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So I've learned this is a site where you post your "fantasy" as people say, I guess I'll share mine. Here goes nothing..
I'm what you call a curvy girl, some men like them other men can't even look at them.. I have long light brown hair some days it likes to be straight some days its curly. Big, round green eyes along with perfect eyelashes. Nice full lips with a lil lip piercing on the side, tongue piercing also.. About 5'3" without shoes, you will never catch me dead in heels (not my thing at all,sorry), 38DDD for a bust line, wide hips and a very nice ass I might add. I love tattoos and piercings,(9 tattoos and 5 piercings) 22 years old and work in the health field.. If you don't find this attractive don't waste your time.
Every since I was about 16 years old, a junior in highschool and getting put in this really cute teachers class. A 30-35 year old, blue eyes, brown hair man, average build and about 6'0". Couple months into class I found myself daydreaming about me and my teacher having private lessons. After about 10 minutes of that, I guess the bell rang and everyone was gone but me and him. I could feel my face turn beet red, burning up from embarrassment jumped up and ran out leaving my books still there. Next day in class all he did was watch me even winked at me a couple of times made me blush and I guess he liked that.
A week later he asked me to stay after so he could speak to me about the test yesterday, I thought I did well so I wasn't worried. Bell rang everyone left, me and him again.. Nerves kick in he walks over to me and said "good job on the test but there's something else I would like to ask you.." "Okay..?" "What was on your mind that day that made you run out of here so fast." "Nothing important just kinda spacing out I guess." I said, "that's a lie and we both know it" He replies. "I don't want/have to explain it to you, I didn't sl**p well the night before." I snapped back and stormed out.
Why didn't I want to tell him? I was in such deep sexual thoughts WITH HIM that I couldn't tell him, he's my teacher and will be for the next 2 years, can't happen.. He helps me figure out what sex and pleasure is all about and took his time..
Here go nothing..
He walked me home one day he refused to let me go alone, my friend stayed home sick I lived about 4 blocks away from him so he offered. Make it home and realize my mom isn't there so I said I could just wait on the porch for her, he waited with me of course. Sitting about a foot about I can feel his body heat, it's about 50 outside (not cold but not hot) Blue jean capris and a tshirt. I was getting kinda chilly and he saw me shivering and slide a lil closer so we weren't touching but I could feel his heat perfect, I smile "thanks." He smirks back.
After 15 minutes I could feel the mood change, in a good way not bad. His body got warmer for some reason and for some odd reason my body got turned on by that. He looked over at me and finally asked "so are you going to tell me what was on your mind that day in class..?" "Honestly?" I looked at him "Yes."
You seducing me and me not resisting.. you made love to me all night.. took your time playing with all my holes(maybe tongueing them all too) and then fucking all of them taking your time letting me feel you and you fill me up in all my tight holes :)

100% (11/0)
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6 months ago
Nice story I do hope you continue and tell us more of what happened once you told him your thoughts .
6 months ago
Good Job!
7 months ago
Sounds good so far!
7 months ago
I can kind of relate to that. I had a huge crush on one of my teachers.
7 months ago
Can't do that and end the story like tat
7 months ago
So what happened next?