my first experience

i was in a pub with my friends when i noticed a really atractive female sat at the bar, my friends were all leaving and i told them i was going to stay for a while. So i walked up to this girl and asked if i could buy her a drink. She agreed so i bought her this drink and we started talking. later that night i ended up back at her house and was nervous but yet excited that my first time would be with someone as hot as this girl. when we got to the bedroom she said lets try a little bondage, i thought ye ok whatever makes you happy so she cuffed my hands to the bed at this point i was really turned on. she slowly went down on me and then she started to lick my cock and balls. i was loving every minute of it, then what she did i would never forget she lifted up my legs and started rimming me, i had never felt anything as good. She then told me she was going to cuff my legs to the bed so my ass was sticking in the air so she could lick deeper. i thought you know what this will be fun so i let her. after she cuffed my legs she got her phone out and left the room with me still chained to the bed. she returned a few minutes later and then came up to me. she said that there was a secret about her that i should know. she covered my eyes and i felt this great feeling going around my body, when she moved her hand i looked to see where it was coming from what i saw i would never forget. this women had a 13" cock which was jammed right in my ass i tried to move but i was cuffed to the bed so all i could do was take it. as she continued to fuck me i began to moan loudly so she gagged me. she then came all over my face. she stood up and the there was a knock at the door, she put her clothes on and went to awnser it. i was cuffed to the bed for 30 minutes while she was gone, she came back with 6 other girls. then she told them what to do so one girl removed my gag pulled down her skirt and thong to reveal another giant cock which she stuck down my throat. the size and thickness of this cock made me gag alot. while this was happening my ass was being repeatedly pounded by the other girls who all had big cocks. the feeling was great but it hurt alot. they then decided to put two cocks in my ass at once which then led to three. since i had never had anything in my ass before it hurt beyond description, as they continued to pound the three dicks in and out of my ass i felt my ass tear and could feel the bl**d drip down and if anything it turned me on more. when they all had finished taking turns fucking me they all came on my face and body. they then uncuffed me stood me up then cuffed my hands behind my back. after being humiliated i had to walk home naked with cum all over my face and body while my hands where behind my back. The next day the women came around my house and uncuffed me, well she fucked me before she did. since then we have been happilly married and now every week she invites her 6 friends over to fuck me aswell. i love the feeling of it and have since too 4 cocks at once with really made my asshole gape.
80% (17/4)
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4 years ago
Great story would love to meet your wifes friends they can fuck my ass hole anytime thanks
4 years ago
nice read