a great experience

in my last post i told you about how my wife is a shemale and how her and her shemale friends fuck me well the other day when we were having sex she for some reason put a large but plug in my ass. she stuck it so far up that i couldnt get it out. after an hour trying i decided to go to the hospital. so feeling a little embarassed i walk up to the desk and tell them what happened so they told me to take a seat. when they called my name i went to one of the rooms down the bottom of the hospital which i was confronted by a really hot nurse. they told me that she was new and that this was her first day and i was her first patient. i told her what happened. im going to skip to the good part. she told me the best way was to just reach in and pull it out so she told me to take down my pants and get on my hands and knees. she then put on a rubber glove which felt really cold and then put her hand up my ass. as she did this i moaned a little and she quickly moved her hand in disgust. she said your getting some sick thrill of this arent you and i said no it just felt good thats all. after this she replied by saying well i hope this feel good, she locked the door to the room took of her clothes and revealed the biggest cock i had ever seen. it must have been 12-14" and was about as thick as beer can. she then took of the glove covered her cock and hand in the lubricant stook her hand up my ass and removed the butt plug. she then stuck her huge cock up my ass.every week i fuck 6 shemales and my wife who also is a shemale i sometimes take 3-4 cocks in my ass at once but this hurt more. i could feel the cock slide inside of me and i started moaning. she then pulled my hair and spat in my face which was a turn on. after she had fucked me for 10 minutes non stop she pulled her cock out and stuck the butt plug in my ass and came in my mouth. the amount of cum she produced was unbelievable it filled my mouth. she then put her clothes on and acted as if nothing had happened.i then pulled my pants up and had to limp out of the room as my ass hurt so much. when i got home i went upstairs and heard the doorbell go. i looked at the clock and realised it was a saturday and that it would be my wifes friends here to fuck me. so they tie me up and when they go to fuck me they notice the butt plug so they pull it out and it leaves a huge gape so they decide to fist my ass and make it bigger. they took it in turns to fist me and then decided to put 2 fist in and then three and then four. the pain got unbarable after one of them decided to fit there head in and lick the inside of my ass. even though the day hurt my ass so much it was one of the best days ever and id never forget it
51% (7/6)
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3 years ago
its good but we want some pics too :)
3 years ago
this actually happened btw and sure ill try n get my wife to talk bout some of her stories and ill write them
3 years ago
Its very unbelivable but a great story try writing asbout your wife thanks
3 years ago
too unreal ... keep it to things that could actually happen ..