Mom Wants Wants To Have My Baby

A 46 year old woman is desperate waning a baby, she
gets more then she bargained for when her breasts fill
up with milk. In need of some help with her breasts,
she turns to her only son, who helps her in more ways then just one.

Mary couldn't believe it. This was now her third
46 years old friend who had become pregnant in her
neighbourhood. Her friend had announced that she was
expecting over lunch, to the delight of her two other
heavily pregnant friends. Mary didn't want to admit
it, but she was jealous.

She never felt more sexy than when she was pregnant
with her only son, Chris, and since the
passing of her husband, she hadn't had a man in years
to give her that f****y of c***dren that she
wanted. Mary desperate wanted a baby.

At 5 foot 8, she had a voluptuous figure, with DD-cup
breasts, a perfect ass that stood out from the rest of
her body, thin with beautifully tanned skin, who would
of guessed she was a 46 year old single mother.

Mary decided that some shopping could cheer her up
and so she went out to the mall to see if there was
anything sexy she could buy to help her feel better
about her self.
"The maternity department is out back, this store is
to helping people get pregnant"

"Oh? And how exactly do you help them?"

Take these for example." The woman behind the
counter reached down underneath the desk and pulled out
a pair of deep red bra and panties.

"These panties are designed to make you more fertile
and more attractive to the opposite sex, the bra
induces milk production enlarging the breasts to
make them appear more attractive too"

Mary thought about it for a second, and decided she
had to buy them bra and panties... she knew her ass would look good in those thong
style panties.

"I'll buy them!"

Mary couldn't believe how well the bra and panties
hugged her frame! The bra made her breasts look bigger
then usual and the panties left very little to the
imagination. She figured she couldn't strut around all
day in just her bra and panties and that she better
slip something on before her 22 year old son got back
from school.

But before she did that, she thought she might go
outside by the pool. She wanted her
entire body brown so she sun baked in just her bra and

"Mom, Mom! Are you alright?"

"Huh?" Mary replied sl**pily not realising she had
dozed off sun baking.

Suddenly Mary noticed, her breasts were almost a
half size bigger and some very dark wet spots had begun
to appear near the end of her bra; Then it hit her -
She had milk.

"Oh my god Uh, I'm fine Chris, I'm fine, just been
swimming a bit.

"Ok Mom, just checking to see if everything was

"I know honey, now go finish your homework for me."

When Mary was sure that Chris was upstairs, she took
of her bra and got the shock of a lifetime; Her breasts
were huge, and her nipples had become much browner and
larger. There was quite a lot of milk leaking from her
nipples. Ah her nipples, she couldn't understand why
her nipples were so sore, then she remembered. When a
woman is producing milk it has to be suckled otherwise
it just results in pain.

Mary didn't have a breast pump because she never
needed one with Chris, as he was always eager for her
milk when he was a baby. It took the best part of four
years to get him to stop suckling from her breasts.
Then she thought to herself. Would her son still be
eager for his mother's milk?

The thought of her son suckling from her again created
another wet spot in her lingerie, thought not in her
bra. Her breasts were now killing her, and she had no
other choice but to ask her son to help her.

"Chris, could you come down here for a second?"

"Coming! Yes mom what do you need?"

"Honey I need you to do a big favour for mommy?"

"Sure mom anything!"

"Honey, I have... I have milk again and I don't have a
breast pump to relieve the pressure on my tits, do you
think you could suckle the milk just like you used to
for mommy, please?"

"SURE MOM, I'd LOVE to!!"

Surprised, and overjoyed at her son's eagerness, she
took him by the arm and lead him to the sofa. She
placed some pillows behind her and then told her son to
lay down on top of her. Feeling a man's skin touch her
own was incredibly arousing for her and she simply told
him, "Take off my bra baby and suck mommies milk!"

Chris wasted no time, he had long dreamed of one day
suckling milk out of his mother's breasts again and
finally he was living out that dream. He removed her
bra and basked in the glory of his mothers swollen
breasts. They were much larger then use to be, and his mom
was a big breasted woman, he could also see small
droplets of milk coming from each nipple.

"Please Chris, suck mommies milk! Please, I need it so

Chris took one of his mother's breasts and
finally his mouth was flooded again with his mother's

"Oooh, baby, that is so good, please keep suckling

Chris continued to suck the sweet warm milk from mom, loving every drop of the sweet mothes nectar.
He could hear moaning coming from his mother, and it
was at this time he noticed that she had slipped a
finger through her panties and was finger fucking

"Oooh, please baby, suck mommies other tit! Please
baby, ohh!"

Chris moved to his mother's other engorged breast and
began sucking the life out of it too.
Chris began rubbing his mother's ass with one hand, and
began rubbing his dick through his pants with the

"Oh god, this feels so good! Oh ohh, please Chris I
NEED you! Come inside mommy!"

Pushing her son off her a little, Mary began taking
his pants off desperate to see her sons member.

"Mom! I want more milk!"

"Oh honey, ohh baby your gonna get more milk! Your
gonna get more then just your mommies sweet milk from
now on! Now come on and fuck your mommy!"

With his shaft now free, Chris leaped back onto his
mother as she helped guide his big hard dick head to her
opening, and with a quick flip of her fingers, she had
moved her panties and her son was now insider her!

"OH MY GOD! OOOH, fuck me CHRIS!!! Fuck your mommy's
pussy! Ooh, ooh! Drink mommies milk baby!"

Chris bucked at his mother while he was sucking her milk
from her, he was desperate for more of this sweet milk,
and then it hit him, how on earth did his mother have
milk again anyway?

"Mom, how come you have milk all of a sudden?"

"Ohh, because baby, oh my god that's good, oh, cause
I'm... I'm trying to have another baby! If I have
another baby, I'll have more and more milk for you!"


"Ahh oohh, yeessss babby?"

"I'm gonna make sure you have another baby!"

"OH GOD IM COMING!! AH FUCK ME! Fuck mommy, give mommy
a baby Chris! Make mommies belly get big with your
baby! Ohh ohh yess!!"

"Here it comes mommy! Here comes your baby, the baby
that's gonna make that belly swell and those titties
even bigger, here it is mommy! My baby!!"

"OH MY GOD OOOHH!!" Mary screamed out in ecstasy as
her own son came deep with in her, impregnating her

They laid there for a long while, son's dick in
mother's pussy.

"Oh honey you've made me so happy, I can't wait to be a
mommy again! From now on your sl**ping in my bed, I
want you to keep me as filled up with your come as much
as you can until I'm sure that I'm pregnant."

"Oh mom, I love you so much, I cant wait till your

"Neither can I, please suck my tits baby, mommies got lots of
milk again."

9-months later

"Mom, I'm home!"

"Upstairs baby!" Mary shouted out to her loving

Chris raced upstairs to his mother and was a little
taken when he got her room.

"Come fuck your sexy pregnant mommy!"

Mary was now 9 months along with her sons baby, and
like most pregnant women, she was now hornier then
ever. Her tits were almost D cups now, her proud belly
never looked so sexy. She was so big now she didn't
even bother with wearing a bra or even wearing panties,
besides they restricted access to her son.

"Oh mommy you're so beautiful!"

"I'm so horny honey! Ever since I've started showing, I
just cant get enough of you inside me! I bet your
really proud aren't you? Seeing your mother's belly
growing knowing that you're the reason for it all. You
know this baby is growing inside of the exact same
belly that you grew in? And the baby is going to drink
the exact same milk that you drank?"

Mary was teasing her son, trying to get him to fuck
her even though she didn't have to try hard to get the
desired effect.

"Oh mom, I want to fuck you so bad, but I'm so
thirsty I Need milk."

"Oh? Well I can help you with that!" Mary arose off
the bed wearing only a blue see through gown that was
opened giving Chris a full view of his mothers swollen
belly, tits and pussy.

"Come here baby and drink up!"

Chris closed his mouth around his mothers now hugely
swollen breasts and began to suckle her warm milk, all
the while feeling his mothers expansive belly, a belly
full of the baby he had given her.

"oohh Chris Please, I need you baby, I need you inside
mommies pregnant pussy!"

Chris didn't say a word, he just eased her back onto the
bed and removed his pants.

"Oh yes honey please! Fuck your pregnant mommy! Make
mommy even more pregnant! God, when I have this one out
baby I want you to give me twins! Fuck me!!"

Chris rammed his dick home into his mother's pregnant

"Ohh god yes, fuck me! Fuck your mommy's pregnant
pussy! Oh god I'm so big with your baby!"

"I love your belly mommy, I'm gonna keep you pregnant
for years to come!"

BIG PREGNANT MOMMIES PUSSY!!" Mary screamed as she
gave in to her climax.

"Ahh, I'm gonna cum mom! I'm gonna give you even more
babies! C'mon mommy!"

"OH MY GOD!!" Mary looked at her belly and it was
swelling even more!


"AHHHH!" Chris blew his load deep inside his pregnant
mother and her belly began to grow even more! She
sighed as her son left her pregnant pussy.

"Oh my god Chris, I think you've given me more then
just one baby" Mary said as she rubbed her hands
across her hugely pregnant belly.

"Oh my..."

"What is it mommy?"

"I think my water just broke!!" Mary said, as her
breasts erupted with milk!

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1 year ago
1 year ago
MOther ought to be good for several more pregnancies! She's wanting twins after their first child due any time! Mary (Mother) and Chris (Son) as parents together for their first child; Mary with her second child/her first grandchild and Chris with his first child and a new sibling. It appears there is a long-term "wife and husband" family relationship that was consummated nine months ago, and they're attempting to add more building blocks of love and children!!! A most beautiful of any and all possible love stories--a mother and son incestual love connection punctuated with a pregnancy desperately wanted by both soon-to-be new parents!!
1 year ago
2 years ago
Beautiful, beautiful. Another month or two and it'll be time to start working on impegnating mom/grandmother again.
2 years ago
great story
2 years ago
Great story. I wish it was legal!
2 years ago
That was a very hot story thanks for posting. I would love to try breast milk as I fuck a pregnant woman.
2 years ago
yes just like me and my mom..we have a baby together..i love her so much
2 years ago
2 years ago
Wonderful story of your mom's needs write more of her desires.