. She felt her vagina quivering, spasmodically jerking in an attempt to suck in that woman's tongue, and then her orgasms began, one after the other, until every inch of flesh simply ached. Lisa felt like she had fifty mouths sucking and licking every inch of her body. Then finally, with a long low cry, the girl again collapsed, this time her body simply going limp on the ground.

Now there was only Lesley left, and as her female lover was now incapable of continuing, and Steve lay limply behind her, Lesley now reached over for that small bag she had brought, and quickly opening it, she took out something she was never without. It was a huge, thick, 24-inch, double-headed, soft, rubber dildo.

In her present condition, there was absolutely no need for outside lubrication, so the woman simply stretched out slightly, her legs wide apart, and taking one end of that shaft in her right hand, while supporting the remaining length in her left, she swiftly began to rub that tip up and down, in and out of her own vagina feeling the already vast amounts of her own love cream coating that shaft until it was gleaming in the soft light.

Slowly at first, but faster as it became more lubricated, Lesley worked that cock deeper and deeper into her. But there was no doubt now that it would not be long before the `final act' was about to happen. Already the woman was pumping her hips up and down, rotating them around in a circular motion, causing that artificial prick to massage every possible part of her sexual organs. And it was possible for Lesley to manipulate that rubber tool in such a way that brought almost perfect reactions from her. No man could control the feelings like she could herself.

Harder now she masturbated, deeper she used that shaft, twisting and rotating it so that the rough ridges and bumps of it massaged every inner part of her pussy, bringing her still closer.

Lisa rose up on her elbow now, watching in amazement as she saw this for the very first time, but still thrilled in recognizing the feeling Lesley was going through. At the same time, with a tinge of macho jealousy, Steve watched that shaft doing something he might not quite be able to keep up with. But he had to admit, it sure was a turn on.

With a grunt, sigh, and cries of delight, Lesley would shove that prick deeply into her, freeze for several long moments, and then start over again like a machine gun. Then she would masturbate slowly, swirling that tube around like a top, and then freeze again as she experience one terrific orgasm after the other.

Then, much like Lisa had twice already, Lesley went limp, fell backwards, and then while still fucking herself hard, arched her belly up into the air, shoving that rod nearly half way into her, and then with a soft groan, the woman collapsed, her hands falling away from that rod, and laying open at her sides, while her legs splayed wide open as she had enjoyed just about the best orgasm yet. The dildo still planted deep in her pussy and sticking up in the warm air.
Lesley's orgasm was monumental, and she knew she would need a few minutes to recover, before resuming with the young couple; but she had to relax for a few minutes.

Instead, Lesley fell asl**p and awoke alone in the woods - the young lovers gone forever. Lesley removed the dildo, dressed and walked back to the car with a sense of hurt and disappointment hanging over her. She had hoped the day could have gone on and on.

Imagine everyone's surprise the next day, when Lesley walked into her first class and saw Lisa and Steve sitting in the first row! It was the start of a very unusual year for all of them.

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xcellent writing and a good story