The Best Sex of All Time....

All day long she had been gently rubbing up against me and occasionally putting a hand down the front of my trousers and gripping my hard cock. She would rub the tips of her ice cold fingers over my balls, then as I just was about to turn from what I was doing to finger her clit she would withdraw her hand and say, "thats it, for now, if you're a good boy !"
My wife was an expert at getting me all horny, then teasingly making me wait until later. But I loved it and she did too.
By evening we were both so horny I knew it was going to be an evening to remember. As I sat watching TV and wondering what she'd do next she called me into the bedroom. As I entered I saw her standing in front of me. Her long blonde hair was tied into a pony tail high on her head. She wore a bright red lipstick and looked ravishing. Her PVC basque held her body tight and was very glossy, with her ample breasts sitting high above the top. She wore plain black silk stockings and black leather shoes with a 5" heel. As she wore no panties her freshly shaven pussy gave me a glimpse of what I hoped was in store. I touched her there, but only for a second as she pushed my hand away and said "tonight, I say what goes, and you are mine to do whatever I want with". No problems there I thought.
"Dress in these for me", she instructed and pointed to the lingerie on the bed. My dick immediately became erect as I looked at the frilly pink and black silk basque, panties and black stockings. I began to dress in them but she again stopped me and made me stand still while she dressed me. As she finally eased the silky tight panties over my now aching cock and balls I almost burst with pleasure.
She led me back to the living room. "Now its time for my fun and you'd better not disappoint me or there'll be no little pleasures for you later", she said.
I was now made to lie on my back on the floor while she sat on my face. Her warm pussy was right there by my mouth and I was f***ed to lick, suck and nibble at her commands as she ran her hands gently up and down the lingerie I was wearing. Every now and then she'd clasp my balls in her hand and give them a little tug.
This went on for 45 mins or so as she enjoyed a porn movie and playing with my body. Then she stood up and taking a cane in her hand she made me bend as she caned my pantied bottom. The sting was a pain that I enjoyed and as I got used to it I just wanted more. Then she stopped and insisted I cane her. She bent her lovely round bottom in front of me as I began to flick at her with the cane. I was then instructed to put the cane down and finger her pussy. It was wet and warm and it took all my willpower to resist putting my hugely swolen cock inside it.
Now she insisted I kneel down on the floor and wank myself while she nipped into the kitchen. She was gone a while and I had to fight the urge to come. She emerged back into the living room wearing a French Maids uniform, black stockings and white panties, which I could see from where I was kneeling. She was carrying a basket, the kind of thing you'd see old ladies carrying to the market with fruit and vegetables in. She put it down in front of me and told me to select a banana. I picked out a banana and was now told to fuck her with it. There was no problem sliding it into her as she was by now very wet and excited. The next hour or so was spent trying various root vegetables out on her, carrots, cucumber and one of the largest parsnips I had ever seen, which she seemed to love.
Now we moved to the couch and lay by each other just fondling each other and rubbing and masturbating each other. She had such soft hands as she carressed my manhood through the silky panties. Oh how brilliant it felt to be wearing such beautiful lingerie that clung to my body and excited me instead of the daily boxer shorts I wore under my clothes.
We lay side by side for about an hour and it felt fantastic. Then my French Maid said "I think I want to be your French Slut now" and she made me get on all fours. Clasping me balls in one hand she began pumping at my hard cock with the other. I loved it, it was just the ultimate turn on after everything else she'd done. "Wait" she said. And she disappeared into the kitchen again. Returning with a saucer she placed it under my dick and continued to wank me off. She ran her smooth hands over my smooth panties and before long I come and shot the hot spunk all over the saucer.
She placed the saucer on the coffe table and disappeared into the kitchen. A few minutes later she returned again dressed as nurse and said " now where is that sample sir". I poined to the saucer and she began to rub the sperm into her pussy and her tits. She then licked the plate till it was clean. I couldn't take my eyes off her. She was amazing.
The evening lasted well into the early hours as she changed uniforms and outfits several times, and each time surpried me with her suggestions and commands. At one point she even changed me into different !
What an evening.... what a woman. Can't weait for next time.
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