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I have a couple stories about my wife Brittany and I on my profile along with a picture of her in my gallery if you wanna check her out. Enjoy

Since the day my wife Brittany and I got together we have loved partying and loved the idea of just getting together with a group of people some that we may not know and having fun and maybe make some new friends. This is the story of how I met one of my best friends Anthony (Who is black for those wondering). One weekend Brittany and I were just sitting at home bored out of our minds trying to find something to do with anyone but were having no luck. We were getting ready to just go to bed early when a friend of ours who lived in the apartment building next to ours said he was having some people over for a get together and wanted to know if Brittany and I could swing by. We quickly agreed and began getting dressed, Brittany put her hair in pig tails and put on her pink low cut shirt and pink shorts that interestedly said "Sexy" across the ass in white letters. We headed over to our friends place where there was about fifteen people. The room was dark except for the black lights, lava lamps and strobe light so there was some lighting. We grabbed a drink and I sat on the couch while she sat on my lap and talked to numerous people when she whispered she was going to join the five or six people that were dancing to music in the living room.

I sat and watched as she danced sexily as only she could do when I saw a tall black guy come up to her and begin dancing with her. He got behind her swaying his hips as she bent over slightly and shook her ass against his crotch. He put his arm around her waist and placed it on her stomach and began grinding his crotch into her ass. She looked over at me smiling as I knew what she was thinking because as much as we have watched each other having sex with other people Brittany had never been with a black guy believe it or not. They continued dancing until she whispered something into his ear and then they walked over towards me. Brittany said his name was Anthony who shook my hand and introduced himself. He was a tall guy and a really nice guy who seemed very laid back. Brittany looked at me with a smirk and said that we all should go back to our place. I agreed and we walked back home as Brittany said Anthony could sit on the couch and she was going to put something on and would be right back. I sat in the recliner and talked to Anthony for awhile when Brittany came down the hallway wearing her black and pink lace bra and thong lingerie and her black and pink socks that came up to her knees.

She looked drop dead gorgeous as she sat down next to Anthony on the couch and began making out with him as she placed her hand on his pants over his cock and began rubbing. Anthony kissed down her neck and began kissing and sucking on the top of her cleavage that stuck out from her bra. He started rubbing and squeezing her tits and then pulled the bra off and started sucking on her nipples as she continued rubbing his cock over his pants. "Let's go to the bedroom" Anthony said as he got up and she led him in there as I followed. Anthony pulled his shirt off and laid her down on the bed slowly pulling off her panties and then began eating her pussy out. She moaned loudly as he spread her lips with his fingers and sucked on her tiny clit making her squeal. He slowly slid his middle finger into her as he licked her pussy making her moan until he stood up at the foot of the bed. She slid onto her knees on the floor and began unfastening his pants and then pulled them down along with his boxers. His massive cock hung between his legs that was at least ten inches long and thick. "Wow" Brittany laughed as she wrapped her hand around it pulling it up and began stroking it as she opened her mouth and slowly eased the head of his cock into it.

"Yea" Anthony groaned as she slowly began sucking his massive cock while stroking it. "Suck my dick baby" he moaned as she started trying to take as much of it into her mouth as she could before gagging. "Damn" he grunted as she began trying to deep throat it over and over again only to gag. She lifted his cock over her head and began licking and sucking on his balls while continuing to stroke him. Anthony pulled her up and then he laid on the bed as she laid on top of him in the sixty nine position. He placed his hands on her ass and began eating her pussy as she continued sucking him while she moaned. Anthony rolled her over and stood at the foot of the bed pulling her down to the edge and began rubbing the head of his cock against her pussy as she almost begged "Fuck me". He grabbed onto his shaft and placed the tip against her hole and began slowly shoving. She grabbed onto the edges of the bed tightly and began whimpering loudly until I watched the tip of his cock disappear into her body. "Oh Fuck" she screamed as he slowly began inching it into her more and more.

"It's so fucking big" she squealed loudly as he grabbed onto her hips and began sliding it out and then back in. Her pussy began creaming all over his cock as he slowly slid it in and out as she laid on the bed with her face clinched moaning loudly. "Fuck it hurts a little" she whimpered as he slowly continued fucking her "Fuck me with that black cock" she groaned as he began going a little faster when she began panting heavily "Oh fuck I'm gonna cum" she grabbed onto his arms tightly and began moaning "Oh fuck" over and over as he drove his cock into her until for the first time I watched as she fell to the bed her mouth opened and eyes rolled over white but no noise when suddenly she screamed "OH FUCK!!!" as her pussy exploded all over. "Damn girl" Anthony said smirking as her body convulsed on the bed while she moaned loudly. He pulled his dripping cock out of her gaping pussy and began slapping it against it as he said "Turn over baby". She got onto her hands and knees on the bed as Anthony slowly slid his cock back into her from behind making her whimper loudly. He grabbed onto her ass and began slowly fucking her until she growled "Fuck me!" Anthony grabbed onto her ass tightly and began slamming his cock into her as hard as he could.

"Fuck!" she screamed burying her face into the bed as he fucked her so hard their bodies slapped together loudly. "Oh god!" she cried as he pounded her until suddenly her body shot forward off of his cock and she fell to the bed as her pussy began squirting all over. She rubbed her pussy as she laid shaking and moaning loudly on the bed. "Oh my god" she laughed as she laid on her stomach as Anthony climbed onto the bed behind her guiding his cock back into her. She looked back at me and said "Come here baby and put your cock in my mouth, I'm gonna wake the neighbors" I pulled off my shorts and sat at the head of the bed with my back against the headboard as she quickly began sucking me as Anthony drove his cock into her making her scream which was muffled by my cock. You like that baby? I asked her as she screamed "Yes" with a mouthful of cock. I placed my hand on her head holding it onto my cock and told Anthony "Fuck her hard" He smirked and began driving his cock deep into her. She dug her nails into my legs and screamed as I continued holding her head on my cock. He got into position and began fucking her so hard the bed shook as I could hear her whimpering cries as he pounded her until she came again.

Her mascara was running down her cheeks as he pulled his cock out of her as she sighed in relief panting and moaning. "Do you want his big cock in your ass baby?" I asked as she was breathing so heavily all she could do was nod. He grabbed the lube and rubbed it all over his cock and placed the tip of it against her asshole. She grabbed onto a pillow placing it in my lap and buried her face in it while grabbing onto my legs tightly bracing herself. "Ready?" he asked as I nodded. I could hear her whimpering loudly as he shoved his cock when suddenly he groaned "I'm in" as she screamed as loud as I have ever heard her scream into the pillow. He slowly started sliding it in more and more as she continued screaming into the pillow. Her hands were shaking as he continued until he began slowly fucking her ass. "Oh God" she cried loudly into the pillow as he fucked her. Suck my cock baby I said as she looked up moving the pillow and I could actually see tears running down her face. She began sucking me as he fucked her ass making her squeal and whimper until Anthony said he was gonna cum. "Cum in my ass" she moaned as he groaned louder and louder until he drove his cock into her ass deep and held it as he filled it with his load.

He slowly pulled out and stood up as she fell to the bed reaching back trying to feel her asshole which was gaping as the cum began to run out. Anthony asked if he could shower and went to the bathroom as she laid on her stomach feeling her asshole. Did you like it baby? I asked as she moaned yes. I climbed into the bed watching the cum running out her asshole to her pussy "Does it hurt baby? I asked as she nodded. I spread her ass and began licking her asshole which I could get my tongue into tasting all of the cum leaking out as she moaned loudly "Lick that cum out of my ass baby" I licked her asshole and pussy until I kissed her and helped her into the shower when Anthony was done. I talked to Anthony and exchanged numbers and told him to for sure keep in touch. Anthony is one of my best friends to this day and every once in awhile comes over and fucks my wife.

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wow thats one fantastic story