Janin treated The Way she Needs it

This is a requested story, Janin http://xhamster.com/user/xxxsweetgirlxxx Wanted to know what I would do if we ever meet.

I had been going to the broken down shabby old restaurant for a couple of days in a row now, it was perfect for what I wanted to do, never any people between four and five except for me and the brown haired waitress that always tried to get may attention when I was there.
I had indulged in some causal flirting so far, stringing her along to give me a free beer with my early dinner and it seemed that she had been anticipating me because I noticed straight away that the dumb little thing had more make-up then usual and her skirt was a lot shorter as well.
"The usual Janin" I smiled approvingly at her attire which made her blush and scurry away to fix up my food and drink, and while later just as the last people went away leaving my alone with the young girl she brought a warm plate of spaghetti bolognese and a cold beer. Without even tasting the food I motioned her back to the table.
"This fucking food is overcocked you useless slut!" I told her and grabbed her hair pressing her face down into the steaming hot and saucy food, really rubbing it into her face.
"Lift up you skirt" I ordered and she was more then happy to do it, a lacey little thong in bright pink was going down between her white plump little cheeks I smacked her hard over and over again quickly turning the cheeks pinkish red instead.
"Get down on your fucking knees" I had hardly told her before the girl was on her knees between my legs, bolognese and spaghetti covering her pale face as she looked expectantly at me as I pulled out my thick 7.5 inch cock and made her deep-throat it hard and long, gagging but still took almost my entire cock down her pathetic mouth.
"Take off your thong, you dumb slut" I told her as I got to my feet and really began fucking her mouth faster and harder then before, causing her eyes to tear up while she slide the bright pink thong off her handing them to me and I pulled out my cock from her mouth and pressed in the moist fabric in her mouth before I grabbed her by the hair again and bent over the table and grabbed Janin by the hips and pressed in my thick throbbing cock into her tight twat and began pounding her bare shaved silken walls. She moaned and screamed in climax as I pounded her roughly and brutally, going so deep in that my balls slapped against her clit.
After a fey minutes I slammed in my cock for the last time and emptied my cum deep inside her unprotected cunt.
"Now get me some better food slut, and clean yourself up you nasty bitch" I told her with a smirk and slapped her hard on the ass before she thanked e and hurried away, taking a picture of how humiliating and nasty she looked.

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1 year ago
slut that way i want you
2 years ago
that was hot! loved it