The Train Journey – Part 2

It is Friday……9pm on the nail, as I walk up the stairs to her penthouse apartment in a beautifully restored regency building, just off Mayfair.

I knock on her door and she opens it slowly – beckoning me to step into the hall. I see that she has on a tight, red, figure hugging dress with little on underneath, judging by her silhouette in the light, and this thought sends a little shiver up my spine.

Taking my hand, she smiles and leads me into the sitting room, closing the door behind us. I can see the room is lit only by candles and there are s**tter cushions all over the floor. The candles are scented and a soft, sweet, musky, smell fills the air.

Moving closer towards me she takes hold of my hands and leans against me – her lips brushing against mine.

“I hope the room looks O.K.,” she says.

I can hardly speak as my mouth is so dry, and her body is pressed so tightly against me, but I eventually manage to mumble, “It’s looks wonderful – that guy you met in London would die if he knew what he was missing”.

Smiling again, she slips her arms around me and pulls me harder into her. I grasp her back and pull her tighter against me in turn, my hands gliding up and down her back as we kiss deeply and passionately. I take hold of that pair of firm round buttocks, so infinitely memorable from our train journey, and cup them gently in the palms of my hands, lifting her up on her stiletto heels and pulling her belly hard against the shaft of my cock, growing ever more erect inside my trousers.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm” – she whispers into my ear, “That feels good”.

“It’s all yours” I reply.

We continue to kiss and caress each other’s bodies, as I slowly open the zipper in the back of her dress. Easing it off her shoulders I slide it down to reveal those firm, rounded breasts, with the nipples thrusting out, warm and semi-erect. Now it’s my turn to say “Mmmmmmmmm”, as I lean down and kiss each one in turn, letting my tongue flick backwards and forwards across her nipples making them ever hotter and more erect, if that were indeed possible.
I continue to slide her dress down over her waist, down her thighs and onto the floor, revealing her red, silk thong covering her chastity. A soft moan escapes from my lips as I take in the beauty of her body and let my hands slide up the outside of her thighs to rest gently on her hips.

Reaching down, she takes hold of my belt buckle; slowly unfastening it she removes my belt and start to unbutton my pants. I’m kissing her again now….my hands drink in the feel of her satin-smooth skin as they continue to caress her body. My pants are now undone…they drop to the ground and I step out of them, kicking off my deck-shoes as I do. I have on a pair of black trunks and my cock is pushing hard against the material as it overcomes the tension in the Lycra in its rush to get erect.

My fingers are under the elastic of her panties now and I slowly slide them over her thighs, sinking to my knees as I slide them down her legs, my tongue tracing patterns down her breast, over her belly and onto that soft mound, beautifully shaven, with lips already damp from the wetness of her pussy.

My tongue continues its journey as it slides along those sweet soft pink lips of her pussy, my fingers now squeezing the firm cheeks of her butt as I lick her. Her fingers are in my hair as I continue to lick her pussy and I grasp her thighs to gently pull her down onto the floor with me, laying her back onto the cushions as I do so.

She looks gorgeous laid there before me, her body glistening in the candlelight. There is the merest hint of nervousness playing around the corners of her mouth, completely sublimated by the look of raw anticipation of what is surely to come in her beautiful sexy green eyes, as she looks at me….questioningly.

Leaning over, I start to kiss her again, my fingers caressing her breasts and then on down her belly onto her pussy where they slide slowly along those soft wet lips. She starts to moan quietly, writhing around on the cushions, as my fingers work on her pussy, my lips fastened to her nipples.

Just as I think I have taken control of the situation, she pushes me aside, and reaches across to feel the outlines of my cock through the thin material of my trunks…

“Time to release that” she mumbles and slowly eases off my trunks, pushing me backwards to lift my hips, throwing the discarded underwear into the corner of the room. Her fingers wrap greedily around me, exploring, teasing….easing back my foreskin to reveal the full glory of that hot, purple crown.

“I want that” she says….”I want that…..badly…”.

Pushing me down onto my back, she leans over and starts to flick her tongue around the head of my cock. Gently easing it into her mouth she sucks it slowly and deeply as I moan softly and then more loudly as I feel her lips around the shaft drawing the passion from my core. Releasing my cock from her mouth, I feel her tongue sliding down the shaft and onto my balls, sucking each one in turn as her fingers now play with my cock, making it even larger and more erect.

Her tongue moves up from my balls and back along the shaft of my cock to the crown and I feel her lips close around it again. I can feel her tongue flicking the end, as she sucks it into her mouth until she has my full length held inside. Her lips start to slide up and down the shaft whilst her tongue licks my eye, causing me to squirm in barely restrained lust. Faster and faster the movement, my cock responding with little jerks and throbs as she continues to work her magic on it.

Realising that I’m about to come she licks faster and sucks harder until I can keep it back no more. With a deep groan slipping from the corner of my mouth, my prick leaps and jumps and I disgorge my cream into her mouth. She gags slightly, but keeps going until she has extracted every last drop from me, before pulling back to enjoy the myriad of expressions crossing my face as my body twitches in the aftermath of the most amazing orgasm.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmm” I moan – “That was wonderful, but what about you”?

“I’m sure you will think of something”, she says with a smile.

Lifting myself up I slowly guide her back onto the floor again, to let my tongue caress her ears, neck and lips. Kissing her deeply, I can taste the saltiness of my cum in her mouth and it makes me feel horny again. My hands are on her breasts, my fingers tracing patterns all around her nipples, gently pulling and squeezing as they pass over them.

I let my lips travel down her neck and onto her breasts, taking each nipple in turn and sucking it into my mouth, my hand sliding down the smooth flesh of her belly until it feels the soft shaven skin on the mound above her pussy. Sliding my hands across the hair, I gently squeeze her pussy and let my fingers slide slowly up and down the hot, moist lips.

She resists momentarily, and then opens her legs wide, so that my fingers can get full access to that soft pink flesh and I gently slide a lone finger into her beautiful pussy…..very, very slowly…letting her feel it sliding in, until it is buried deep inside. Pulling back very slightly, I insert a second finger into her pussy, letting them move together as they venture slowly inside, until they are completely encased by those soft wet lips.

Finally leaving her nipples, my tongue starts to trace a line down her belly and across her pubic bone, my fingers still in her pussy as my tongue reaches out to very gently tease her clitoris, which is starting to protrude from its hood in response to my ministrations.

Taking it incredibly carefully between my lips, I slowly suck and flick the very end, as my fingers slide in and out of her pussy. I can feel her back arching; her legs writhing around, as I continue to work on her.

“Oh my God” I hear her moan “I’m going to come”.

“I hope so” I reply, “that’s the objective of the exercise”.

The tips of my fingers have now found her ‘G’ spot and are pressing hard against it, as my teeth and lips continue to work on her clitoris.

“OHHHH YEESSSSS” she cries out “Stopppppp……….Don’t………Please don’t stop”.

I move my fingers harder and faster now, my lips sucking ever more urgently. Suddenly she seems to lift up off the floor and with a huge gasp, she comes all over my fingers. I can feel the creamy fluid on them as I work them in and out. She grabs my wrist……..holds it rigidly in her hand, occasionally moving herself against my palm, prolonging the moment, driving her to another climax, and then another, before relaxing to enjoy the sensation as my tongue moves, ever more gently against her…..

Now I can taste her, as the juices reach my lips and I greedily lick them up, enjoying the smooth creamy flavour of her ejaculate, before returning to kiss her passionately, allowing her to taste her own juices from my mouth as we slide gently into that post-orgasmic bliss.

We curl up together; my arm across her, cupping one of her breasts, feeling the passion slowly subside – just for the moment….we both know there is more to come.

With an occasional gentle kiss, we lie there for quite some time, letting the wonder of the moment wash over us.

“Shall we have a shower”? she wonders aloud.

“That could be fun” I reply, and standing up, I slowly help her to her feet, putting my arms around her and pulling her tight against me

“But only if we can soap each other”

“That’s the idea” she replies, her lips chuckling gently against the corner of my mouth. “Give me two minutes and then it’s the door to the right at the head of the landing.


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1 year ago
hot story, on my way to #3
1 year ago
Great continuation. Hope there's a part 3