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well im back from our aniversary holiday. on the last post someone put tell us more about your wife so i dug around a bit. well start of with the basics she has long black hair, a beautiful face with beautiful blue eyes. she has large breasts im not sure how big im not good in the bra size department. shes petite and has a large cock and she shaves all her pubic region. she owns two houses i only found out when we went there for our anniversary. i was shocked to see what was in the house it was full of sex toys, latex clothing and lots of other things. well we started the week off fun. she had be hang from the cieling by my hands and knees with this bondage thing. for the next 6 hours or so she just used all her toys on me. Turns out she didnt buy theese toys she made them herself its a hobbie she has. it was fun until she brought out a large metal case. i was like what is that? she replied theese are my extra special toys which i made myself. she opened the case and there where some big toys in there. my favourite was the anal beads. there meant to start of small and get bigger but theese didnt they started of big and got bigger it was about 50 cm long and she stuck it all the way in i could feel it travel up my arse hurt a bit. she then showed me her favourite she had made one the same size and shape as an american football. she got the lube used half the tub in my arse and the other half on her homemade toy. she managed to get it up there after some pushing. when it got almost half way she couldt push it in no more and my arse was killing me so she went and got her shoes on came up and then ran and kicked the football to get it in. i litterally burst into tears and screamed so loud but its a good job the house is away from other houses. after the 6 long and hard hours we sat and talked about things. i asked her why she became a shemale. she repplied i like being a women but being able to fuck men with my cock and also i like tricking men so i can fuck them. as soon as she said that i remembered the day we met. as a special treat for it being or anniversary she let me fuck her in the ass something ive never done before. it was amazing but she was really tight. heres a message for you all hold on to your partner because theyre always there when you need them
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