The Train Journey – Part 1

It is a muggy day in July and my company have asked me to go to London for a few days to resolve a number of issues, which are causing immense problems with one of the live computer systems we designed and built for our customer.

As I board the 6:45am to Marylebone, I catch sight of a very attractive dark-haired lady boarding through the next doorway, but into the same carriage. We both head down the aisle towards one another until we meet at a face-to-face table seat at exactly the same time.

“Do you mind if I join you?” I say with a smile “I promise I am house trained and I don’t bite!”

“Pity….” Was the response as she smiled from underneath inordinately long eyelashes framing very sexy green eyes.

As the train pulls away from the station, we slowly appraise one another, and then fall into the sort of small-talk that typifies a long-distance train journey, becoming, little by little, more comfortable and flirtatious in each-other’s company. As we test and tease one another, it becomes apparent that we are both in some sort of relationship, but also I get the impression that her relationship is unusual, and that, further, she is attracted to me, as I am to her.

The swaying of the train and constant vibration has kicked off the merest hint of sexual excitement in her body, unbeknown to me; her nipples swelling and lower lips pouting as the moisture seeps gently into her knickers. Without realising it, my body language is getting ever more provocative, one leg stretched out to occasionally rub against her nylon-clad legs, as if by accident. She reciprocates under the table, sliding her calf up the side of my shin, the movement giving me the merest audible hint of expensive silk lingerie rustling under her smart charcoal skirt-suit.

As we become ever more intimate with the information we impart to one another, she reveals to me that she is on her way to London to meet a guy with whom she has made contact via the Internet, but has never before met. I see she notices the merest hint of a disappointed sigh from me, as I recognise that this is one opportunity that will never reach reality.

With great regret, we both realise that the train is fast approaching Marylebone. “Have a great time” I venture “I hope it works out for you”.

“We’ll see” is her only response, as we alighted from the train.

It is two days later……….I arrive in a rush as the train is about to leave the station, and dive into the last available seat in the carriage, the rearward facing seat in a pair of a face-to-face table seat. As I retrieve my laptop from its case, I look up………slowly the flustered expression on my face is replaced with a rather enigmatic smile.

“Well……..hello again”

“Hi…… are you?” the reply comes from the same attractive dark-haired lady with whom I had shared a carriage two days previously.

“I’m fine………listen I’ve got to ask, because you really piqued my curiosity, how did your date with the Internet guy go?”

“It was OK, but to be honest, I didn’t give it best because I had something on my mind”, she replies innocently.

“Ohh… disappointing for you………No great sex then?” I teased.


“Pity” I respond

“I don’t think so…” she mumbles under her breath, almost inaudibly.

We drift into the same teasing flirtatious conversation that had existed between us during the previous journey we previously shared, until with a sigh of barely restrained lust, I ask if she would like a drink, take her order for a small gin & tonic, and wander off down the aisle to find the bar.

There is a long queue, and presently she appears next to me, stiletto heels clicking along the aisle into the buffet car, tucking herself in tight to the wall I am leaning on, swaying gently against me with the movement of the train.

“Wondered where you had got to”

“Needed a blast of cold air to clear my head” I replied.

“Don’t you want to know why my Internet date was such a wash-out?” she asks.
“Errr…yes if you want to tell me”

“Well I told you I had something on my mind……the something was actually a someone..…you!” she replies.

With that, she slides seductively closer and closer to me, until we are face to face, with her left thigh buried deeply between mine, her stocking-clad thigh pressing into my groin to feel the instantaneous reaction her disclosure has triggered.

Her hand wanders around my back, to squeeze my buttock, and then she grabs my hand, and slowly, but ever so firmly, pulls me towards, and then into the toilet close by. This is a modern train, and the cubicle is of a decent size, designed to be available to both able bodied and disabled travellers, so there is plenty of room, but she has no intention of there being any more space between us than necessary.

No further words are necessary. She drops to her knees, opens my flies and takes my enormously hard cock into her mouth, sucking feverishly to ensure it was at its best, before turning round leaning on the basin and lifting the back of her skirt. At this point I realise that she has either travelled without knickers, or removed them at some stage during the journey.

“Fuck me….now….hard” The only words spoken in that private, yet public place.

I slip two fingers into her pussy from behind, just to make sure she is ready to receive me….foolish because she is literally dripping with excitement, and then in one swift, unbelievably erotic push, I am inside her to the hilt, rubbing the crown of my cock against the top of her vulva. I grab her hips and start to pump as though it was possibly the last fuck I am ever to get in this life…………..or was it the first for a long, long time, she wonders in that fleeting moment before all sensibility leaves and her orgasms start.

I think she manages four, before the ever-swelling head of my cock signals to her pudenda that I am about to come – She reaches behind her to pull my hips, ensuring that there will be no last-minute withdrawal and with that last pull, I come, splattering her insides with hot, steamy, slippery spunk and bringing a fifth and final orgasm to her already shaking legs.

“Wow!” I utter, speechless and breathless.

“Shhh………don’t say another word – just come to this address at 9pm on Friday. I need to see you again”

With that, she stands upright, flick a calling card from her handbag to pass to me, runs two fingers inside her vulva to repossess some of our combined juices and licks it off her fingers, before straightening her skirt and leaving the cubicle.

When I return to my seat she is gone – the train having passed her stop.

I spend the next two days in an agony of indecision….should I call? What could I expect? Was this all a cruel wind-up? But by Friday my mind was made up and I arrive at the appointed time

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