The Reason I Am A Slut, Why I Love It, And Why I A

The Reason I Am A Slut, Why I Love It, And Why I Am Proud To Be A Whore

by, Tryce D Ankrom

As of 3/15/2012 @ 3:10 am I am becomming a full time slut and whore, with the sole intent of being sexually abused and taken advantage of by as many willing people as possible to be displayed for all to see, enjoy and lust for themselves; and the reason why is because of a personal experience that became a full blown erotic, risky lifestyle and temptation that overwhelmed my soul in just the events of the last three yrs with my older slut whore wife/cousin explained below:

Every since my mothers s****r's oldest son and oldest daughter fondled me as a c***d, I have had an overwhelming desire for sex of any kind. I have never been a gay man, but have had many encounters during orgies, swingers parties, and other group sex. The most seductive and alluring temptation for me is the perfect slut and whore who happens to be the oldest daughter mentioned above. Keep in mind, the oldest son is 8 yr..s older than me and the oldest daughter is 7 yrs. older than me. The son first took advantage of me when I was 7 yr.s old and continued off and on over the years till I was 15 yr.s old. then when I was 17 yrs. old the daughter (hottest, most seductive, full blown hotel cheating i****t slut whore wife swinger lesbian milf anal pussy pounding public d***k bitch first cousin of all time) took the most wonderful advantage of me at her s****r’s house while her s****r watched. I guess that is why I have always liked older women. From then on I was a hooked and certified nympho. But I kept it hidden from my parents and immediate f****y who are Pentecostal Preachers until one day about 3 yrs. ago when that same (hottest, most seductive, full blown hotel cheating i****t slut whore wife swinger lesbian milf anal pussy pounding public d***k bitch first cousin of all time) called and said she was leaving CA on a road trip and wanted to stay with my folks for salvation. I told my mother that she would not be happy at their house and suggested she stay with me. She came (and came and came and came) right over and immediately wanted to fuck everything. She pulled a train that was for the record books. She begged me to keep bringing any age man or boy in for her to fuck and for me to come in after each one to personally lick, suck, share and swallow all of the cum from her mouth, throat, pussy and asshole and to then lick her whole body clean and then immediately bring her another cock with a lot of cum for all her pleasure holes. After over 72 hrs. of non- stop slutty whore action by many many cocks and one cock craving sexy slut, she wanted me to give her men and women so she could get DP while eating pussy. With all of my friends from the bar, it was easy to find plenty of willing participants to give a slut whore cum craving cock hungry nymph the hard sloppy sex pounding she craves. then she sl**ps for two days and has her boyfriend come out to my house in MO to visit for a three way with me and then tells me her youngest daughter (22 at the time) is mine and I need to leave everything (house, furniture, friends, and f****y) and move to CA with her to be a threesome and live as her husband. But to go I had to tell my parents that we are cousins that fuck, love i****t, are living as man and wife in a three way relationship but I cannot tell my daughter I am her father. I could not act as her lover or husband as far as anyone at her job knew or certain business people in CA knew, but everyone else I had to be overly open and not get her caught with work. This demanding and overly blatant shock value to f****y and discrete public appearances with her employer really turned us both on. She could never be happy with my lack of income yet she loved my cock and the fact that I was, am, and always will be her little boy cousin she gets to fuck, take advantage of and demand I do anything she wants for her personal pleasure like a fuck slave. I would have to shave her pussy, legs, give messages, cock on demand (mine, others, lick, suck and swallow clean her pussy from sloppy cum of all types that has been sticky and stinking in her asshole and pussy from her day of cheating, slutting, whoring, and fucking anything she pleases including a****ls) when she would come home; but could not ask for a blow job or to fuck her unless she wanted me to since her bowels, pussy, asshole and throat was sore for all day pounding cock, cum, and sticky dildos. She really is the perfect little f****y slut devil. She turned me into a total sex freak. She even took a very large almost square floating pool thermometer and fucked me in the ass one night in the hot tub as hard if not harder than I have ever seen anything fucked. It hurt bad when she rammed it in without any lube or help of any kind in my very small virgin asshole. Then as she kept pounding and ramming this huge square floating pool thermometer over 14” long althe way up to her fist placed all the way at the end in my asshole more and more. Faster and faster. Harder and harder while I scream and moan like a slut whore bitch while the neighbors listen, my cock got so hard without even one touch and I shot out so much sperm that even on my hands and knees I found myself screaming for her to fuck me more and harder like she always does. I really really loved it and turned me on so much the cum shot straight up my chin so hard it sprayed and sloppily covered my lips, face, eyes, and even filled my nostrils. As it hung and lingered on my face I could not help myself but to lick and slurp as much of my own cum into my mouth and even blew my cum packed nostrils clean into my lower lip and began to slowly play and swallow nearly 10 oz of fresh healthy sperm. She told me my new sex slave command was when I wanted to fuck her in the ass I had to be able to take it in the ass as hard and as much as she does. This was how she got me to like being a sex slave slut and to also want and enjoy something ramming me in my ass when I masturbate or have orgies. It really increases the climax and the amount of sperm that gets released. It also changed to to like to play, swallow, and lick my own cum. Then the craving to suck cock and other sperm came very naturally for me. Her sinful, risky, slutty, whore ways changed my life. I can fuck all day and all night, with anyone or anything now and be able to keep a hard dick and cum repeatedly taking many hours between each climax. I crave sex constantly, feeling like I may not be able to function if I do not at least jack off multiple times daily if no one is around to fuck. Now that she has made me like her and I have full filled all of her sex slave demands, she has decided that she is done with me and tried to hid her past slutty whore life from me as far as her hotel BBC sex during the day when she was working that got filmed by half the hotels she goes to plus all the hundreds or even nearly a few thousand people she has fuck in her 50 yr life. I do not have a problem with that, but I did vent and tell her I knew the hole time and she was never hiding anything and how I found all these videos of her slut films she never knew existed or never knew where still out in the public and how proud I was of her and wanted to be her. I also told her she should be more proud of her perfect sexy slut self as she required me to be with my preacher f****y. So, yes; my f****y is very screwed up, perverted and all hidden under a mask my father and mother created for all of our perverted and sex addict siblings, cousins, aunts, and uncles. I really needed to vent this for public viewing for my own personal lust. I have become a slut, whore, sex slave, pussy loving, asshole pounding and licking, swinger, big tit loving, cock sucking, cum swallowing, sperm slurping, dildo/viberator in my ass loving grown man, and I am not one bit ashamed and I am even proud and eager for all to know how free and pleasurable my open sex life and craving really is. This is my new site. I will be posting some things little by little, so as this page builds, I hope you all enjoy. Although I love many of the things that gay men like, I am not a gay man and I will not be accepting very many men only friends, so guys please do not go crazy asking me to be a friend. I am interested in men only when as a couple during a three some or more, orgies, and parties when always sexy, slutty, cock hungry, cum crazy whores are the highlight and theme of the sex. I will be masturbating quite often online, and will put many different size toys up my ass, eat, lick, slurp, and swallow my own cum, as well as some light bondage when masturbating; but male lips, I do not kiss and I have never had real cock or cum in my asshole. I may have my asshole pounded and cum in while getting my mouth fucked and cum in one time live on camera and post it to the site as a one time fully gay act just so I can say I have done it. I will not pursue a gay or continual re-occuring gay sex because my slutty, i****t loving, pussy pounding, asshole fucking, cum licking, sperm sucking, cum swallowing whore self loves the sexy big tit, shaved pussy, cock loving female whores with their multiple cocks way too much. So enjoy and hope you are turned on by my story and that your will crave non stop sexual slave slut whore acts as a personal need and necessity to quench your addiction to personal physical pleasure. So, without any further delay; “Lets all cum together, suck, lick and swallow each other clean to immediately do kit again repeatedly live on camera and post our victories of seduction, sexual satisfaction, and pleasure as many times and each being even more naughty as much as our pussies, cocks, throats and assholes can take it ( and then keep doing it even more and even harder). All this talk, now I need to masturbate slowly while anal pounding of toys to cum as much as possible in my mouth to swallow. I would cum in my own ass if I could.

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this is me. sex slave, love women,men,sissies,daddies, mommies. for all my opennings. lick V&V clean asses, cocks & pussies