First older woman

Like most guys my age I had always fantasised about being with an older woman and I wasn't exactly having the best of luck finding a willing woman in day to day life, so I decided to join a dating site.

After weeks and weeks of messing about I finally found a woman who seemed to be willing. We began talking online with the usual small talk, and me, being quite a straight shooter expressed my desire to be with an older woman. We continued talking until, one night, out of the blue she invited me over.

I of course accepted and excitedly and anxiously headed over. I arrived at her house to find her wearing a floral gown, about knee high. She was mid 40's about 5'5-5'6 I believe and around (154lbs), with short blonde hair. We chatted a little at first to get comfortable with one another, first in the kitchen, then heading to the bedroom and laying down on the bed to get a little.

Paula decided to sit on top of me as I lay down, and I was down with talking. I undid her gown going straight to her breasts which were a DD cup and pulling them out of her bra. I threw her onto her back and began sucking and biting her Hard nipples, while my other hand fondled her breast. She instructed me to take my pants off, and I did the same to her revealing her pussy, which I quickly shoved my two fingers deeply into. I pounded into her with my fingers as she let out soft moans of pleasure. I decided to switch things up and dove head first in, ferociously alternating licking her lips and clit. I would lick, then finger her and this sequence continued for quite a while.

As my pace quickened I noticed Paula starting to buck, but unfortunately she stopped herself from coming and grabbed my cock. Paula lay me down and began to swirl little circles around my cock, following that she started to stroke my cock bobbing up and down on the head. I lay back, as Paula continued bobbing up and down pumping my cock.

Paula suddenly stopped, looked me in the eyes and asked me 'What do you want to do?' I replied ' I want to fuck you'. Paula lay back legs spread Wide apart and I entered her, missionary. I slowly began pumping into her and watched on, my arousal levels growing as I heard her moans and saw her head bend back in pleasure. My pace was quickening and I raised both her legs, one on each shoulder as I plowed into her exploding Deep inside her
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1 year ago
You left US hanging
2 years ago
3 years ago
great & more please but better details
3 years ago
I got lots more to tell:)
3 years ago
I hope this wasnt the only time and you have more to tell