Careful What You Wish For

This happened awhile back, it was something that terrified me to my very soul, but also excited me beyond belief!

It all began in a chat room. I had signed up to many adult and fetish sites looking to chat to people and maybe to even meet someone. I had chatted to tons of people, most of whom had been just some guys pretending to be females getting off on some dirty chat! Then I started chatting to one particular person, they kept popping up in the IM services and always sent me a message. So I figured this might actually be a female who was interested. She said her name was Claire. We shared fantasies, I told her how I long to be used and abused and humiliated, she went on to say she was looking to explore her domineering side but had never done so before. We discussed our families, whether we had b*****rs or s****rs, we talked about jobs, relationship histories, we just seemed to connect! Since I had pictures of me in panties on my profile I had also explained that it was my s****rs lingerie that I used.

Anyway, this went on for a few weeks, then we decided we should probably meet! She lived about an hour and a half away from me, so we decided to play it safe and were going to meet in the middle at a cinema. Just to be on the safe side. So that day came, we met and it was amazing. Although she wasn't to dressed up, a pair of tight jeans, nice top and heels, she looked stunning. She was about 5 foot 5, had nice rounded tits, and such a peachy little ass.
The evening was a success and we decided to meet again.

We had spent quite a bit of time together, and shared a few kisses but nothing more, when she invited me to come up to hers for a night on the town. She said that I should book into a hotel so I could stay the night (with a cheeky grin and a wink). She had said she would invite me to hers but she had a very small house and lived with her parents. She also mentioned it would be kinda sexy if I could come wearing some of my s****rs panties and heart was pumping, i was so excited.
So I got onto the Internet and booked a room. It was all set, i couldn't wait. I was finally going to have sex with this gorgeous girl. Little did I know what the night had in store for me.

She had told me to meet her at her local pub at 6:30. I was there a little before and decided to buy the drinks ready for when she arrived. It was a cosy little pub, a nice fire roaring in the corner, but not many people there. There were 2 guys stood at the bar, and another table further on with a few people.

She arrived a little after half 6 and my jaw nearly hit the floor when she came in. She had a mini skirt on, either stockings or tights, killer stilletoe heels, and a very revealing top. She came and sat next to me and thanked me for her drink and we got chatting. Mid conversation she put her hands on my lap, and crept up to the top of my jeans, opening my flies and putting her hand inside....
"Just checking to make sure you have something sexy on underneath" she winked and giggled before taking her hand out again. I had on a pair of my s****rs black lace panties and black fishnet hold ups. My cock immediately started to grow at her touch, my heart was beating, all i wanted to do was get her back to my hotel room!

Anyway, we got in another round of drinks and continued chatting, and the chat was getting a little saucy, she started describing some past sexual experiences. My cock was throbbing, and now had some pre-cum around the tip.... She said she would get the next round before we moved on to another pub, as she got up I excused myself to go to the bathroom. I needed to wipe some of the pre-cum away, i didn't want to make too much of a mess in my s****rs panties!! I get back to the table and join this gorgeous girl again, catching a glimpse down her cleavage as i sit. This however, is where it started to go hazy, I took a sip of my drink and started to feel very dizzy and light headed, and that is when it went dark.

I started to come round and back to my senses.....but I wasn't in the pub, I was in some basement looking place. I was sat facing a wall, i tried to move my hands but couldn't, they had been bound behind me and to the chair, as had my legs, there was also something in my mouth...a ball gag! Shit i thought, what the hell is happening! It also came over me that i was sat wearing only the panties and stockings, there was no sign of the rest of my clothes! I started wriggling but to no avail, i was securely fastened to the chair, what the hell was i going to do, who had brought me here, and where was Claire?!

That is when I heard heels walking behind me, my chair was spun around and it was Claire. She was stood there laughing at me, calling me a pathetic little slut! What have I done, no one even knew i was here, I had been meeting Claire in secret and had told everyone back home that it was a business trip. I also noticed she had an object in her hand, it was a camera! Oh no, she was going to take pictures of me....
"You are a little slut, you thought you were going to fuck me tonight didn't you! Ha, like i would let a pathetic little sissy whore like you touch me"
I had tears rolling down my cheeks, trying to scream but the ball gag restricted the sounds coming out!
"No one is going to hear you here anyway, so you better stop screaming, if you promise to do that i will take the ball gag out"
I just nodded my head, what was the use! She unstrapped the ball gag and i just stared at her...
"Who are you?!" I asked.
"I am your worst nightmare or your dream maker, depending on which way you look at it"
With that, there was a click and a flash, she started taking pictures, laughing while she was doing so!

She then walked over to the corner, put the camera down, and came back with a whip in one hand and a cane in the other.
"Now then you little whore, which first, the whip or the cane?"
"Please no, just let me go" I pleaded.
"Hahahaha, you look so pathetic. No i will not let you go until we are finished! Now choose, because you are going to get them both either way! so choose bitch"
I chose the cane. She place the whip down and instructed me to count and thank her after each hit.
"One, thank you Mistress"
"two, thank you Mistress"
and so it went on to twenty strikes across my thighs and my chest. The pain was excruciating, i could see the marks it had left on my thighs, it was burning and stinging....
"Now the whip, and you are to do the same again...."
" yes Mistress, One thank you Mistress".
Another twenty strikes this time some were even coming down on my cock and balls, the pain was unbearable! Oh my god, what the hell am i going to do? am i going to die down here?!?

All kinds of things were going round in my head, what i hadn't realised was that my cock had actually started to stiffen, and Claire had noticed!
"Oh look, theres something growing in those panties" she walked over and grabbed my cock and balls in her hand and started to squeeze, tightly!
"Does it hurt bitch?"
"Yes, ouch, please stop!!!"
"I think you forgot something" and squeezed even tighter and twisted.
"Yes Mistress, sorry Mistress".
"better" and she let go.

My nightmare was about to get worse.
"Now I feel like I should tell you that you are being recorded right now, there is a camera pointing down at you recording, so you better do as you are told!"
I looked around and then saw the red light, the camera looking straight at me! I am totally fucked, what is she going to ask me to do!
She then walked away from me and returned with a laptop,
"and if you don't do as i say....."
she turned the laptop around and my heart sank. There on the screen was my s****rs profile on a social network site! (My s****r is a couple of years older than me, but she is very hot, and is very slutty!)
"your s****r will be getting a nice surprise...."
"Please no, please Mistress"
"It all depends on you!"

She then walked out the room again. What was this, what am i going to do!
Then the sound of heels again, the door opened....
"I want you to meet some of my friends"
What, she had brought friends!! Oh no, please no!
In walked a 6 foot 4 guy, he was huge, followed by another very well built guy, followed by another, and another and then a female walked in!
"This is him, this is the little slut shore who thought he was getting into my panties tonight"
"I'm going to tear him apart" Said one of the guys.....
They all started stripping off, totally naked, Claire and the other girl started sucking the 4 guys off, fuck their cocks were huge, everyone was over 9 inches!

I was so hard now in my panties, the pre cum had returned!
The girls stopped sucking and sent the guys over to me. They stood around me and began jerking their big cocks furiously. It suddenly occurred to me, they were going to cum all over me, with that thought, warm cum started covering my face! All four of them unloaded over came the camera again! More pictures, this time with my face covered in cum!

"Very good gents, now anyone need to take a piss? That slut has promised me to drinks all your piss up"!
With that the other girl crouched over a bucket and began pissing,
"fuck that, lets just piss on him", one of the guys said. Before i could respond, piss in my mouth, one of them shoved their cock in my mouth and began pissing.... I was gagging and crying some more,
"You better fucking swallow it al bitch!"
I had to do what i was told, and began swallowing, Claire was again with the camera as this was going on!
He took his cock out and as soon as he did, the bucket of piss was thrown over me!
I was dazed, confused, scared.
"please let me go"
"Awww, listen to the pathetic whore pleading with us to let him go! What do you think?"
"Hell no" responded the rest of them!

"Now I am going to untie you" Claire said.
"Do not try anything stupid, because i think you know as well as me now, that this is for real, and those guys are for real!"
"yes Mistress".
I was untied, and led over to a work bench, with 2 guys holding my arms just to ensure i didn't try anything! Claire then attached some nipple clamps to my nipples, and squeezed them in tightly.
"Bend over bitch"
I bent over the table and placed my arms above my head. They were once again bound and stretched out, my legs were then attached to the bench. i was bent over, i knew what was coming and wasn't looking forward!
"Rip those fucking panties off"
"Please no, they are my s****rs"
"You fucking whore, you wear your s****rs panties? you dirty little slut" said one of the guys!
With that, the panties were torn, each guy and the two girls taking turns spanking my bear ass now! It was red raw by the end!

Then something cold and wet was dripped onto my ass hole, then fuck, one of the cocks was thrust in my ass. It was tearing me apart, it felt like I was being broken in two! Oh my god, it hurt so much!
Thrust after thrust, his huge cock went deeper and deeper. tears were streaming down my face!
He then removed his cock and came round to the front and told me to suck his cock.
As I stated sucking, another cock was in my ass. Spit roasted by cocks, i never imagined of being in this position! But in some ways, it felt good, and my cock was getting hard again.
The guys all took turns like a conveyor belt, before each one in time cumming and unloading down my throat.

The other girl then took out a huge butt plug, and shoved it up my ass, before putting tape over my ass to keep it in place!
They untied me again and sat me back down on the chair, before tieing me up again!
"Now you are going to watch how real people fuck" Claire said, and began passionately kissing one of the guys, the other girl doing the same.
The butt plug felt so uncomfortable, and they were fucking right in front of me making my cock swell! The groans and moans from the girls were turning me on so much, they fucked for what seemed like ages.The guys finally started filling the girls' holes with their cum. The guys then came over to me and tipped my chair over,
"Now you are going to lick the cum out of our pussies and asses" Claire came over with her friend and crouched over my face.
"Lick now you bitch, or you'll be sorry"
I began licking furiously, even more cum in my mouth, and pussy juices. i felt so dirty, i really was a filthy whore. I licked both girls out, pussies and asses.

Claire got up and waved goodbye to her friends, leaving me alone with her once more. She got dressed and stood above me.
"Now, your first instruction, you are going to go home and put your s****rs panties back in her drawer, exactly as they are"
"May I wash them at least Mistress?"
"Would that be leaving them exactly as they were bitch?"
"No Mistress"
They were already cut and ruined, what the hell was my s****r going to say when she found them!
"So are you going to do that? Because you know what will happen otherwise!"
"Yes Mistress"
"Before i let you go, i will just show you a slide show of the pictures we have of you...."
And she proceeded to go through them, I would be completely humiliated if these pictures were ever revealed. Me in panties and stockings, with cock in my mouth, cum all over my face, my ass getting fucked....! I was totally vulnerable and had to do as she said.
"Oh, and that butt plug is to stay in until tomorrow night when you come online with me. I will only let you take it out once you are on cam and have assured me that your s****rs panties are back in her drawer as they are!"
"Yes Mistress"
"Now I have a present for you to wear, again until tomorrow night"
She went over to her bag and bought out a red bra, red panties and red tights. She also instructed me that i had to wear a white t-shirt all day tomorrow!
"Yes Mistress" was all i could say.
As i was untied and began putting them on, i realised the panties were used and dirty, the gusset was damp and stained.

She took my hand and led me out, I had no idea what time it was, I felt like a broken man!
"Now, go back to your hotel room and wank over what has happened tonight, and make sure you cum in the panties"
"yes Mistress"
"and remember, no taking them off until tomorrow night!"
"Yes Mistress"
"I began walking off, and she shouted....
"I will email your video to you, so you can see for yourself what a dirty whore you are, i just hope I don't mix up your email with your s****rs!!"
I look back and see her smile, she throws a wave and then walks off in the opposite direction....

What the hell do I do now, She has me in the palm of her hand, i am going to have to do whatever she says! My life is in ruins!

Next part of the story to follow.....

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1 year ago
2 years ago
what a great story, will wait for the next part
2 years ago
a very erotic story.....i truly loved it and felt warmed and amazed to the way you write putting words to paper from the thought of a simple mind going wild......a well written question would be....this actually happen?
3 years ago
great story... would love to read chapter 2
4 years ago
amazing story can't wait till next chapter